Is Mental Kicks Legit? Buying Sneakers Online

Is Mental Kicks Legit? Buying Sneakers Online

Online shopping is easy and comfortable, but it can be a haven for scammers. It’s usually challenging to know which site is legit. That’s why it’s normal to question any platform you intend to buy from for the first time.

Mental Kicks has been around for some years now. But that is not an assurance that they’re legit. 

In this post, you’ll get details about Mental Kicks to make informed decisions.

Now, let’s answer the question. 

Is Mental Kicks Legit?

Yes, Mental Kicks is a legit business. It’s an online sneaker store that sells some hard-to-find shoes from popular shoe brands. They also have a secure means of payment. Additionally, they claim to sell authentic items.

However, the quality of some of their products is questionable. Some people have had bad experiences buying from the platform. According to several customers on trust sites, they sell shoes that fall apart in a short time. And that seems to be less than genuine. 

Mental Kicks website also seems a bit bland, but that doesn’t make them a scam. They need a bit of stepping up to do. But if you don’t like the item, you can return it and get your refund.

Despite the issues, the platform has lots of satisfied customers. It’s also advisable to check the shoe condition before you buy. That’s because the platform also sells vintage and older shoe models, which can be collectors’ pieces.

What Mental Kicks Is

Mental Kicks is an online sneaker retailer. It features the rarest and hottest footwear. It’s also a convenient place to shop for limited sneakers.

The business started in 2002 by selling on eBay. And then, they expanded to platforms like and other sneaker forums. However, they created their website in 2008, and it features some famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Jordan, etc.

The online store is also a great place to buy used footwear. And they come at low and deducted prices. You’ll also see their conditions as the images show you how they look. It’s also a great place to find fresher and new arrivals.

If you want to get restocks or rare shoes on time, you can always preorder. Yes, you can! But you have to do that before the great rush begins.

Despite the dull look of the website, it’s effective. It also has good product image quality. So you can quickly see how the shoe looks.

How Mental Kicks Works

Mental Kicks updates its inventory daily. But there are times when some items can get out of stock. That usually happens with hot products, since several people can send orders simultaneously for it. The platform sells such things based on a first-come, first-serve.

When the product you ordered gets out of stock, you’ll receive a notification within 24 hours. After which you’ll get your refund.

You can request detailed pictures of a product before you decide to buy it. And be rest assured that you’ll receive them.

You can also get hard-to-find shoes on the platform for affordable prices. The costs depend on the current market value of the item.

The online store also states the condition of the shoes. For instance, “may not be suitable for wear due to time” describes older shoes. They may be 1999 or older; as such, they may not be suitable for wear. That’s because such shoes can quickly deteriorate as you use them.

Despite how the site looks, you can find your way around it easily. All you need is just a basic idea of online shopping, and you’re good to go.

Go to the website and select the item you want from their list of products. Then check the sizing charts and ensure you pick the right fit. After that, checkout and make your payment. You’ll receive a confirmation email once they ship your order.

Mental Kicks Payment Methods

Mental Kicks accepts payments only in USD, even for international users. You can make payments using PayPal, bank wire, major Credit Cards, and Western Union money transfers. 

If you’re using PayPal, ensure your account is verified and has a confirmed billing address. If not, the payment will get denied and refunded.

Mental Kicks uses PayPal’s secured express checkout to receive PayPal and credit cards payments. You don’t have to worry as the checkout process is safe. Yahoo! Ecommerce and PayPal support the platform. You can rest assured that your information is secured.

Your payment is also secure if you choose to use Western Union or bank wire.

Mental Kicks Shipping Policy

Mental Kicks makes use of USPS to ship all orders. The same goes for orders within the United States and international ones. The shipping options include Priority Mail and Express Mail.

Express Mail takes about 3 to 4 business days. But Priority Mail takes about 7 to 10 business days.

The shipping fee for orders within the US is $25 per pair for USPS Priority Mail. But it’ll cost $50 per pair for USPS Express Mail.

For international shipping, the shipping fee costs $50 per pair for USPS Express Mail.

Mental Kicks ships your order within two business days. That gives them time to inspect and process it before shipping. 

The platform ships their orders as gifts to help reduce extra charges. However, that doesn’t guarantee there won’t be custom fees for it. If there’s any, you have to pay for it.

Once Mental Kicks ships your order, they’ll send you an order confirmation email. You’ll find the tracking information there. Ensure you use an email address you can access to place the order. That’s where they’ll send you the details you need.

Please allow a few days’ interval, and you’ll get the tracking number. It may delay if the postal facility is yet to process your order. You can track your package when you get the confirmation email.

Go to the USPS official website to track your package. They are responsible for your package after Mental Kicks hands it over to them. So, they’ll take charge of any damage or loss during delivery. The online store won’t take responsibility for that.

Note that Mental Kicks ships your order in a bubble-wrapped and double-boxed state. That way, it has maximum protection during transit.

Mental Kicks Return Policy

Mental Kicks allows you to return items when you’re not satisfied with them. You’ll get an exchange or a full refund when you do so. However, you can only do that within 14 days after the delivery date. 

Ensure the product is in its original condition before you return it. That means you shouldn’t wear it before returning it. 

Please send an email to Mental Kicks customer support before you return an item. Then you can send it back, after which you’ll get your refund or exchange.

The online store usually offers free shipping during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Mental Kicks won’t take responsibility for issues with vintage or older shoes. That’s because they state the condition of their inventory. 

It’ll be best if you read through their terms and conditions before you buy from the platform. You automatically agree to them once you make a purchase.

Mental Kicks Alternatives

Sneaker Politics: 

The platform is an online sneaker retailer. Even though it has several physical locations, they maintain their online presence.

The business started in 2006 and has physical locations in Louisiana and Austin, Texas. It also has stores in New Orleans, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. 

The platform features notable footwear brands like New Balance, Nike, Jordan, and so on.

Sneaker Politics’ sale section always has fantastic deals. Such deals include Adidas Consortium offerings, Nike collaborations, etc. You can also get such limited offers from its Instagram raffles.


The online store has physical locations in some cities both within and outside the US. They include Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and London.

SneakersnStuff has a release calendar that lets you know what to expect and when. It also has a special sale section and features many sneaker brands.

The site consistently has a collection of the latest sneakers. However, it takes excess security measures before it lets you in to prevent bots. So you’ll have to go through some security checks before you use it.

You can take advantage of their raffles of limited releases and sign up for them. Or browse through the site for a wider choice. 

The platform has both exclusive and general sneaker releases by major brands. And living up to the “stuff” part of its name, you can also find a range of apparel and accessories.


Mental Kicks is a legit online store that deals in retail sales of sneakers. It features rare shoes from prominent brands. 

You can also get used and vintage ones. But be careful as the store displays some of them as not suitable for wear. Buy them only if you want them as collector’s pieces.

However, some customers have had bad experiences shopping there. Some of them include shoes getting nasty in a short time or kicks that look different from similar products. But there are also good reviews from satisfied users.

All in all, check the item carefully before you buy from the store. But if you’re still skeptical, you can check out Mental Kicks alternatives in this post.

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