How To Turn Off Likes on Instagram

How To Turn Off Likes on Instagram

When it comes to counting how many would like a photo you posted on Instagram after a few hours or after a day, the more would mean it’s better. Now, if you think the image that you shared is too like-able yet you are not getting the reaction count you are looking for, you actually have the option to turn off likes altogether. 

Or, you can be someone who just loves posting and seeing the images you took on your feeds and you don’t need validation from anyone who would hit like and other emojis at all. Any of these reasons would be enough for you to get away from the likes count and you can do a few things on your IG app to get rid of such.

Having something that you are proud of normally equates to the number of reactions, either from your large Instagram followers or just some random Instagram users. In fact, it becomes a measure of online success among those who have been satisfyingly getting validation from the reactors of their social media accounts. 

Either that or your post is not just like-worthy in the taste of the others. To get yourself free of depression over others not liking your post much, you can simply turn off likes on Instagram instead.

Advantages of Turning Off Likes on Instagram

The burden of validating success according to the number of likes is quite heavy, especially for those who have weak emotional stability. 

However, for those who are disinterested in whatever other online followers think about their posts, this is mainly no big deal. This is the kind of people who are either looking to have an online platform for the photos or videos they took and leave it at that, maybe for later viewing or memories.

Mental health is crucial now that social media can become a source of envy and jealousy among peers, social networks, and even immediate families who are online. Cyberbullying is an adverse part of online popularity. 

Turning off likes on Instagram can mean easily getting away from lower self-esteem considering nobody can even react to it. 

This is one thing that is sort of an important decision to make, considering this is posted in social media. What sense it is for someone to have a social network who is supposed to be interactive yet is disabled in doing so. At the end of the day, the rule would be, “Your feed, your say.”

Disadvantages of Turning Off Likes on Instagram

There is actually not that much disadvantage in turning off likes except for the fact that the one who posted it will not have visibility of how the post appeals to the followers. 

This is not a huge issue, especially for those who are not even looking for validation of how others would feel about their online activities. The problem with the younger generation who is much too engrossed in Instagram activities is that they always post for validation from others. Feelings and reactions are solely dependent on how their online friends would say about anything they do and post.

Although the online public has been repeatedly advised to be wiser and think before clicking, sometimes it’s too late for them to stop as emotional damage has been done before realizing it. This is the dark side of social media and the most common victims of this are the younger ones who even would vocally ask for likes yet are not getting enough. 

It would affect them in a way that they think they are not good enough or someone else is better than them. It has become a measuring tool where social exposure and approval are reliant on the number of likes in an IG post.

Quick Steps to Turn Off Likes on Instagram

To turn off likes on Instagram, all you need to do is visit your profile. Look for the specific post which you wish to disable the likes. Once found, click on the Profile Tab usually found at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click Settings and proceed to Privacy. A plus button will be one of the options and you tap on that. Click Posts and on that page, swipe towards the left the button that says “Hide like and view counts.” Then you’re good to go.

Turning back on such a feature anytime you prefer to is also possible. It is not like that forever. Others would wait after a few days until they turn on likes on a specific post. This will tell who actually is paying attention to the profile or the page. If there are succeeding posts with similar disability in engagement, the one who posted it may be too specific about not getting a reaction immediately, at all. It is also possible that anyone online real-time cannot react. When they go through the wall of that specific person though, they can interact.

Privacy Matters

There is enough reason why someone would disable such an interaction or engagement in social media. 

Whatever that is, only the person who posted that knows. Private people would rather be posting things without validation from the outside online world than have a public image of themselves shown and get unnecessary remarks from whoever they are not even close to. 

No one can tell how exactly a sociable person can handle reactions from followers. Some may be strong as for the critical part, while some can easily get broken.

While it is important to keep things private, it will be ironic for someone active in social media yet not being socially interactive. The part where people aim to be liked by their followers is important to the confidence level and building self-esteem. 

Matters of developing engagement skills, especially if Instagram is used for business, are a great factor. You can not be in business and not soliciting approvals at the same time, Instagram growth services can do that. Truth is, Instagram boosts business successes.

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