Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You?

Interviews for jobs can be nerve-wracking. You’ll be seated in a room with the hiring manager, answering challenging questions about your experience and qualifications for the position you want with the organization.

It’s necessary to provide specific instances as much as possible during the discussion. The better specific instances you can present, the stronger you’ll be able to demonstrate your worth to the recruiter.

That gets us to one of the most difficult interview questions you might encounter: Why should we hire you?

Although the question may seem outdated and scary, hiring managers frequently ask it, so it’s crucial to be ready.

Reason for Asking “Why Should We Hire You” Question:

The goal of the interviewer is to find the best candidate. Most of those who make it to the interviewing process are fit for the job. So simply qualifying would not be enough to set you apart from the rest. Once you’ve been asked to interview, it’s largely a competition to see who can pitch themselves the best.

Keep in mind that every new employee represents a liability for the organization. In suggesting a certain candidate for recruitment, your interviewer will also be taking a personal career stake. The interviewer appears great and receives a compliment if the applicant does well.

As a result, the first of their preferred questions is, “Why should we hire you?” Your company wants you to demonstrate that you are the best candidate when posed with this question.

It’s up to you to prove them of the following:

  • You can complete the task and provide the employer with excellent outcomes.
  • You will blend in perfectly and contribute meaningfully to the organization because you have a unique set of talents and expertise.
  • Hiring you will make them look intelligent and ease their job.

When Answering This Question, Avoid These Mistakes

Don’t simply say, “I’m brilliant, educated, and interested in this position.” That is true for everyone, or else you wouldn’t even be seated in this session. Every other candidate will very certainly say something similar.

You must stand out from competitors. Otherwise, you risk being thrown in with everybody else, which is exactly what you’re aiming to avoid in the interview.

Though you would not want to come across as arrogant, this is the time to modestly boast regarding your skills. It’s a good idea to make a list of bullet points that you’ll like to emphasize and a couple of responses to this topic beforehand.

You don’t need to memorize a screenplay, but you will stand out if you prepare properly.

In your response, don’t go into too much detail; instead, describe the qualifications you would like to convey and then carry on. The more you boast about yourself, the more probable you are to lose the hiring manager’s attention and get passed over for someone else.

Steps To Prepare the Ultimate Answer to This Question

Take a piece of paper and jot down your most impressive qualities. Make a list of 3-4 bullet points that include any or all of the following:

Expertise in the Sector

This relates to the number of years you’ve worked in your industry rather than individual jobs. For example, the entire level of expertise you have in Education, Finance, Client Service, or any other profession.

Proficiency With Specific Jobs or Responsibilities

These might be jobs that aren’t generally part of your job description, but that you’ve accomplished before.

For example, if you are a graphic artist who is also a skilled photographer, you could propose to deliver custom photos along with custom design to your hiring manager, putting you ahead of the competition.

Technical Skills

These would be the traits you’ll need to be successful in your job. For example, knowing how to detect an electrical fault or creating content on WordPress.

Soft Skills

Coordination, conflict management, and communication are examples of soft skills. Prepare instances about how you’ve exhibited these skills in previous jobs.

Significant Achievements

Large projects, new customers, system creation, or just comprehensive, daily productivity are all milestones. Mentioning what you’ve accomplished in previous roles will help you establish uniqueness.


Receiving an award for the best performance shows the hiring manager that you can go over or above to provide excellent results. You could create a  unique branding.

Sample Answers:

Example 1

That is a fantastic question! You get an advantage over hiring me because this position is exactly what I’m looking for, but I’m still researching about your business. Is it correct that, based on what I’ve learned, you’re looking for someone that can promptly and efficiently resolve customer complaints?

(Suppose the interviewer agrees.)

In this scenario, I’d want to tell you about an instance when I helped a customer resolve a problem, and they left feeling more confident in my expertise and solutions.

Interpretation: You should always acknowledge the interviewer for asking the question while answering this question. This answer asks the interviewer a question, which allows you to learn more about what they’re searching for.

You could then refer to a particular incident where you executed that job task successfully if you can validate what they require in an applicant. You are more recognizable to the recruiter if you can share real examples.

Example 2

I suppose my background in technology, particularly in the field of website designing, qualifies me for this role. My prior job required me to keep our company’s website up to date and updated.

This involved maintaining existing staff profiles and sharing information about upcoming events regularly. I was having a wonderful time doing what I was doing and this is what drove me to your organization.

I’m able to contribute everything I learned there in terms of programming and content creation to this role.

Elaboration: Emphasize your experience with a specific talent that the job requires, and explain in depth what such an experience looks like and how you have applied it in the past.

This allows the recruiter to examine some of your work and see whether it matches their requirements for a candidate. Don’t be hesitant to mention this in your interview if it’s your greatest strength.


To successfully nail the “why should we hire you” question, concentrate on your strongest abilities and how they may help the organization ahead of time.

Examine the company’s information, study the job role, note down your strengths as well as weaknesses, and rehearse your response.

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