Why Do Dogs Stare at You?

Why Do Dogs Stare at You?

Do you think your dog is staring at you because they like you? Well, maybe that’s what they’re trying to tell you.

A study found that dogs stare up into our faces and eyes because they’re trying to figure out what we’re thinking and feeling. They do this with their own puppies to learn how to communicate, and it seems like they also do this with humans. Maybe your dog likes what it sees, or maybe it is not so sure about you.

Most dog owners have observed their pet staring back at them when they are looking, but is this really an acknowledgment that the dog knows you are looking?

For most animals, including humans, it is impossible to know what the animal is thinking. Dogs do not have the ability to look at things in a way that we would consider “looking” in our culture. The time your dog takes to look back at you could mean anything from “I want something” or “I need to go out” to “I am trying to figure out how I am going to get my next meal.”

To Communicate

Dogs stare at you to communicate. The question is, what are they trying to communicate? Dogs may stare for a number of reasons. They may be trying to convey their dominance over you, or they may just want your attention.

It’s also possible that they’re just being friendly and curious. If your dog is cocking their head or even licking their lips, then they’re probably just being friendly and curious. If the dog is staring at you with a hard, unwavering stare, then they may be trying to convey their dominance over you.

Dogs have different ways of trying to communicate with humans. One way is by staring. Dogs may stare at their owners to try to get attention or ask for something they want.

They also may stare at their owners during play to ask for a game of fetch. Another way dogs try to communicate is by licking their mouths or sniffing the ground. Dogs are constantly trying to get our attention in order to get what they want or need, whether it be food, water, a walk, or something else.

They Want Something

Well, chances are, they either want food, to go outside, or to go back inside the house. Most likely it’s something like that and not the “DOGS CAN READ OUR MINDS” theory that people like to come up with.

You may not be sure which one they want, so just look at their body language and see what they’re doing. When your dog is standing up and barking at you, then they probably want to go outside.

If they’re sitting down and looking at you with a worried expression on their face, then they probably want you to feed them. If they’re sitting down and looking out the window with an excited expression on their face, then maybe they want to go back inside the house.

Dogs stare because in most cases they want something from us – food in their belly or a walk in the park. Their staring is not necessarily because they are trying to read our minds – although it’s certainly possible that some dogs can read our minds, but there’s no proof of that.

Something Is Wrong

Every dog owner has been in this situation. You’re sitting, enjoying a nice meal with your family, when your dog starts glaring at you. The tension is palpable and the only thing that will stop their glaring is if you give them a little attention. What’s going on?

It turns out that dogs stare at their owners not because they’re mad, but because they’re feeling anxious or stressed out. This can be a symptom of separation anxiety, which occurs when the dogs get upset when left alone for too long.

Other reasons dogs may stare are because they don’t have enough to keep them occupied, they want to go outside and get some exercise, or they’re feeling stressed out from recent changes in the household.

Even though these behaviors can be annoying for their owners, it’s important not to punish them for doing so. It’s often best to provide the dog with some attention and let them know that everything is ok by petting them or giving them a treat.


In most cases, staring is a sign of dominance and the dog is trying to make its presence known. It is also a good idea to not stare back at the dog as this might be seen as a challenge.

Submissive Posture

If a dog bows down and rolls over on its back, it is showing that it is submissive. This is often seen in the presence of other dogs. A dog will roll over on its back as a sign of submission.

The dog could also be doing this because it wants your attention and affection. It might also want to play with you or get some food. If you are unsure of what the dog wants, you should probably just ignore it and try to walk away without making eye contact.

If your dog continues to follow you around, you can take him to a veterinarian for further evaluation and recommendations.

Lowered Ears

If a dog’s ears are lowered, it is a sign that it is not happy. This can also be a sign of aggression. Dogs will lower their ears when they are threatened by another dog or person.

If the ears are lowered and the hackles on the back of their neck are up, this is a sign of aggression and the dog will probably attack if you do not leave them alone immediately. If you see this in another dog, it is important to leave them alone as soon as possible. You should also take your pet to the veterinarian for an examination because it could be sick.

Tail Position

The position of a dog’s tail can tell you how they are feeling at any given moment. If a dog has its tail tucked between its legs, it is showing fear or submission.

An angry or aggressive dog will have its tail held high in the air while standing stiffly upright. When dogs wag their tails at you, this is not necessarily a sign of aggression but more so a friendly greeting. It can also mean that they want something from you such as food or attention.


When a dog stares at you, it may seem like they’re looking right through you. What they’re actually doing is looking for a response from you.

They may be trying to figure out what you’re thinking or feeling, or they may be seeking affection. When dogs stare at people, they’re usually trying to communicate their own feelings. Sometimes, the dog might be trying to get your attention for a treat or toy.

Learn to Understand Your Dog’s Stares

Do you know what your dog is trying to tell you? Dogs use their eyes to communicate. When they stare at you, they are trying to tell you something. It is important that we learn to understand these messages and respond accordingly.

Calm: Your dog may be calm and content. This can be a response to playing with a favorite toy or after eating a delicious meal.

Happy: Your dog may be happy and relaxed. This can be a response after playing fetch or after enjoying a walk outdoors.

Dominant: Your dog may want to assert dominance over you or another person or animal in the room. This behavior is often seen as threatening by people, but it really isn’t meant as such by your pup.


If you are considering the adoption of a dog, it is important to understand the dog’s temperament before you commit. There are many breeds of dogs, and each one has a different personality.

This is due to genetics and training. A dog that is bred for hunting may not be as good with children as a family pet.

However, there are many breeds that can be great family pets. You may want to research your desired breed to see how they work with children, other animals, and strangers.

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