How Many Innings in Baseball?

How Many Innings in Baseball?

Baseball has been played since 1744, and similar playing styles have persisted since then.

While baseball is played across the globe, it is most popular in the United States, Canada, and Japan, with the World Series of Baseball serving as the pinnacle of the sport.

How Long Does a Baseball Game Last?

There is no time clock in baseball, so there is no one answer for this question. Keep reading for factors that will determine a baseball game length.

There are three outs in an inning. At the bottom of the inning, the home team takes the field. This rule applies to baseball at all levels.

Only at the Tee-Ball level does it vary.

The number of pitches thrown, the pace of the pitchers, and the number of changes in the bullpen can all affect the duration of an inning.

When the umpire says ‘Play’ or ‘Play ball,’ the half-inning officially begins.

The visitors bat in the top half of the first inning, while the hosts’ bat in the bottom half.

The middle of an inning is where the first and second halves of an inning meet.

In many leagues, if the match is still tied after the ninth inning, additional innings are played. When both teams are tied after 12 innings in Japanese baseball, the game is called a tie.

If a game was tied after 30 minutes of extra time in the 2011 and 2012 NPB seasons, it was considered a tie.

If a baseball game is stopped by rain, it can be cut short to nine or ten innings. A rainout is a game that occurs before a one-hour delay.

In addition, if the weather prevents the game from continuing, the game will be delayed, or suspended until further notice.

How Many Innings in Baseball?

A professional baseball game (MLB) and college both play a total of nine innings. Highschool baseball and softball typically only play seven innings.

Types of Innings

Top of the Inning

The away team plays the top of the inning, which does not end until three batters have now been struck out.

Middle of the Inning

Between both the top and bottom innings, the middle of the inning serves as a transitional time. Players can shift into new gear and prepare for the switchover at this period.

This time frame is typically two to three minutes long.

Bottom of the Inning

And now both teams are prepared, the home team would take the field and attempt to prevent the visiting team from scoring any runs during the inning.

In the Ninth Inning

For most cases, the 9th inning marks the finish of the game. There are times when the ninth inning isn’t finished before three outs are recorded.

The game is done and play will halt if the home team is in the lead in the top of the 9th inning, or if the away team is in the lead in the bottom of the 9th inning, as per 9th inning baseball rules.

Extra Innings

If the scores are tied in the ninth inning, extra innings will also be used to allow each team to bat until a winner is determined.

How Many Outs Are There In An Inning?

There are six ‘outs’ total in a full inning, three from each team. The proper term for innings is called “bottom of the inning and top of the inning.”

Inning is described as the unit of play. Think of two halves. The “top” is the first half and the “bottom” is the second half of the game.

In each inning, the first team bats until three outs, while the other team plays defense.

Types of Outs


If the pitcher can throw three strikes, the batter is out, commonly known as being struck out.’ While throwing the ball, the pitcher goes for the strike zone.’

The strike zone is located just above ‘home plate,’ below the batter’s waist and shoulders, and above their knees. A strike is also called when a hitter swings at a pitch but misses.

Fly Out

Whenever a batter hits the ball and a fielder catches anything without it bouncing, the batter is ‘flied out.’

Force Out

Whenever the fielding side touches a runner with the ball while he is not on a base, the runner is forced out.

If a fielder touches the base whilst the runner is moving, this can also occur without touching the runner.

Why Do Major League Baseball Games Go So Long?

The length of a game is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of innings required to complete a game, the number of runs scored by each team, and the number of times a game is tied.

To prevent a team’s pitching staff from playing over 15 innings, the number of innings was cut to 15 in 2020.

If the home team leads after the eighth inning, the game might be called after 8.5 frames. The amount of time it takes to play the game in hours and minutes fluctuates based on the complexity of the game.

The length of a game is also increased when there are a huge number of runners. Because of the high amount of base runners, most pitchers wait longer between pitches.

Major League Baseball (MLB) established restrictions in 2015 to cut down on game time. A timer was inserted in these guidelines to keep track of how long it took between pitches and visits to the mound.

What Is the Length of a Minor League Game?

The regulations of minor league baseball are the same as those of the major leagues. A 20-second pitch clock is employed in the minor leagues.

In minor league games, doubleheaders are also seven innings long.

What Is the Average Length of a High School or College Baseball Game?

Baseball games in high school are seven innings long. Play can be halted in four innings if the weather is poor. The game can be continued afterwards if the weather is clear.

On the other side, collegiate matches last nine innings. A doubleheader, on the other hand, could last seven innings. If a game has more than 10 runs, the mercy rule is applicable.


Baseball games in the major leagues usually go nine innings. Minor league and college games are about nine minutes long as well.

High school baseball games, on the other contrary, are only seven innings long. Based on the league, both teams can tie at the end of the ninth or seventh inning.

If that is the case, extra innings will be played until one team wins.

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