Is Endclothing Legit? Finding A Reputable Clothing Brand

Is Endclothing Legit? Finding A Reputable Clothing Brand

Do you know that 46% of the total clothing sold in the US in 2020 was from online sales? That’s massive! It shows that many people prefer to buy clothes online.

Despite that, there are some uncertainties with purchasing clothes online. But, it’s best to find legit online stores rather than shy away from a comfortable way of shopping. 

If you have concerns about shopping on Endclothing, then you’re at the right place. 

This article explains essential things about Endclothing. After reading this post, you’ll be able to decide whether to order from the site or not.

Is Endclothing Legit?

Yes, Endclothing is legit. It’s a popular online clothing store. It combines both online and high-street retail sales of clothing and sportswear, including sneakers. It also features popular designs like Gucci, with a total of about 400 brands. 

The online clothing store started in 2005. It’s a UK-based company with physical locations in Newcastle, London, and Glasgow. Despite its retail stores, it maintains a consistent online operation.

The company collaborates with high-end brands and huge labels to develop unique designs. They also have new arrivals coming in regularly, almost daily.

You can easily find any item you need because of their easy-to-use platform. Then, you can add it to the cart and checkout. After that, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Endclothing Shipping And Return Policy

Endclothing uses FedEx Priority service for shipping orders in the United States. The deliveries are Delivery Duty Paid. That means you won’t pay any additional charges when your items arrive. It only applies to deliveries inside the US. 

Deliveries outside the US are Delivery Duty Unpaid. That means you’ll pay extra charges, even after the payments you made for the order. So, using a reliable shipping forwarder in the US may help reduce the costs. 

If you find an issue with a product, you must return it within 14 days. But it has to be in good condition, which means it shouldn’t be washed or torn. Then you can decide if you want a refund or to make an exchange.

The items you return must come with their original tags. If you’re returning footwear, ensure an outer packaging layer protects the box. That’s because they consider the box as part of the item.

It’s important to note that the refund doesn’t cover packaging or shipping costs. So, you have to pay for the return shipping fees. Ensure you use a trackable and reliable service, as END. doesn’t take responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Please mark the package you’re returning as “Returned Goods” before shipping. And tick the return option on the customs declaration form. That will prevent taxes and extra charges on the item. It’ll also ensure they receive the products, as they won’t pay for any additional charges.

Make sure the return form is within the item you’re returning.

Endclothing Order Delivery Status

It’s best to keep in mind the delivery status of your items when you order from Endclothing. Here are the ones you’ll encounter.


You see this status when you make your payment, and they receive it. It also means that the platform has created your order. 

Order received: 

It means that your order is ready for the Dispatch team to process. And so they are preparing it.


You can’t make any changes to your order once you see this status. That’s because it’s ready for pick-up.


The order preparations are complete. And it’s on the way to reach you, as they’ve shipped it.

On hold: 

It signifies that there’s an issue with your order. You’ll get notified about it within 24 hours. It can also mean that your order is on the waiting line, and they’ll process it once it’s time. 


You see this status when they refund your order.

Endclothing Pricing And Payments

Endclothing online payments are safe. It uses industry-standard SSL encryption, which protects your information. The platform also encodes your details like name, address, and card info. It authenticates them such that they get to the secure server.

The platform also runs security checks on all their transactions to ensure the payments are authentic. So, be rest assured that your details are safe.

Even though they sell the products at retail prices, there are usually discounted items on the platform. 

The online store accepts payment methods such as MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Visa. But it’s important to note that some banks may require international transaction charges. You can also use Afterpay, JCB, and Discover. They also accept END gift card payments. 

You can pay for items by installment using Afterpay. It allows you to make four equal installment payments every two weeks. You can use MasterCard or Visa debit and credit cards for it.

All you need to do is create an Afterpay account and insert your payment information. Then place your order on the END platform. Next, choose Afterpay as your payment option and proceed to checkout. 

When you want to make your next order, you can log in and buy the item as usual.

Note that you can’t place an order above $2,000 when using Afterpay. You can return the item if it’s not what you expect. The shipping and delivery requirements for your order are still typical.

If you use Afterpay, you’ll make the first payment when you place the order. Then they’ll take the remaining installments from your card every two weeks. But you can still make payments before the due date from your Afterpay account.

Endclothing Alternatives


It’s a Canadian-based clothing store with a mix of luxury, Avant-grande, and streetwear. Some of the products on their website show the designer’s proof of authenticity.

The clothing brand offers high-level fashion. But unlike Endclothing, it doesn’t sell every major brand. It focuses on brands like John Elliot, Loewe, Issey Miyake, BLK DNM, Ann Demeuelemeester and so on.

Ssense also produces original industry content and editorial stories. So you can get to know more about any label in their inventory, as well as the designers’ personalities.


It’s a retail clothing store based in New York City and sells its apparel. It has an online store that offers worldwide delivery. 

Kith offers a range of clothing, including streetwear and footwear. They have a range of products that bear their brand name. And they earned several collaborations because of that with brands like PUMA, Adidas, and so on.


It’s an online store that deals mainly in men’s fashion. From clothes to footwear and sneakers, it provides the everyday clothing needs for men. It also offers sales of old collections. So you can dress well without splashing the cash.

The online store is your go-to for both new and used men’s clothing. Their products are authentic. And if you want to flip your wardrobe, you can make some money doing that.

Slam Jam Socialism: 

It’s an Italy-based fashion store with an online e-commerce option. It started in1989 and has grown over time to become a world-class recognized boutique. 

The online store has several unique brands like JW Anderson, A-Cold-Wall, 1017 Alyx 9sm, etc. It also collaborates with some brands and features streetwear collections.


It’s an online fashion store where you can “shop by cuts.” It takes a custom approach to fashion. You can choose whatever cut you want for a t-shirt style. You can choose V-neck, crew, or Henley. 


It’s a Chicago-based online store from one of the best boutiques in the US. It sells clothing from various brands like Needles, Martine Rose, and so on. 

One good thing about the online store is that it has in-house graphic T-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. And they can be a great option if you’re looking for something affordable.

Tres Bien:

The platform has a highly curated catalog of fashion designs. It’s a Sweden-based online store and has lots of avant-garde collections of popular brands. It also features some slightly obscure designs. 

The fashion store features some rare releases from Nike and related brands. And they offer a 20% VAT discount for shoppers outside the EU.

Dover street market:

It’s an online fashion store that originated from London. But it now has physical locations in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Beijing, and Ginza. It has a numerous range of styles, from streetwear labels like Palace to luxury brands like Gucci.

The platform also features upcoming t-shirt brands earlier than other stores. So you can take advantage of that to get affordable clothing.


Endclothing is legit. It’s an online fashion store with physical locations in the UK. It also partners with luxury brands and labels to get unique clothing and footwear designs. That enables them to have new stocks in their inventory daily.

The retail store offers worldwide delivery so you can have your order delivered to the US. And you’ll get them with the Delivery Duty Paid. You can also return faulty items within 14 days. But you have to pay the shipping fees.

If you want to try stores similar to Endclothing, you can try out the ones mentioned in this post.

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