Why Does My Cat Have Dandruff?

Why Does My Cat Have Dandruff?

There are many reasons why your cat’s fur can cause dandruff. Dandruff may be a cosmetic issue that many people worry about, but cats may also suffer from this disease. 

Despite the fact that human dandruff is a relatively frequent health issue, many people are astonished to learn that their cats may very well have dandruff as well.

Cats can get dandruff in the same way that humans do, but the problem is more difficult for them: you simply cannot give them a treatment of a random shampoo.

Some of the common causes of cat dandruff are environmental factors such as the amount of humidity in the air, diet, your cat is overweight, or they are dehydrated.

Lets looks at some of the causes and treatments for cat dandruff.

Causes of Cat Dandruff

If your cat is unable to maintain itself adequately due to arthritis or obesity, it may develop skin conditions such as dandruff or rugs. Many skin conditions affect both the shine and the appearance of your cat’s coat.

Environmental factors such as low humidity and diet (especially a low-fat diet) can cause flaky skin in your cat. Dry, flaky skin is more common in cats, but it can also be oily.

While dry skin is more uncomfortable on its own than anything else, it can be a problem if your cat is worried enough to itch to ease the discomfort. 

Dandruff and dry skin problems can cause itching and discomfort in a cat, not to mention an increased prevalence of dandruff and shedding around the house.

To reduce symptoms and discomfort, there are several things you can do at home to get rid of dandruff in cats, even if they have skin infections regularly.

Some cats can suffer from skin irritation associated with dry winter conditions, especially due to the lack of moisture in our homes. This, along with over-grooming that can cause skin problems, is a common problem for domestic cats.

If you’ve recently changed soap and notice that your cat has recently lost more skin than usual, chances are high that the soap is the cause of the problem. Chances are that dandruff symptoms are caused by your cat’s lack of water.

Treating Cat Dandruff

Healthy Food Habits:

If your cat’s skin or coat problem is caused by a serious health problem, overall skin and coat quality often improve significantly when the disease is controlled with treatment. This may include dietary changes. 

If you can identify one or more substances that can cause dandruff in your cat, look for food that does not contain these substances. Dandruff also could indicate a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids that tend to be damaging but are necessary for your cat’s skin and grooming maintenance.

For example, Applying an anti-dandruff shampoo or moisturizing your cat’s body won’t help if the dandruff is caused by allergies or an unbalanced diet.

Trimming and Cleaning Daily

While health and nutrition affect the luster and texture of your cat’s coat from the inside, regular brushing and grooming of the outside of the skin will also help keep your cat’s coat clean and tangle-free, regardless of coat type.

If your cat has long or thick hair, you may need to brush it several times a day. If you feel like your cat needs frequent bathing, your veterinarian may recommend using dry shampoo or a special therapeutic shampoo and conditioner. So that your furry friend doesn’t have the skin problems associated with frequent bathing. 

Bathe your cat with a medicated shampoo used to treat certain skin conditions. Bathe your cat once a month or two to wash off excess oily skin.

Buy a Good Quality Cat Dandruff Sampoo

If brushing your teeth regularly doesn’t matter, it might be time to try cat dandruff shampoo, conditioner, and/or moisturizer for your skin. To help you get rid of your cat’s dandruff, for the ones with no health issues, bathing with a mild cat shampoo should help.

Aside from bathing regularly with a mild cat shampoo, there are a few other steps you can take at home to promote skin health and reduce dandruff.

Moisturize Your Cat’s Skin

Skin Balm uses cat skin moisturizer to help cats with dry skin, which is one of the main causes of dandruff. Do not use anti-dandruff shampoos for cats as they are harmful to cats.

Keep your cat indoors. Since dandruff is usually caused by dry skin, cats may develop dandruff from sunburn.

Lose Weight

As we discussed, obesity in cats may be a factor in dandruff. If a cat eats food that lacks certain nutrients that are essential to the healthy function of its skin, its diet can also cause dandruff.

Give your cat some Omega-3 fatty acids, by giving it more essential oils to keep its fur in good shape, thereby helping it to keep your fur healthy.

Is This a Serious Problem?

If your cat’s skin is displaying symptoms of dandruff, such as white specks, flaking, and irritation, you should figure out what you can do to treat and nurture its skin to keep the symptoms from getting worse.

There is no single cause of dandruff in cats, so it can take some trial and error to find the root cause of your cat’s flaky skin. By identifying the cause of your cat’s dandruff, you can eliminate it and prevent dandruff from recurring. 

When it comes to treating dandruff, you should always start by identifying the cause, but once you know the cause of your cat’s dandruff, you can start treating the symptoms so that your cat can heal faster and feel comfortable.

If you notice your cat is getting dandruff, is not grooming that much, or the coat has changed, it is recommended that you see your veterinarian. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that if your cat has a messy coat or signs of dandruff, you should talk to your veterinarian first.

 One of the reasons it is so important to see your veterinarian if your cat has dry skin is because there is sometimes a more serious cause of dandruff.


Although cat dandruff may appear to be a small issue, it’s always advisable to contact your veterinarian to clear out much more serious reasons.

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