What Kind of Videographers Can You Find in Melbourne Within Your Budget?

What Kind of Videographers Can You Find in Melbourne Within Your Budget?

Videos are the latest rage in promotional activities in Melbourne. One study found that video posts on social media got 60% more clicks than static images. The trend for 2022 is leaning towards snackable videos, that is, super-short forms of content.

Whether live streams or pre-recorded content, consumers are likely to gobble up video content faster than text or images. So, you know where to focus your promotional efforts.

The cost of videographer in Melbourne can vary depending on your requirements and the quality you expect. Therefore, when recording a video, it is best to set a budget and then start looking for a videographer who fits right in. 

Are you wondering what kind of a professional in Melbourne you will get within your budget? The answer depends on many factors, such as the length of the video, quality, and location, for starters. Here’s what you could be spending on making a video.

What to Expect for $2,000?

If your budget is set at $2,000, then you can expect to cover weddings, corporate events, and basic branding activities. The videographer will use two cameras to shoot at different angles and give you one to three three-minute videos and a couple of snippets.

The key here is that filming is completed in a single day, and the videographer will use professional equipment to record and edit the video.

What to Expect for $5,000?

Videos for the events mentioned above can be done for $5,000 per event, but the quality changes slightly. You can expect the videographer to use specialized equipment and software to shoot and edit the video. You can also get more videos, stills, and snippets in this budget.

What to Expect for $10,000?

More people are involved in your production, including famous actors and cast, drones for aerial footage, and outdoor shoots. You can get mid-quality videos that use more graphics and techniques and are longer.

It is a trade-off between quality and other aspects. Focusing on quality will result in the cost of a videographer in Melbourne increasing dramatically. Instead, if you focus on adding more elements such as drone footage, graphics, and local celebrities, you can get more within your budget.

Budgets Exceeding $30,000

Big budgets will allow you to hire big talent. It means that you get the best writers, actors, directors, and equipment. It also enables you to shoot at remote locations and use visual effects and graphics to enhance the videos. You can shoot longer footage or make multiple videos and stills.

Hourly Vs. Bundles

Depending on what your video covers, you can pick the pricing strategy. Videographers are known to charge hourly for all activities related to pre, post, and on-production, but the trend has shifted to where they offer bundles that can include video content that can last you a week, month, or even a year.

In case you want to shoot a wedding video or an event, it is best to go with hourly rates as you know the final amount based on the hours the event lasts.

Bundles are suitable for promotional videos, where you get multiple short videos, snippets, and stills. You can talk to your videographer about providing you with a month’s, quarter’s, or even a year’s supply of video content with regular shoots and edits. It will ensure that your site gets a better ranking.

Each video’s requirement is different, and therefore, you cannot put an exact price on it. That being said, if you are looking to shoot promotional videos, you can discuss a bundle deal with the videographer. When looking at covering events or weddings, you can hire them hourly. No matter what your requirement, the cost of a videographer in Melbourne ranges from low to high, and you are bound to find one that fits right into your budget.

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