Best Gifting Ideas for Smokers

Best Gifting Ideas for Smokers

If you have a friend who partakes and enjoys smoking a lot, it is easier to give them something because you know they would appreciate anything related to smoking. 

Smoking gifts are the safest gifting option since they are helpful, and you know that your friend would surely use and like them. Moreover, you both get to bond over your shared enthusiasm for smoking. 

So, if you want to give your friend a new smoking device or just an accessory, you can visit an online head shop to get the best deals. In addition, online head shops offer a lot of combo deals and packages, so you do not have to pair up different products, and it also makes up for a well-rounded gift. 

Here is a list of the best gifting ideas for smokers. 


The grinder is a crucial part of a smoking kit, and it is the best and most effective method to fine-grind your herbs for the best smoking experience. It is an essential accessory that every customer needs, and one can never have enough grinders. Whether they prefer to roll the substance or use a bong, one always needs a grinder to make the herbs smokable. 

Regular grinders have two chambers, but high-quality grinders may even have three to fine grind the herbs. When buying a grinder, keep in mind that plastic grinders are of inferior quality, so consider gifting them a metal grinder. 


It is yet another gift option you can never go wrong with. It is the only way to blaze a bong, pipe, or joint. It is just like a grinder, and a lighter is something that everyone needs. So, a light will come in handy no matter how they like to smoke, and it is also highly portable. It would be excellent if you gave them a portable torch lighter that throws a constant flame other than plain-old lighters. It is more suitable if they prefer to smoke from pipes or bongs. 

Glass pipe

It is a classic smoking accessory that can be highly personalized as well. A glass pipe is a kind of gift that would last for a very long time, and it is one of the favorite smoking accessories for every smoker. It is the best smoking accessory as it is portable, effortless to use, and provides a smooth flow, no matter what kind of herb you are using.

Consider opting for designed glass pipes over any other kind of pipes as they are considered the creme of the crop. 


If you wish to get your friend a particular item, get them a bong. They will adore this gift and use it with their friends to enjoy smoking sessions. Bongs have the same functionality as a smoking pipe, but they have a longer chamber and a water bowl beneath, making the smoke from a bong very smooth. They are among the best accessories to smoke from since one can enjoy much better inhalation from a bong. 

Storage containers

There are high chances that they might not have a proper storage box to keep the smoking paraphernalia. So, it is a practical gift that they will love to use as it is beneficial in organizing keeping all the smoking accessories in one place. Ensure that you buy an airtight container to keep their herbs and other substances fresh. 

Dab rig

A dab rig is a niche smoking accessory that functions like a bong, but it is ideal for smoking concentrates and oils of smoking substances. These dab rigs come in various sizes and sizes, making them an excellent gift for your friend. 

These were some of the valuable gifts that you can buy from an online head shop for your smoking-enthusiast friend. 

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