10 Must-Have Brochures For Your Food Stall

10 Must-Have Brochures For Your Food Stall

It’s a tough time to start a food stall. This is because there are so many already out there, and for this reason, you have to be really creative about how you’ll stand out from the competition. One of the best ways to do this is with brochures that will attract people. Here are 10 must-have brochures for your food stall!

1. A menu board.

You can’t just tell people what kind of food you serve, it has to be shown as well! There should also be pictures on the menu board so customers know what they’re getting before they order anything.

2. Pictures of your staff.

People want reassurance that their meal will actually come from someone who looks like them or at least knows what they’re doing, so pictures of your staff are very important.

3. AV material.

It’s important that customers know more than just what kind of food you serve, it has to be presented in an interesting way. For interactive brochures online, you can try putting some AV material on the corner of the brochures which will attract people who will want to watch it.

4. Price lists.

Customers don’t just want to know what you’re offering, they also need to be informed about the price. It’s best to include it with your menu board or in a separate brochure so customers can decide whether it’s worth the price or not.

5. Promotions and discounts.

It’s more likely for people to get interested if you have promotions, so it’s best to include this with your menu board or in a separate brochure.

6. Contact details.

If customers are interested in what you’re offering then they’ll want to contact you or go to your stall, so of course, including your contact details is really important.

7. An optional mission statement.

People like to know “why” you started your food stall, so it’s important that this is included with all the other information on your brochure. This way customers will know what your personal mission is and the reason why you do what you do.

8. A map of your location.

It’s really easy to get lost in a new location, especially if it’s very big and busy, so including a map is crucial. This way people will know how to find your food stall easily.

9. A picture of the current weather conditions.

This is really important when you’re running a food stall in another country where the weather can be completely different from your own. This way customers will know exactly what to expect.

10. Contact details for emergency situations.

People should be able to contact you any time if they’re in an emergency situation, for this reason, it’s really important that you include your contact details as well.

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There are so many food stalls out there that it’s very difficult to get noticed. One of the best ways to do this is with brochures that have all the information people might need, including pictures and your contact details. This way customers can decide whether or not they want to go to your stall. 

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