Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a PC Monitor

Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a PC Monitor

Let’s say you decide to buy a PC monitor. Well, this is a good idea because technology is constantly improving and new devices look great. But what if you’re a beginner and don’t know which monitor you should choose? Don’t panic. There is a basic set of stats that you should pay attention to. Here’s everything you need to know about your new monitor.

Determine Your Monitor’s Main Purpose

First, let’s focus on the basics. What are your main tasks? Do you want to buy a gaming monitor, a huge TV panel for watching movies, or is the basic model enough for editing texts and tables? Your new device should meet your basic needs, so you shouldn’t go to your nearest store and buy any monitor without first analyzing it.

The Higher the Resolution, the Better the Picture

Pay attention to the resolution of the monitors. You will be surprised, but FullHD panels are still popular. The fact is that modern video cards are still not powerful enough for 2K and 4K monitors. But if you are not a gamer, then no one forbids you to choose the highest resolution. The fact is that this parameter is responsible for pixel density and image clarity. Don’t buy a FullHD monitor if you plan to upgrade your PC in a couple of years. Spontaneously buying a new device is comparable to ordering an essay without first reading Academized reviews. You should always be clear about which aspects are important to you.

Size Matters Too

They say size doesn’t matter. But you probably won’t be happy to print hundreds of pages of your dissertation on a ten-inch screen. A small diagonal monitor is a potential discomfort while performing even basic actions. That is why you should pay attention to at least 20″ screens. By the way, most people choose 23″ monitors because they are comfortable enough to open two or more windows simultaneously.

Refresh Rates

This parameter does not matter if you are not a gamer. Usually, a 60 Hz refresh rate is sufficient for most users. However, this parameter is responsible for the smoothness and responsiveness of the animation on the screen, so you should select at least a 120 Hz monitor for the best experience. 

Fortunately, devices with these parameters are not very expensive. If you are a student, you even have the money to choose a good writing service after reading Boost My Grade reviews and finding a more reliable company. As a rule, reading will not cause problems even if you are using a 60 Hz monitor.

Response Times

Any monitor consists of pixels of different colors. The speed of switching between color patterns is called the response time. As a rule, this parameter is very relevant for e-sportsmen who make decisions in a split second. If you plan to play games, then you should choose monitors with a response speed of 1ms. However, if online shooters are not your option, even 5ms will not be a problem.

Panel Tech

Monitor manufacturers have come up with dozens of acronyms to confuse the average consumer. But you should be aware that at the moment, there are three main types of panels: TN, IPS, and VA. TN monitors have poorer viewing angles and poor contrast. However, these disadvantages are compensated for by the low price and minimal pixel response time. 

IPS monitors are ideal for editing and graphic editors. Count on great viewing angles and vibrant colors. However, not all monitors support fast response times. Overall, VA panels are a compromise. Still, you can count on good viewing angles, color gamut, and fast response times.

Frames & Cinema Screen

Many people pay special attention to the appearance of the gadgets they buy. So this is why most manufacturers are looking to get rid of wide bezels around the edges of their displays. Instead, you should look for Cinema Screen icons in the monitor descriptions. However, this aspect is easy to identify visually. The smaller the frame, the better. However, this fashion trend has several drawbacks. 

First, you may damage your monitor in transit. Secondly, you will have to test each device personally. The fact is that small frames contribute to the appearance of yellow and white light spots around the edges of the screen. Vendors fix the edges of the panels more strongly, and this affects the image quality. However, not all monitors have this defect.

Final Words

Now you know the basic aspects that you should pay attention to first. Don’t forget that price is also a key reference point. Sometimes good monitors are relatively cheap, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. However, you can always decide on long-term investment and buy the best screen on the market. The fact is that monitors can last for decades, so you are unlikely to buy a new device even after five years.

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