Why Do Dogs Lick Feet?

Why Do Dogs Lick Feet?

Dogs lick your feet as a sign of respect and appreciation. They are well aware that they are your pet, and they enjoy playing that part and supporting you.

This behavior may seem strange to some people. It can be completely intolerable for people with prickly feet, specifically if your dog’s licking becomes a frequent thing. However, licking is an entirely natural dog pastime.

They use licking to interact and soak in their environment. Let us dig more into this topic today.

What Is the Root Cause of This Behavior?

Humans and dogs are created in very distinct ways. The way they interact, express love, and conduct frequently are unique to their breed, and it benefits them in becoming the greatest creatures they could be. Dogs enjoy licking other animals, humans, and perhaps even themselves.

Your dog might have had a strange habit of licking your feet, but there is a reason behind it. Dogs will lick your feet as a sign of love and dignity. They are well aware that they are your pet and like playing the role of a buddy.

Dogs may lick your feet in the same way that they lick your face or any other area of your body to show you that they care. They also communicate with you while collecting information about you.

Licking is considered to generate endorphins, which have a relaxing effect, within the brain and nervous system. As a result, to relieve stress, your dog will lick your feet. Dogs can also unwind by licking their paws.

But Why Feet Specifically?

Because your feet are wetter than the rest of your body, the sweat and odor from your skin may be stronger there than elsewhere.

There’s a reason they choose your feet, whether it’s because they’re cleaning you or because they adore your odor. Each dog’s propensity to lick your feet is unique to them. Aside from need, there could be bad reasons for the behavior.

There is, nonetheless, a distinction to be made between an occasional lick and a frequent licking. It could be a behavioral issue if your dog goes too far with its licking.

You probably react quickly when your dog licks your feet. If your dog thinks it’s a pastime, it may become an attention-seeking habit very quickly. The good news is that you can protect your toes from additional harm with a little practice.

How To Make Dogs Stop Licking Your Feet?

To prevent dogs from licking your feet, here’s what to do.

Wear socks

A dog’s sweaty feet are a fantastic treat. To prevent your dog from licking in between your toes, clean your feet when they are sweaty or wear socks.

Try to distract them

If your dog starts licking your feet, move away and distract them with anything else. Walk around the room or toss a toy to them to retrieve.

Ignore them

Your dog may be licking you to catch your attention. Neglect them till they are no longer bothering you. If they don’t cease after only about 10 seconds, simply walk away from them without uttering anything or gazing them in the eyes.

Tips To Stop a Dog From Licking Itself

Too much licking can lead to a variety of problems. Lick Granuloma is a painful skin condition marked by dry, inflammatory skin that leads to elevated and thicker tissue.

Paws and the front of dogs’ legs are the most prevalent regions where they lick.

Talk to Your Vet

Consult your veterinarian to rule out allergies, skin sensitivities, fungus, and parasites, as your dog may be licking the area because it is itchy.

Examine the Area

There may be an irritation in the area. It could be something significant, such as a grass seed or a shard of glass stuck in their fur, or maybe something minor, such as hair under their paws or dust stuck in their skin. It could be affected the anal glands if they’re licking around their anal region.

Bandage the Region

Bandage the region if your dog is beginning to irritate their skin by licking it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that some dogs will chew on their bandage or simply lick the opposite leg.

Bitter Sprays

Use a bitter spray or cream to keep your dog from licking or biting the area. Some experts recommend using chili or pepper, but use pet-safe goods that will not bother your dog’s eyes or nose.

Indulging in Physical Activities

Boredom or unspent energy diverted into licking could be the cause of paw licking. Ensure that your dog receives enough exercise by taking him for a walk or a run.

Ways To Stop Your Dog From Licking Objects

Some dogs acquire a tendency of licking things like the flooring, their dog couch, or an area on the furniture. This could be due to nervousness, a lack of intellectual engagement, or a reassuring factor for them.

Replace With a Suitable Object

If your dog is licking anything that isn’t necessary, consider substituting a dog toy. They may discover that biting on a chew bone is far more enjoyable than licking the couch. As a huge diversion, you may also give them a Kong stuffed with snacks or peanut butter.

Wipe the Object

 Use an enzymatic cleaner to deep clean the target object. This will serve to eradicate the smells of urination, feces, saliva, and puke from the area while also making it less appealing to your dog.

Use a Bitter Spray

Bitter spray can be applied on non-porous items. It will turn the region taste awful, making it unappealing to lick.

Separate Them From the Item

Resist allowing your dog to come close to the thing that is being licked to see if this may help them stop licking.

Consult a Veterinarian

It’s possible that you’re licking because of an issue you don’t understand. Seeking advice from your veterinarian could help you identify the issue since it could be a habit or a symptom of an illness that your dog is unable to manage.

Final Words

We all want to remain peaceful, composed, and appreciated, regardless of the type of beings. Licking is a technique for dogs to fulfill those aims while also communicating with the outside realm. Loving, nurturing, and encouraging their needs to flourish will help you stay closer to your canine. 

It’s critical to keep a close eye on licking to make sure it doesn’t turn into an addiction. Contact your veterinarian right away if this is the case.

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