Why Am I So Angry?

Why Am I So Angry?

Every now and then we all get angry. Anger is totally a normal way to express your emotions. It gives you strength and can motivate you to find solutions for the problem. 

Though many people categorize it as a ‘negative emotion’. That’s because some people get out of control when they are angry. If someone is unable to control their anger, it can lead to aggressive behavior such as yelling, damaging property, or causing harm to oneself or those around them. 

Chronic or unresolved anger can cause harm to your relationship, social life, work — and even your health. 

How Common are Anger Problems?

Anger is quite common. There are around 32% of people who know someone close in their family or friends circle who is dealing with anger control issues. 

Anger affects everyone differently and everyone has different ways to deal with anger. Some people react explosively which can lead to verbal abuse to physical damage to oneself, others, or the property.

Then, there are people who suppress their ‘anger’ for as long as they could and wait for the bubble to burst in the form of anxiety or depression.

Why Do I Get Angry?

There are many different causes of anger. There are some things that can anger some people while others don’t get bothered at all.  

Some common anger trigger includes:

  • Being treated unfairly or feeling powerless
  • Feeling threatened, violent, or attacked
  • Being disrespected
  • Feeling hopeless or powerless
  • Being stressed out

In some other cases, anger can also be caused by early trauma or bad events in your life that might have shaped your personality. 

How do People Typically Express Anger?

Everyone gets angry after all it is a universal emotion along with joy, sadness, and fear.

Everyone experiences and expresses their anger in different ways including:

  • Withdrawal from others, becoming quiet 
  • Throwing things out or destroying property
  • Pushing, shoving, punching, or slapping others
  • Shouting, yelling, or name-calling
  • Abusing or making threats
  • Causing self-harm

In some cases, people suppress their anger even their closest family members or friends don’t realize that they dealing with anger.  Unfortunately, people who suppress their emotions face health problems such as high blood pressure, health problems, or digestive problems.

They also face chronic distress, fatigue, unhappiness, and tension. Therefore, suppressing anger can be really dangerous.

What are the Common Triggers for Anger?

Common triggers of anger for most people include stress, injustice, financial issues, health concerns, personal or family problems, or some bad past events. Sometimes, chronic pain, fear, hunger, or panic can also cause anger.

In some cases, anger can result from some psychological issues such as bipolar disorder, hormonal changes, or tumors. 

Excessive consumption of drugs and alcohol can also trigger anger in some people.

What is the Difference Between Anger and Aggression?

Some people think that anger and aggression are the same things. In fact, anger is an emotion and aggression is how we behave while we are angry. 

Anger is a normal feeling and we all get angry at some point. It helps us to stand up for ourselves. It is also useful to motivate people to achieve their goals.

It is often a reaction to thoughts or emotions — hurt, fear, jealousy, embarrassment, rejection, harassment, or powerlessness. It is totally okay to get angry. What more is important is how we react to our anger.

Aggression, on the other hand, is how we behave when we are angry. It is hostile, destructive, or violent. Aggression also involves physical damage, throwing things, damaging property, verbal threats, or causing harm to self. 

What are the Consequences of Aggression?

When a person is aggressive while he/ she is angry it can lead to significant problems in the main areas of life. Aggression may lead to:

  • Damaged relationships
  • Mental health problems
  • Problems at work
  • Substance use
  • Physical health problem
  • Legal ramifications

Behaving aggressively can cause a toll on one’s life therefore it is advisable to think deeply before acting or reacting while you are angry. An aggressive often end up making mistakes that they regret later in their life. 

What Are the Causes of Anger?

If you are someone close to you who is dealing with anger, you might be wondering what causes the extreme feelings that can take over the whole body or mind. 

Some common causes of anger are:


One of the most common causes of anger is powerlessness. Whenever you find yourself trapped whether in a situation or in a relationship, you might feel angry. You feel like you are losing control over your life and there’s nothing you can do to make things right.


Grief is another common cause of anger. Grief can stem from personal loss, a loss of close relation or friend, disappointment, or other hardships like losing a job, physical injury, or some unfortunate events. 

Bottling up Emotions

Many people suppress their true feelings or emotions and when they do it more frequently it often results in a big bubble that bursts with rage or extreme outrage cause they are unable to suppress their emotions more than that.

How do I Prevent and Manage my Anger?

Controlling anger can be challenging at times. Dealing with an anger problem is essential as if it is uncontrollable it could end up hurting you or those around you. Here are some things that you can do to control your anger.

  • If you feel like you are unable to control the situation — just walk away, take a little breath and calm down.
  • Involve in some physical exercise
  • Meditation and relaxation can work for you if you are dealing with anger issues.
  • Play some songs and let the music carry you away from your anger
  • Pick up the phone and call that person you feel can help you calm down

If there’s nothing that helps you control your anger it’s better to reach for professional help. It’s better to take the help of a doctor or psychologist before you end up hurting others or damaging things.

The Bottom Line

Anger is a normal human emotion. But if it is not expressed appropriately, it can get out of control.

It is crucial that you work on it before it negatively affects your life your relations with others. 

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