Libertarian Vs Liberal – What Is The Difference?

Libertarian Vs Liberal – What Is The Difference?

The biggest difference between libertarian and liberal is their belief in how involved government control should be in our societies. They both are forms of distinct political ideologies during the late 20th century.

The former belief is in a political philosophy that addresses freedom of choice and free will. In contrast to later whose primary goal is to use diplomacy to meet global peace.

They have some similarities due to which people consider them as synonyms of one another. Both the terms safeguard the rights of citizens and should not be forced into arbitrary groups. Their major differences have cropped up after the year 1800.

But, despite the above-mentioned similarities, this article will teach you the difference between libertarian and liberal. Let’s look at Libertarian Vs Libertarian individually first.


Libertarianism wants little or no intervention from the Central or state government for their affairs. It aims to maximise political freedom and autonomy with voluntarism and freedom of association. It embraces the vision of political liberty and calls it a revolutionized state.

It is a close mix of modern economies, and it’s theories. The principles of libertarianism have their roots in the Enlightenment. The term “Enlightenment” was a tradition older than human civilization. It deals with natural rights that have nothing to do with any third party, individual, or group.

They believe that politics is making society worse for the sake of money and power. 

According to libertarianism, acquiring wealth from economic means is a crucial aspect of a moral society. Moreover, they solve the problems with peaceful interactions with no violence. 

Pure libertarians believe that the government should not interfere in the issues based on social and economic principles.


Liberalism deals with a political philosophy that supports individual liberty and self-determination. The thinkers believe that they have the right to choose any society they wish to live in without the government’s interference.

They have a more sort of fiscal policy rather than the business.

It is a person who tries to uphold the importance of liberty with wide support. It is done by following some of the following groups of principles. 

The followers of classical liberalism may promote civil rights, democratic societies, gender, and equality.

According to John Locke, all individuals are free to head the right to life. They are only in a view to promoting democracy as it is the only alternative to absolute monarchy.

The Difference Between Libertarian And Liberal

There is a huge contrast between the modern-day Libertarian vs. Liberal communities in the history of modernization. The differences between the ideologies are as follows – 

  • Economic Differences

Libertarians believe that the government should not interfere with the monetary transactions between the two parties. They favor big and established companies over startups.

Liberals favor government control in the economic area to determine the income and expenditure of the people.  It can lift some people out of poverty. By doing this, they tend to create more equality and remove the class barriers from society.

  • Differences in Foreign Policy

Libertarians pay attention to words of individual freedom and ability. We cannot mistreat the process of training and treating people for any social or economic reason. They believe in peace because violence causes destruction and widespread death. 

Liberals believe that there is a huge importance of sending foreign aids, not for opposing democratic rules, but for helping out. 

  • Criminal Act Differences 

According to the Libertarians, people should not be sent to jail for drug consumption as the government has to see what substances people use. Also, penalties for crimes and assault should be changed.

Liberals see such people as a threat to society and its inhabitants who must be eradicated as they are threatening the freedom of other people as a whole.

Conservatism sees criminals as threats to society who must be eradicated because they threaten everyone else’s freedom. 

Liberalism takes a softer approach and tries to see the good in everyone. Whereas, Conservatism sees criminals as threats to society who must be eradicated.

  • Immigration Differences

Libertarians believe that all citizens must have the right to move their products and services across the world. This should be done without imposing unnecessary tariffs and duties as it will lead to more international trade. The less the government interferes with trade, the more opportunities for individuals to build their wealth.

On the contrary, the Liberals feel that one should have no right or control over what comes and goes from the country.

  • Health Care Differences

Libertarians believe that it is the right of an individual to choose their treatment provider. Keeping in mind the harsh regulations by the companies and medical labs, they believe that a proper system should protect the malpractices. 

So, Liberals leave the medical procedure in the hands of the government. This is because of inflated prices and monopolization consequences of individual medicines. They want complete government control over their medical procedures.

  • Differences in Civil Rights

Libertarian society wants certain rights in the society regardless of their social standing in the group. Some of the rights include:

  1. Right to protest
  2. Right to access government documents
  3. Right to marry whom you want
  4. Right to privacy

In contrast to the Liberals, they feel that everyone can do what their heart desires. But, it is the responsibility of the government to enforce and overlook the whole situation so that it cannot be mistreated. 

This is how libertarianism argues that they should be left alone without heavy political influence from the government. 


Both ideologies believe in preserving the rights and liberty of all individuals. They both remove the influence of powerful authorities to fight for modern battles. 

Have you seen the root cause and difference between the Libertarian vs. Liberal? Both the terms are different, with some fundamental beliefs supporting their differences. 

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