Is Rosewe legit? Things You Should Know This Online Fashion Store

Is Rosewe legit? Things You Should Know This Online Fashion Store

There has been a steady rise in the amount of fake online stores ripping unsuspecting people off. Because of this, people have become extremely cautious when making purchases online. 

Individuals now prioritize gathering information about stores they intend to patronize, checking to know if they are legit or not. There are obvious pointers to a store’s legitimacy. In other words, it isn’t difficult to find out if the store you intend to shop from is legit. 

Rosewe is one of those stores people are curious about, especially because they claim to offer trendy, high street fashion products at very low prices. Such items include, best men’s swimwear and many others. The “too good to be true” nature of their claim is one of the reasons people double-check their legitimacy. 

So, to clear the air, let’s answer the main question.

Is Rosewe Legit? 

Yes, Rosewe is legit. The online store is part of a Chinese legal company and it has stood the test of time. Generally, one of the major pointers to a legit online store is longevity. It is almost impossible for online scam stores to stay in business for a long time, especially under the same name.  

This fact does not imply that all newly formed online stores are scams, but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra watchful. However, Rosewe passes the longevity test. The store has been functioning for over a decade, and many customers testify to the legitimacy of the business.

Also, Rosewe is famous in the fashion industry. It is known for offering its customers trendy and stylish outfits at affordable prices. So a scam store would very likely not be getting as much recognition as Rosewe is getting. 

The company ticks all the right boxes. So, it is safe to say that Rosewe is a legit business. However, you should know that legitimacy doesn’t mean you would get your money’s worth on the products delivered to you. 

Keep on reading to find out more about Rosewe.

What Is Rosewe?

Rosewe is a Chinese online fashion store that caters to the fashion needs of trendy fashion-conscious women between the ages of 18-35. They claim to offer fresh and fashion-forward outfits and accessories. That is, their designs are unique and almost exclusive to them.

They offer all of these at affordable prices. Their prices are one of the things that stand out about their products. So, many people who go to the Rosewe store to make purchases go there with the hope of getting the latest, fashionable outfits and accessories at low prices.

Many people have attributed the affordability of Rosewe products to the fact that they are mass-produced in China, and this is largely true.

The company stays true to its claim of meeting the needs of the average fashion-conscious woman who needs to keep in touch with the latest trends. They do this by providing an array of products. 

What Products Can You Find At Rosewe 

People are constantly looking for the easiest way to get things done. No one wants to go through the hassle of jumping from store to store to get their shopping done. So, if a store offers a wide range of products that meet multiple fashion needs, it is a plus. 

Rosewe has that advantage. They sell different fashion products; dresses, swimwear, tops, sweaters, bottoms, plus size outfits and accessories. In each category of product, they offer an array of options to meet varying fashion needs. 


Mini dresses, maxi dresses, midi dresses, short sleeves and long sleeve dresses, bodycon and sweater dresses, colored dresses, plain dresses, work dresses, floral dresses, casual dresses, etc. are some of the many options you would find in the dresses category on the Rosewe site. 


Rosewe swimwear is one of the Rosewe product categories that loads of clients swear by. You would find bikinis, tankinis, swim dresses, one-pieces, cover-ups, swimwear bottoms, tops, and suits in this category.


Tees, T-shirts, tank tops, camisoles, blouses, shirts, tunic coats, cardigans, outwear, coats are all available on the Rosewe website. They come in different patterns, colors, and styles.

Plus size outfits:

Not many fashion stores are plus-size friendly. Nonetheless, Rosewe has a category of fashion fits dedicated to plus-size females. They have plus-size dresses, tops, activewear, swimsuits, swimwear, and jumpsuits. These products also come in different patterns, colors, and designs.

Does Rosewe Sell Good Quality Products?

In fashion, a lot of things are subjective, and quality is one of them. Nonetheless, we can all agree that good quality fashion items have good quality materials, are well made, and durable. 

Rosewe promises their customers both quality and style. They have proven over the years that they can keep the style promise. However, the guarantee of quality hasn’t been fully maintained, according to some customers’ reviews.

From the reviews on different customer review platforms, we see that there are both positive and negative comments on the quality of Rosewe products. 

The negative comments do not outrightly overshadow the good ones. But, on the other hand, neither does the positive outweigh the negative. So, the positive and negative ratio implies that Rosewe may not offer the high-quality products they claim to, but they may not be entirely terrible. 

In other words, the quality of Rosewe products is average at best.

Are Rosewe Products Truly Affordable?

It is one thing for a website to say they offer affordable prices and another thing to uphold their words. Unfortunately, many stores promise reduced prices but dont offer it. 

So, it is quite a relief that Rosewe is true to its promise of offering the latest styles at good and affordable prices. 

Currently, the website offers fashionable dresses for as low as $22. In addition, you would find swimwear for as low as $6-$15. These prices are a goldmine compared to what some average-priced stores offer.

The low prices at Rosewe are something that even their unhappy customers can’t deny. You would find negative reviews where customers blame the poor quality of the products on how cheap they were. 

Is Rosewe Safe?

As much as we look out for online stores’ legitimacy, we should find out if the stores are safe too. A legit store would not rip you off. And a safe store would ensure that your personal information (address, card details, etc.) is secure and protected from the wrong hands. 

So, when choosing a store to patronize, they should be legit and safe. Don’t shortchange one for the other. Rosewe ticks both boxes. It is both safe and legit. According to Rosewe, they take appropriate measures to protect and keep customers’ details confidential. 

Also, Rosewe has been in the online business since 2009, and there hasn’t been a recorded data breach. So at least this should put your mind at rest.

Rosewe Payment Methods 

One of the joys of a successful online purchase is the seamlessness of the payment process. But, unfortunately, people get discouraged when they fill their cart and have issues making payments. 

Fortunately, Rosewe gives its customers a seamless payment experience. Customers can pay for their orders using any of the widely used debit and credit cards. They accept American Express, MasterCard, and visas. Customers can also make payments with PayPal. 

They do not accept cheques, COD, or e-wallet payments. Instead, you must make payments with PayPal or with credit/debit cards. 

Rosewe also considers that they cater to an international market, so they allow you to view the prices of products in different currencies. 

What Are Some Of The Biggest Customer’s Complaints On Rosewe 

Rosewe, like many other online stores, has a large number of disgruntled and unsatisfied customers who take to the internet to share their grievances. Here are some of the most common complaints people have about Rosewe: 

Refunds and returns:

There are situations where customers get unsatisfactory products. At times like this, return or refund is the normal approach. Sadly, Rosewe customers review shows that returns are difficult and sometimes next to impossible. 

Rosewe returns get sent back to China. The company’s return policy places the cost of return shipping on the customer. So, the dissatisfied customer has to bear the brunt of an unsatisfactory product and the cost of returning it.

Also, some customers who managed to get their orders shipped back said that it took forever to get their refunds. Others have said that it never came. 

Delayed delivery:

This delay is mainly because of where the products are coming from a far distance. So, it is normal for it to take a long time. However, some customers have said that their orders took longer than the stipulated time. 


Most of the complaints you would find on many customer review platforms about Rosewe products are about the quality of the products. Customers complain about the poor quality of the materials, the sewing, and poor finishing.


Is Rosewe legit? Yes, it is. You can rest assured that your orders will get to you. However, this doesn’t guarantee value. Different people have had different experiences with Rosewe, some bad and others good. 

It may not be easy to determine the experience you would get, but some people swear by Rosewe products, and some wouldn’t touch their products with a ten-foot pole.

Nevertheless, we know that Rosewe has stuck to its promise of providing trendy and stylish outfits at an affordable price. 

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