Why Does He Keep Me Around if He Does Not Want a Relationship?

Why Does He Keep Me Around if He Does Not Want a Relationship?

Are you dating a guy who doesn’t consider the relationship serious, and you know the fact already? Let us tell you what might be happening with you.

He might say that he’s not serious about the relationship; however, he still chooses to spend his time with you. 

Sometimes, the guy might tell you or show you with his behavior that he’s really into you, even though he doesn’t really like you from his heart.

His actions may not match his words. It might leave you dumbstruck because you don’t know how he actually feels about you. 

Eventually, you start thinking that he’s using you like a yo-yo – he’ll push you away and then pull you back in. Have you started losing your mind because of this guy’s mixed signs? Are you wondering, is it time to end this toxic relationship?

Do you often ask yourself why he keeps me around if he doesn’t want a relationship?

There are so many reasons why guys like him keep women around them even though they don’t want to be in a serious relationship, such as he’s lonely, insecure, or afraid of commitment.

Keep on reading the blog to understand a few of those reasons. 

He Feels Lonely

It’s a human tendency to want to be in a pair. Being alone isn’t the most comfortable place to stay for long for many of us.

Therefore, if the guy says that he doesn’t want to be a part of a serious relationship, however, still wants you to be around, there’s a solid chance that he’s lonely. 

He would be trying to stay away from that feeling. As for many people, loneliness is deadly. Moreover, there might be an empty place in his heart that needs to be filled.

And since you are ready to give him your time, he keeps you around to fill the void. 

That’s how he saves himself from feeling alone. As for you, there’s a good chance that you also enjoy his company. You love spending time and enjoy doing stuff with him.

The reason you don’t want him to leave could be because you don’t want to experience loneliness either. 

In some way or another, you might be just like him. So now you know if your partner isn’t serious about your relationship but still keeps you around, it could be because he wants to avoid feeling lonely.

Don’t try to push him to get serious with you or the relationship, as it might hurt you both in the end. 

He’s Insecure

Another good reason he keeps you around even if he doesn’t want a relationship could be insecurity. An insecure guy tends to make unclear decisions. Let us understand some glimpses of his mindset. 

Some days he could have thought of leaving you but waved away the idea, wondering about being wrong. He might be hanging around you, hoping things can become better, and then keeps on second-guessing his every decision. 

Insecure guys are always definitive about their decisions and choices. They are more likely to make their decision without spending any extra minute second-guessing it.

Furthermore, if your guy keeps you around without any commitment, there’s a great chance that he’s totally insecure. 

Not being with someone might feel unwanted and unsafe to him. Moreover, the idea of finding someone else to date might appear a time-consuming and daunting process to him.

As a result, he prefers to stay with you. Knowing that you like him might make the guy feel good about himself. 

He might feel valued, even if that is at your expense. Have you ever felt that your guy is a little insecure?

If so, then that can be a very good reason why he is not willing to leave you, even when he’s not serious about the relationship.

You Have Become a Habit

Habits are one of the most interesting aspects of a relationship. When we say habits, what we actually mean are those things that you two do daily or as a ritual.

It could be any activity that you enjoyed together – baking cookies on a Sunday morning or partying on a Friday night. 

When he thinks about leaving you, the thought of not being able to do those things might make him afraid. That’s why he keeps you around even though he’s not totally into you.

He loves performing those activities with you more than you herself. If he spends his time with you like a sincere boyfriend without calling the relationship serious – it could be because he has certain habits which involve you. 

It’s easy to make habits but 100 times tougher to break. If he keeps you around, it’s probably because he isn’t willing to break those habits.

They might have become a big part of his life that’s hard for him to let go of. As a result, he doesn’t let you go too, which leaves you in confusion and sadness. 

It would be hard for you to stay with the guy knowing the fact that he’s not completely into you. You want him to stop acting in love and start falling instead, right?

Well, there’s a way to make it true. Want to know? Keep on reading to discover. 

Tips to Make Your Guy Fall for You for Real

Now, after learning about these reasons, there’s a high chance that you’ll try to make him fall for you. There’s nothing wrong with walking in that direction.

However, do you know how you can make a guy fall for you?

If not, then follow the tips we have shared below. These tips will help you make him feel more about you without hurting him in the process. 

  • Make sure you are kind and humble with him. Remove the thought from your mind that he doesn’t like you. Try to give your best to the relationship
  • Give him physical touches. For example, long-lasting and tight hugs and passionate kisses. It will make your guy happy, and he’ll feel loved
  • Ask him how he’s feeling from time to time. Try understanding his hidden feelings and why he’s not interested in a serious relationship 
  • Appreciate him for his achievements. Whether it’s a small achievement or a big, celebrate every win like it’s your own 
  • Respect his goals and dreams. Don’t make him feel that you don’t value his goals. Instead, motivate him to work harder to achieve them

Final Words

Now you know all the reasons why your guy keeps you around when he doesn’t want a relationship.

In the end, make sure to share this blog with your friends who are experiencing the same relationship situation right now. 

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