Tips On Maximizing Your Bathroom Space

Tips On Maximizing Your Bathroom Space


Bathrooms are definitely an important aspect of any home as it is a space that people use every day. Therefore, it is important to have a design that is suited to your liking. While it is nice to have a spacious bathroom, many bathrooms today have shrunk in size as apartments are not as big as they used to be, especially in the cities. Fret not.

Smaller bathrooms have their advantages like requiring less cleaning. In this article, we’ve compiled tips on how to maximize your bathroom space as well as cubicles shower ideas. So, keep on reading to find out how you can achieve your desired bathroom!

Knowing what you want

Bathroom designs can vary largely depending on what you want. Besides the basic features like a sink, toilet, and shower, your choices in the other aspects of the bathroom can drastically change how the bathroom looks and feels. Maybe you prefer to have a tub? Or maybe you’d rock with an all-white bathroom? Here are some features of the bathroom that you should definitely take note of.

Type of doors

Many people overlook shower doors but they have a significant impact on how the bathroom looks and feels.

Glass doors 

Glass doors are perhaps the most common choice for a bathroom door and for good reasons. The simple see-through glass door seemingly connects the toilet and shower area while being a divider at the same time. Hence, being able to see the entire bathroom at once creates the illusion of space. The entire bathroom will seem like one entity instead of having two separate compartments in one space.

Curtain panels

Curtain panels are a more affordable alternative to glass doors. They perform the same function as the glass doors by keeping the water within the shower area when you bathe. However, the opaqueness of the shower curtain acts as a barrier in the bathroom and will make the bathroom seem even smaller than it already is.


Some people opt for a doorless walk-in shower design to make the bathroom seem roomier. However, the obvious downside is having water splash everywhere when you shower. To reduce the splashing, you could add a built-in glass panel that acts as a divider between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Type of tiles 

Tiles come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. This is perhaps the most important feature as the aesthetics of the floor and walls contributes to the whole aura of the bathroom. Not to mention the first thing that captures the attention of someone when they enter.


Marbled and stoned tiles are popular choices as they give off a sleek, clean, and modern spin to the bathroom. Wood-looking floor tiles are also among the top favorites because they give off a neutral and natural look. Professional tile installation services can help you choose and install the most durable, good-quality, and easy-to-maintain tiles.


From regular rectangles to small squares, and everything in between, the shapes of the tiles can be mixed and matched to your liking. Keep it simple with a uniform shape throughout, or create a design that matches the overall theme of the bathroom. 

Colour combinations

The colour of your tiles is the essence of your bathroom’s design. Fancy a minimalist bathroom? You could go for an all-white look and include a hint of neutral colour. If you want to show your personality, opt for a bold pop of colour like yellow. Really, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure that the colours within the shower area and the toilet complement each other so that they don’t feel like two separate spaces. 

Other features and tips

If your bathroom permits, you could include additional accessories to spice it up while ensuring that your bathroom space is maximised. 


There are many smaller-sized bathtubs available in the market today. Having a bathtub will add a modern touch and you can wind down with some relaxing music at the end of the day in the comfort of your own home.


Adding a built-in bench in your shower has more benefits than you might think. You can put your toiletries, clothes, phone, or really anything you want on it without having to worry about them getting soaked with water. Otherwise, you can take a seat while showering if you feel like it. Here’s a tip. Match the color and material of the built-in bench to the walls of the shower area. This way, the bench will seem like an extension of the walls and give the illusion of space.


Usually attached under the sink at the vanity area, shelves with compartments and drawers are extremely useful for keeping your bathroom organized. Instead of leaving things lying around, store your extra shampoos and toilet paper in the compartmentalized areas for easy access whenever you need them. 


If possible, consider positioning your shower area near a window with bathroom appropriate blinds, like metal venetian blinds. You’ll get a ray of natural light in the day and a sky full of stars, optimistically speaking, at night. Regardless of the view, having a window allows for better air ventilation which acts as a natural freshener for your bathroom.


Generally, having a whiter color tone will make the bathroom seem larger and more spacious. Not to mention that your bathroom will look cleaner as well. You can opt for white lights as well to brighten up the bathroom 

Unique layouts

Not all bathrooms have the standard rectangular floor layout but there’s a way to work around that. As a general guideline, try to position the shower area at the corner of the bathroom or under any unique structures (e.g. under the eaves of a roof). By doing so, there won’t be any awkward spacings or gaps in the bathroom.


Designing a bathroom from scratch or improving upon one can be challenging yet exciting at the same time. You get to work your creative juices to create that “dream” bathroom that you’ve always wanted. Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about maximizing your bathroom space. Here’s to achieving your desired bathroom!

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