Which Cryptocurrency is Best Among Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot?

Which Cryptocurrency is Best Among Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot?

To know which cryptocurrency will suit best you as per your needs one first need to go through the history of these coins and then bring someone to a conclusion as to which one of the above-mentioned currencies should be the first choice of the investors as per the present calculations of the crypto market.

Every day we see that the crypto business is filled with new types of currencies, some of them might not even come to the notice of the investors, while some perform so well in the shorter span that traders cannot resist putting, they’re some in that cryptocurrency. Below is the topic. I will mention the three topmost crypto coins that are said to be the cryptocurrencies of an era.


The first such coin that always tops the investor’s choice is Immediate Edge. BTC has its roots in the economic trouble of 2008. Where a virtual form of money had been proposed to exist in the financial world. This money was brought with the help of a publishing paper where all of its information had been provided.

The present cryptocurrency has been termed to be the “Cryptocurrency of the first-generation” and since its initiation, it has very well been in the same position. There are so many benefits that this coin can incur to you, you can use it as your usual money, that you use for your daily purposes.

While some countries have accepted this currency with wide open arms and have made proper regulation and governance of the coin, some other ones have not made it a legal tender. There are two very common problems of cryptocurrency which is scalability and the other is interoperability. Despite these demerits, it is always investors first choice.


The second coin that we will talk about is Ethereum. The reason why this coin has been mentioned on the 2nd number is that it is otherwise as a cryptocurrency stands in the 2nd place amongst all the cryptocurrencies. Its originator is Vitalik Buterin. Who formed this cryptocurrency intending to make it better than BTC and has brought many other new features that BTC lacked? It has brought one very famous feature which is the applicability of the smart contract.

These contracts are also digital and they do not require any intermediary to implement them. Also, there is one more feature which is DApps. This feature empowers its blockchain to allow other projects to be executed with the help of its blockchain. Talking about the transaction confirmation time and their processing, it offers a better option if compared to BTC.


The last and third one which I will be mentioning here is Polkadot. This cryptocurrency was formed by one of the co-founders of ETH, Gavin Wood. Wood formed this cryptocurrency to make it the currency of the time which will serve best for the needs of the crypto investors.

Polkadot comes with some additional features than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its feature has made it the currency of the third era.  It not only gives better confirmation time but also can process more transactions than the above two mentioned cryptocurrencies. It likewise gives other projects to carry out its functions on its blockchain which makes it better than Ethereum also.


The topic that I have given above will enable you to choose among the three above-mentioned cryptocurrencies. To make a profitable future in the crypto business one must always keep in his head all the consequences that might be associated if you make a wrong decision.

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