Know the Difference 1Inch Vs. Fantom

Know the Difference 1Inch Vs. Fantom

There is an emerging trend of making payments digitally in the new generation. Paper cash is getting outdated and digital transactions are taking place by different apps.

Such applications provide privacy, security, ease, and various other scratch card or cash back benefits. Today, everyone is familiar with the famous digital payment method, i.e., “Cryptocurrency”.

It is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions. Owning cryptocurrency is nothing tangible. It is stored in digital wallets. India currently has 10.07 crore holders of crypto coins which leads amongst other countries in the world.

The statistics are much higher when we see them from a global perspective. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency introduced in 2009. There have been more than 1000 cryptocurrencies till now.

Considering that, it is time we learned about other coins for better and profitable transactions. In this article, we have exclusively discussed 1Inch Fantom for those trying to get an idea of how to work on this exchange.

What is 1INCH?

It is an Etherum token powering 1inch. It provides the most acceptable rates by finding appropriate trade routes across all Decentralised Exchanges(DEXes).

DEXes allows users to transact tokens in the absence of a mediator. Generally, 35 network confirmations are required for 1INCH. Etherum Blockchain hosts it.

The least withdrawal amount for 1INCH is 3.33, and the utmost amount is 31,250 to send in an external address from coinbase.

As per the sources of June 2021, there are more than 50 liquidities claimed by 1INCH.

What is FANTOM?

Fantom is known as Etherum killer, which enables Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) smart contract platform for digital assets and decentralized applications.

Fantom foundation is obliged to create the most delicate infrastructure and a promising future. It consists of professions that serve the same perspective by making easily accessible techniques.

In today’s date, Fantom holds the 34th position in the market. TVL of Anyswap rushed by more than 50% in the first week of October, which raised Fantom higher.

Exchanging Fantom to 1INCH

Exchange is the most guarded way to convert FTM to 1INCH. The most appropriate conversion rate is transparent without accessing any sensitive data.

How is FTM to 1Inch converted?

  1. Choose the coins with the quantity you wish to exchange in the most appropriate exchange widget.
  2. Select the preferred crypto.
  3. To achieve the swapped coins, reprint the wallet’s address.
  4. Transfer the coins required for the transaction.
  5. Most gaining exchange rates will be prevailed for converting.

Difference between 1Inch & Fantom

Potential Profit231.8%66.1%
Volume Ratio61%37%
Market Cap99%100%
24-hour Change51%61%
Social Following85%94%
User Voting98%99%


1Inch enables an increase in liquidity pool and earning from them as it is a decentralized exchange. It is also termed as ” Principal DEx Aggregator ”. Users enjoy the benefit of swapping coins on the most profitable and convenient pool.

It reduces users’ stress by providing them with a suitable decentralized exchange for trade. Fantom is making a surrounding that will help Etherum to become better.

It is getting costly to trade Etherum due to the increase in traffic. DAG is used for reducing transactional costs and regular scalability.

We believe this article gives you an idea of how you can use these cryptocurrencies and perform the exchange on a trustworthy platform like and LetsExchange for safety purposes.

The processes for cryptocurrency exchanges are quite common in almost all platforms. However, learning the basics will help you understand how we can do the swapping without any losses happening. 

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