Why Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs So Expensive? Check Out The Reasons

Why Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs So Expensive? Check Out The Reasons

You have managed to make your lawn look so attractive. Now what’s left is to choose the ideal chairs. Your guests and family would need comfortable chairs to sit on while interacting and enjoying the stunning view outdoors.  

Lawn chairs come in varied materials. Have that in mind when making your choices. You’ll find chairs constructed with materials like wood, plastic, steel, and even aluminum.  

However, aluminum lawn chairs are many people’s favorites. Unfortunately, you won’t find them on many lawns. Why? They’re quite expensive. Not many people will be willing to break the bank to buy lawn chairs.

This post explains why lawn chairs are expensive.  

Why Aluminum Lawn Chairs Are So Expensive

Generally, lawn chairs are expensive and time-consuming to produce. But these are not the only reasons they cost a fortune. We’ll walk you through the various reasons aluminum lawn chairs are expensive. 

  • Sturdiness
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-proof
  • Versatility
  • Easily recycled

#1: Aluminum chairs are sturdy and reliable:

It’s no secret that aluminum chairs are sturdy and reliable. And this makes them expensive, given the material and construction process involved. A lot of work goes into the production of aluminum chairs. Aluminum material also doesn’t come cheap.  

To achieve the sturdiness aluminum lawn chairs have that makes them reliable and long-lasting, aluminum is cut and bent to varied shapes. They have to bend the material accurately to form the back frame, leg, and other parts. 

Lawn chairs need to be sturdy. If they aren’t, visitors may land on the floor upon sitting on your lawn chair. Aluminum lawn chairs boast a sturdy structure. So, they can withstand any amount of weight thrown at them.  

#2: Low maintenance:

Lawn chairs are expected to remain outside the entire time. Some homeowners don’t even bother to provide shade. Thus, lawn chairs take severe beatings. They remain outside the house under the rain, sun, snow, and wind all year round.   

So, what every lawn chair that undergoes this kind of treatment needs is proper maintenance. With such, you can extend the chair’s lifespan and finish. However, lawn chair maintenance isn’t a walk in the park. It’s time-consuming and tedious. 

Aluminum lawn chairs’ maintenance is a breeze compared to chairs made of wooden, steel, and iron materials. These chairs require more attention and can be super tedious to maintain compared to aluminum chairs. And when you don’t maintain them properly, the damage is inevitable. 

All you need to keep aluminum chairs clean is a piece of cloth, water, and detergent. You don’t need any special chemicals to clean them. Sometimes, the rain can help wash away dirt from the lawn chairs. All you need is to clean them.  

A Pro Tip: The attractive appeal and the low maintenance aren’t the only reasons aluminum chairs are quite expensive. Tons of work usually goes into the finish of these chairs too. The superior coating makes high-end aluminum lawn chairs damage-free. 

Most aluminum lawn chairs are also foldable, making them a breeze to store. 

#3: Long lifespan:

No one would appreciate buying lawn chairs today and then, in a few months, start thinking of replacing them. It’s a waste of resources, given how pricey furniture can be these days.   

But it’s not just how you make use of your lawn chairs that determine their longevity. The material used in making them also plays a crucial role. You can’t compare the lifespan of an aluminum lawn chair to one made of wood. 

The elements test all outdoor chairs, and only the ones made of quality materials would remain for long. If the material isn’t strong enough, the chair could give way within a few months.

Besides total damage, discoloration is another thing lawn chairs encounter. But this isn’t a major issue with aluminum lawn chairs. Aluminum chairs boast superior powder coating, capable of withstanding the threats posed by the elements for years.

These chairs also boast heavy-duty steel frames, which contributes to their durability. They can withstand rain, sun, snow, including insects, and steel retains their structures.  

So, a long lifespan is one reason aluminum chairs are pricey. And when you compare how long they would last to how long iron, steel, or wooden lawn chairs last, you’ll discover that the former is a wiser investment.  

So, it’s safe to say that you’re making a one-time investment when you purchase aluminum lawn chairs. If you wish to replace your chairs after many years, it would be because you want to give your property a new look. It might not necessarily be because the chairs are damaged. 

#4: Corrosion resistant:

Corrosion reduces the appeal of metals. So, once your chair starts experiencing it, a replacement should be on the card. 

Aluminum chairs don’t rust. That’s why they can withstand the blistering summer heat, snow, and rainy seasons. They can last for decades and retain their shine the entire time. 

Unfortunately, steel or iron chairs aren’t as corrosion-resistant and lightweight as aluminum chairs. And that explains why they’re more expensive. 

Lightweight is a plus to aluminum chairs, as moving them around is a breeze. You can do it yourself without the help of anyone. Aluminum lawn chairs are sturdy despite their lightweight. 

A Pro Tip: Aluminum chairs are a wise choice for families with rampaging children. It’s difficult for kids to deface your quality aluminum lawn chairs. You can’t say the same for other chairs. 

Again, the corrosion resistance means you don’t have to repaint or refinish your aluminum chairs from time to time to cover up any not-so-good area.

#5: Lightweight:

You don’t know how useful some features are until a need arises. This applies to aluminum chairs’ lightweight. You might not know the importance of their lightweight until the need arises. 

When you have an outdoor party, moving the outdoor chairs to strategic locations becomes a priority. If you were dealing with aluminum chairs, the process would be a piece of cake, given their lightweight.     

You won’t experience the same thing with chairs made of other materials. And despite their lightweight, aluminum chairs are reliable and strong.  

#6: Water-proof:

You might be wondering why outdoor chairs are more expensive than indoor ones. Well, the answer isn’t farfetched. The companies that produce these pieces of furniture do coat them properly to withstand the elements. 

Without proper coating, these outdoor chairs could lose their colors or start corroding in no time. 

Interestingly, aluminum chairs boast superior coating and are primed to withstand the elements. Thus, they don’t easily fade like other materials. 

On the flip side, the coating is an arduous and expensive process. And this explains why aluminum chairs are costly. 

#7: Versatility:

Take out time to go through some of the pricey decorative pieces in your home. You’ll discover that most of them are made of aluminum. 

Aluminum is quite expensive on its own. Then there’s also the versatility it offers that’s unmatched. You can bend aluminum into any shape or design to create what you want. 

#8: Easily recycled:

When you rate a recycle bin containing aluminum and other materials, you’ll discover that aluminum has more value. It’s the most recyclable among other materials. 

Unlike plastic, aluminum doesn’t lose its quality when recycled. That’s why the term “infinitely recyclable” is used to describe the material. 

So, even if you grow tired of your aluminum lawn chairs and need something fresh, you won’t lose your entire investment. You can still sell your old aluminum chairs to a recycling company and make some extra cash. 


So, why are aluminum lawn chairs so expensive? Well, the answers are before you. Aluminum chairs boast several qualities that make them expensive. 

Buying an aluminum chair is a wise investment you might not regret. Why? The chairs are durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, water-proof, versatile, and more. They tend to last longer and offer value for the money. 


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