How to Leverage Technology in Education?

How to Leverage Technology in Education?

In this modern era, our lives highly depend on technology. Without the advancement of technology, many industries wouldn’t have grown as big as they have now, and these industries have made our lives nothing but a breeze.

Technology has even impacted the way educational sectors work. It has made the educational journey for both educators and learners more efficient and convenient. For example, an expert Sydney maths tutor can easily teach a student on the other side of the world using an online teaching platform.

In addition to this, if you’re wondering how educational industries are leveraging automated webinar software, keep reading this article to know!

Use of Optical Mark Recognition for Easy Grading 

Grading students’ tests or exam papers can take out a huge chunk of time from the teachers. Moreover, manual checking of papers can also mean that there are more chances of human error and even fraud.

Hence, technology has offered a solution for this as well. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) uses programmed sensors to detect when the answers are right or wrong, therefore, quickly calculating the total score while saving a lot of time and eliminating any errors.

Web Seminars for Disseminating Knowledge across the Globe 

Rather than having to attend educational seminars in person, web seminars (webinars) have made it convenient for both instructors and learners to discuss a topic, even if they are in different countries.

Webinars help educators to disseminate their knowledge, whereas learners can ask several questions or share their thoughts in real-time using the built-in chat option.

Quick Student Feedback Loop

Using different cutting-edge software to test the skills of students allows instructors to shorten the student feedback time. It involves the use of a computer and software where all the answers to questions are submitted by the learner.

The learner has the option to view the right answers after every question or after completing the entire test. This helps them overcome the waiting time and quickly learn the right techniques to correct their mistakes.  

Internship with IT Companies 

Even if the institute of an individual doesn’t have enough resources to employ cutting-edge technology in their system, they can still encourage students to enroll in internships with IT companies.

Working with IT companies will help learners know how technology is used or can be used in different sectors, including education. In the meanwhile, they will get experience interning in IT companies for their future professional development.

Time Tracking Software to Improve Time Management Skills   

The biggest issue for students can be to manage time efficiently and effectively with their after-school activities and a plethora of curricula to study. Therefore, they can implement time tracking tools to enhance their time management skills with the use of technology.

These time tracking tools give you deep insights into the total time spent studying, most productive hours, most active weekdays, and productivity score, among several other metrics. They also provide reports, charts, graphs to make sure learners are able to schedule their week more efficiently while not lagging behind their syllabus.  

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