Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform?

Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform?

Space games are getting popular day by day. These games are exciting, fun, and loved by every gamer. One of such space games is Elite Dangerous. You are going to love this game from the first play itself.

However, the major confusion among new players about this game is whether Elite Dangerous is cross-platform or not. 

Let’s clarify it for you. Unfortunately, this game is not cross-platform. If you don’t know what cross-platform is, it’s basically a feature that allows different players with distinct gaming platforms to come together in order to play a game.

It’s widely used by gamers from different places to connect with their friends online and play games together. 

However, since Elite Dangerous does not support this feature, you cannot play it with other console users. If not with them, then with whom we can play the game?

In today’s article, we will discuss all about Elite Dangerous and which gaming platforms it supports for cross-platform. So without making you wait any longer, let’s jump straight to our first topic. 

History of Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a spaceship simulation game released by Frontier Developments on 16th December 2014. It was designed by Tom Kewell, David Braben, Dan Davies, and Sandro Sammarco. 

You can play this exciting game on various platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. 

Talking about the minimum age to play, anyone above 12 years of age can play this game. Moreover, it’s also rated 4.5/5 in Common Sense Media. You might be curious to know what makes this game so high-rated? Well, the answer is simple – it’s gameplay.

Elite Dangerous – Gameplay Explained

Elite Dangerous has wonderful gameplay. In the beginning, you will be given a few resources. By using those resources, you can participate in multiple tasks to increase your merit and wealth. After each task you complete, you receive a certain amount of money. 

You can further use that money to upgrade the technology of your spaceship. The better the technology of your spaceship, the faster and more you can travel in the galaxy. Players are also provided with the opportunity to battle with other players.

Elite Dangerous is an amazing breakthrough video game with wonderful high-definition graphics. 

Most gamers appreciate its graphics. However, whether this game is cross-platform or not is still a mystery for many gamers. Let’s dig deep into this topic to understand it properly.

Is Elite Dangerous Really Cross-Platform? 

Many gamers believe that Elite Dangerous is cross-platform; however, it’s not. Yes, you have read it right. Elite Dangerous doesn’t support cross-platform. This means if you own a PC and your friend a console, you both cannot play this game together. 

This could be bad news for gamers who have dreamed of playing this amazing game with their friends. Unfortunately, that dream cannot come true in 2021. Besides, you can still enjoy multiplayer gaming with players who have the same console as yours. 

Cross-platform is a technology we get to see in almost every game these days. The reason why it’s everywhere is because of its high demand. Cross-platform enhances the players’ gaming experience by allowing them to battle/play with other players.

Seeing the increasing demand, we are sure that the developers of Elite Dangerous might introduce this feature in the future. 

But as of now, there’s no official commitment from the Frontier. So all we can do is just wait for them to acknowledge the demand. While there are people who love cross-platform gaming, there are also some who don’t. Let’s learn the advantages of this feature that make it a favorite choice of many.

Surprising Advantages of Cross-platform Gaming

Different people have different opinions about cross-platform play. Some say it’s more fun than solo gaming, while others don’t like the idea of cross-platform with other consoles. 

However, more people love this technology compared to those who don’t. But what’s in cross-platform that makes it the most-liked choice of so many gamers? Below are some of the primary benefits of cross-platform gaming you might not know.

Allows to Play With Different Gamers With Distinct Consoles

Imagine getting the opportunity to play any of your favorite games with multiple gamers or friends. Won’t that be an amazing gaming experience? Cross-platform is what makes this possible. Without this technology, you have to purchase the same console as your friends to play with them. 

Opens Gamers to Play With New Players

Games that can cross-platform tend to be more hit compared to those which don’t. This technology helps in expanding a game’s community. An increase in a community opens up a window for gamers to meet and play with other gamers across the globe. Think of playing a game with someone across the globe – won’t it be exciting?

Increased Number of Servers to Handle High Traffic

Cross-platform directly affects the growth of a gaming community. Expansion in the community of a game means more servers. The need for more servers will force the developers to spend more time and money improving the game. In return, more gamers will play the game, increasing their profits. 

So these were some of the advantages of cross-platform, making it a popular feature with time. Now comes the most important question – which all consoles can Elite Dangerous cross-platform? Below we have shared a list of FAQs on this specific topic. 

FAQs on Consoles That Support Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform

Is Elite Dangerous Capable to Cross-Platform Between PC And Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Elite Dangerous doesn’t support Cross-Platform between PC and Xbox.

Can we Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 And PC For Elite Dangerous?

Sadly, Elite Dangerous doesn’t support cross-platform PS4/PS5 and PC. 

Is It True That Elite Dangerous Supports Cross-Platform PS4 And PS5?

Wish it could be true. But it’s not possible to cross-platform Elite Dangerous between PC and Xbox. You can only play this game with players who have the same console as you. 

Do You Think Elite Dangerous Can Cross-Platform PC And Nintendo Switch?

This could happen in the future. But for now, that’s not something we can say Elite Dangerous supports.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Elite Dangerous is not cross-platform in 2021. However, due to its increasing popularity, great graphics, concepts, and quality, it’s believed that the cross-play feature will be available soon.

In the end, if you had a great time reading this blog, make sure to share it with your gamer friends. 

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