Is Storenvy Legit? What You Should Know About Storenvy

Is Storenvy Legit? What You Should Know About Storenvy

From hundreds of reviews only, it appears Storenvy has a slightly higher than average rating based on customer experience and satisfaction. Most customers have the most typical issues with Storenvy are credit card, tracking number, and customer service related. In addition to several stores nationwide, Storenvy operates an online marketplace where customers can shop conveniently for the goods they want. The company offers a single point of contact, which is the email service available during the opening hours of the day. The following information explains what Storenvy is all about;

So, Is Storenvy Legit?

Yes, Storenvy is legit for both sellers and buyers.

History Of Storenvy

Jonathan Crawford started Storenvy in 2010 but has since left the company after its acquisition by Opensky Project in 2016. Storenvy was initially designed as an online store builder, and by 2012, it had expanded to an online marketplace with the addition of a particular Storenvy Marketplace.

The company’s goal is to become the “Amazon” for independent store owners, thus giving those small businesses and merchants the chance to sell their goods online and on their physical storefronts. The business is currently based in San Francisco, United States of America, available online worldwide.

Is Storenvy Legit?

As a shop owner, you can do business on Storenvy. You have multiple ways of shopping and even socializing on the platform. You can build and customize your store to your preferences once you become a member of the platform. You can also sell any goods or items, including clothes and crafts. This makes the platform legit for everyone.

Ordinarily, Storenvy is legit because it provides a platform for store owners to open a business online on their platform while retaining their physical business places. While Storenvy is reputable, the buyer must still exercise some caution when choosing a store there.

Storenvy is home to millions of products, and you can buy just anything available. There are almost 100,000 merchants in this store; hence you have many things you can browse through. You can find endless products here, from clothing to jewelry, home décor, jewelry, baby products, beddings, and handcrafts. Those into art, beauty, and music can also find what they are looking for here.

Some members question the legitimacy of Storenvy because there are reports of some store owners selling things different from what they advertised. The ineffectiveness of Storenvy customer service to resolve many of these issues even complicate matters.

How Can You Become A Seller On Storenvy?

Becoming a seller on Storenvy is very simple; all you need to do is set up an account on the site. You will be asked to fill in some information, and you can do this by ticking the boxes beside such information. Once your account has been accepted and verified, you can start selling your products on the site.

There are many customization options that you can use to personalize your store, including colors, themes, and backgrounds. You can customize your store for free, but for $5, you can add a customized logo plus a personalized domain.

What Other Things You Should Know About Storenvy

The following are the information you should know about Storenvy;

1. Storenvy Shipping Policy

It appears Storenvy does not have any solid shipping policy, but each store on the platform have their specific shipping rules, and these are available when you visit them.

Storenvy recommends that customers have completed stores ship within 48 hours after orders. Storenvy recommends a maximum of 7 days to complete orders, including shipping and delivery.

Keep in mind that shipping charges are different from one store to the other. Prices may also depend on the location from which the products are shipped.

2. Storenvy Refund and Return Policy

Similar to shipping policy, each store on Storenvy operates its unique refund and return policy. While some stores are welcome to receive returned items, others can be strict with their “No Return” Policy. In some cases, some store owners may ask for video evidence to support your claim of a default product.

The great thing about Storenvy is that it operates a general 180-return policy service. This means that if the company investigated an issue and discovered you had been scammed, you can request a refund from Storenvy and not an individual store owner. You may want to read more about the company’s return plan on its website.

3. What are the Major Alternatives to Storenvy?

Storenvy has established its place in the online marketplace business and has since remained relevant since its inception. There are several online marketplaces today; however, some stand out as the most effective alternatives in the pack.

Amazon is perhaps the most extensive alternative to Storenvy, with vast followership running into hundreds of millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. Amazon is currently the number one ranked marketplace online for buyers and sellers.

Etsy is another platform where sellers and buyers can meet online to do business. The products sold on Etsy are primarily handmade, unlike Storenvy, where handmade and non-handmade products are sold. Users can browse products for hours here because there are hundreds of categories of products to shop from.

Shopify is also similar to Storenvy in many ways. The company is based in Canada and offers more than a million online stores to shop from. As a seller on Shopify, there are numerous elements you can use to personalize your store, and as a buyer, you have countless products to choose from. Shopify may be one of the best beginner-seller-friendly websites to start a business.

Keep in mind that Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon will require sellers and buyers to sign up for membership before they can use the platforms.

What Are Membership Plans On Storenvy?

By default, store owners are subscribed to the free hobbyist plan, but anyone can upgrade to the paid monthly subscription plans for added benefits.

1. Marketplace Commissions

This is a revenue-sharing model from Storenvy. You will be charged a 15% commission on the sales drive generated by Storenvy, and you will get the remaining 85% of the profit. The purpose is to allow Storenvy to drive your sales as a store owner so you can generate more profit. With this marketplace drive, you can focus more on creating and sourcing great products.

2. Marketplace Sales Events and Promotions

This is one of the best ways of increasing visibility online. You can use it to get customers repeatedly with continuous automated discounts. This is one of the best Storenvy flash sales you should take advantage of as a store owner. Keep in mind that there are different prices you will pay depending on the type of sales you join, and some are even free to join.

3. Managed Marketing

Managed marketing from Storenvy is one of the best ways of driving traffic to your online store. This feature advertises your products on external or third-party websites. Once you choose this program, Storenvy will locate customers who visit the third-party sites to direct your products’ advertisements to them. Some of the largest third-party sites where Storenvy advertises products include Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Opensky.

This type of advertising may seem complicated in the beginning, but Storenvy has all the technical expertise to get it going and working for you. With this program, all you do is agree to a 25% commission payment on each sale. You can sign up for any Storenvy marketing program via the admin page on your Managed Marketing tab on your Storenvy homepage.

Common Questions And Answers On Storenvy

The following are answers to the numerous questions being asked about the operation of Storenvy;

1. What Kind of Payments are Available at Storenvy?

Storenvy offers multiple payment methods, but the commonest one is debit/credit payment options. The company accepts all major credit and debit card operators, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. The company also accepts e-currency platforms like PayPal for checking out. All the stores on Storenvy have verified PayPal payment systems; hence you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

2. Does Storenvy Monitor Stores Operating on its Platform

Just before any store is registered on Storenvy, it will be verified, and those behind the stores will also be investigated. There is also an ongoing verification of all stores on Storenvy, and fake ones are constantly removed even before they are reported. Even if a fake store is not detected, a buyer has up to 180 days of the buyer protection plan.

3. How Does the 180-day Customer Buyer Protection Plan Works

The 180-day customer protection plans cover every customer on the Storenvy platform regardless of the store they deal with. The plan protects a customer who has issues with a seller, which means if a customer is scammed or a faulty product is sold, the customer can file for a refund within 180 days of purchase.

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