Is Freeman A Good Brand? Are Their Products Worth It?

Is Freeman A Good Brand? Are Their Products Worth It?

Freeman Beauty is a skincare brand whose products have won several awards. You may have heard their name and might be curious about what they have to offer and whether they are worth the money or time. 

That is where this article comes in. Here we’ll talk about the brand and its products, covering their popular items. We will also help you answer the question, is Freeman a good brand, and tell you what sets them apart.

About Freeman Beauty

The brand started in Los Angeles around the 1970s. Starting out, they primarily manufactured dry shampoo using natural and purely organic ingredients. They became more famous when they began manufacturing their face masks later, around 1980.

Even now, their face masks remain the most popular product. However, they still produce their dry shampoo and have diverged into other bath and skincare products. These also include lotions and beard wash.

Their products are sold widely across many countries. The Freeman Beauty website helps you locate the nearest store and allows you to check their selection of items to have a better idea when buying from them.

What Makes Freeman Beauty Stand out?

Freeman Beauty believes in making high-quality products while using the most natural and organic ingredients. 

They ensure that their skincare items are cruelty-free and use ingredients like avocado that are safe for the skin and highly beneficial. Freeman ensures their products are not subjected to animal testing, nor do they contain ingredients like sulfates or mineral oils which can pose a risk.

Other brands’ products may not work well on sensitive skin or have synthetic ingredients that can cause harm to your skin. That is not an issue for Freeman Beauty products, especially their face masks. 

Due to how their products are made using organic materials and innovative approaches, the brand has earned recognition, especially for their face masks and shampoo.

What Does Freeman Offer?

Freeman offers beauty care products made from natural ingredients and affordably priced. If you have sensitive skin or are wary of the products’ harm caused by synthetic elements, Freeman might be the brand for you. 

From dry shampoo that nourishes your scalp and prevents hair loss to face care masks that rejuvenate your face and remove blackheads in one application- they have it all.

Their beauty care products have been described to feel like “a spa at home.” This is true with their aromas and how their products are designed to be energizing, especially their foot care products. Your skin will feel incredibly soft, and you can enjoy the benefits of a pedicure right at your very own home.

Freeman Beauty Face Masks

Their most popular products are their face masks, and they are constantly coming up with new variants that have great effects and soothing aromas. We’ll cover some of the commonly bought face mask products and give you an idea of why they are so great:

1. Freeman Clay Masks

This clay mask requires a make-up brush to use. Although it may not seem like the most comfortable face mask to apply, the scented lemon and mint help relax your face in addition to smelling good. This is meant to be used daily, and daily usage keeps your face free from blackheads and dirt.

The product works on all skin types and is made entirely with natural ingredients. French clay is used and finely processed to ensure the best results. The face mask helps reduce swelling and marks on your face making you look much fairer and younger. 

It will also help absorb oils from your face making your face feel less greasy and heavy during hotter weather.

Tired faces look completely refreshed upon properly using this mask. Purchases include a make-up brush or applier. Once applied, you should wait for a few minutes for the mask to set before washing it off. 

2. Freeman Peel-Off Masks

In case you do not like clay masks, you could alternatively look at peel-off masks. These are one-time use masks but are incredibly light and easy to apply. 

If you want a quick and easy way to keep your face clean and energetic, their peel-off masks might be the one for you.

These masks absorb unwanted oils and dirt from your face and are easily disposable when done. Many of their peel-off masks are also designed to reduce acne. They come in various scents and styles, so you can pick the one you prefer.

The masks are beneficial during summer since they have hydrating components that moisturize your face. This prevents dry patches and sun damage on your face. Peel-off masks are pretty affordable, and they are packed neatly, with each mask wrapped and sealed individually.

Freeman also sells peel-off masks for the neck area. These are great at reducing sweating and are incredibly refreshing to use. You will usually use them every three days, but you can opt to use them more frequently.

These are a great alternative to the clay masks if you don’t mind buying multiple packets of them.

3. Freeman Gel Masks

The other alternative to the two face masks is using Freeman Beauty’s gel masks. They work like most face creams but have a few key ingredients that help them stand out. 

The most important of these is charcoal which aids in exfoliating dead skin cells. Charcoal also helps with the cleaning process, with it being incredibly effective at removing dirt.

As a result, this gel mask acts a deep cleanser, too, making it a worthwhile product. Since it exfoliates dead cells, your face will have a completely new glow to it from using it. The item works wonders on oily skin, removing all traces of oil from your face.

Their gel masks are also designed to fight and reduce acne breakouts. You only need to use this once or twice a week to see the effects. Freeman’s gel masks are incredibly top of the line and products that are well worth the price.

All the different types of face care masks offered by Freeman are premium quality. Choose whichever one you find easy to apply, and you’ll see great results.

Other Products By Freeman

While the face masks are Freeman’s best and recommended products, a few items they have are also quite noteworthy. These include:

1. Body Scrub

These are designed to be used during a shower, and they help cleanse your body. Your skin will feel soft and smooth after applying these. Body scrubs come in a variety of different scents and aromas, which are all incredibly unique. You’ll find that these work the best on dry skin and are very quick at moisturizing it.

2. Feet Scrubber

Another of their praiseworthy products is the feet scrubber. These are designed to give a spa-like pedicure right at home. They contain pink salt, which kills bacteria and helps exfoliate the skin cells on your feet. As a result, they are incredibly healthy and help relax your feet after a long day.

3. Dry Shampoo

Finally, Freeman’s dry shampoo is also notable, especially for repairing damaged scalps and reducing hair fall. For sensitive scalps, these are still safe to use, which puts them ahead of their competition. Ultrafine rice-starch is incredibly good at absorbing oils from your hair, and the shampoo works almost instantly. 


If you are looking for face masks, Freeman Beauty is a great pick. What is ultimately the deciding factor is how much you prefer their organic products and their natural fragrances. 

Their face masks are ensured to have no harmful chemicals and are cruelty-free, and we’ve found that they still work as well as other synthetic face masks.

Aside from their masks, their dry shampoo is good, especially for dryer scalps. They help revitalize your scalp with weekly use and reduce the oil build-up in your hair. 

In case you are still wondering, “is Freeman a good brand?” their face masks and shampoo are well worth it. If you like the brand, you can consider their other products, but we recommend their gel or peel-off masks if you want the best from them.

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