Best Crypto Exchange Platforms in Australia 

Best Crypto Exchange Platforms in Australia 

A lot of people are talking about cryptocurrencies these days, and many more are beginning to invest in the currency. 

In Australia, many people have heard about cryptocurrency, and a million citizens of the country have invested their money into crypto of some kind. Moreover, the cryptos are now accepted in many stores across the country, and you can even find some Bitcoin ATMs in various metropolitan regions of the country. 

But, to invest in crypto, you must be aware of the best crypto exchange Australia to invest your money properly. The ideal platform must be easy to use, secure, transparent, and easy to access. 

While there are many platforms that you can use to conduct transactions, here are some of the best exchange platforms in Australia. 

1. SwyftFx

SwyftFx is arguably the best platform in Australia if you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies. 

It is straightforward to set an account on the platform, as after verifying your identity, you will be able to directly convert up to fifty thousand dollars through a bank transfer, PayId or Poli. 

Once you convert your money, you can check the rates of the various currencies. 

The platform even offers different chart views and another form of data representation. 

Moreover, SWyftfx also has the feature to put a stop-loss limit. 

2. Coinspot

If you are a beginner, you do not want to use a platform that is for seasoned traders; instead, you would like to use an exchange that is easy to use for beginners. 

In Australia, Coinspot is considered the best exchange platform for beginners. 

It is considered the most accessible platform to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies.

Coinspot is home to more than three hundred and sixty cryptocurrencies. Besides, the platform also has a live chat support feature where you can ask queries and get a response from any team members within five minutes. 


It is a platform that enables an investor to trade, store, stake, buy NFTs, and much more. 

If you are someone who likes to hold your assets for a longer time, you will enjoy as they have special discounts for people who deal in higher value, and they might even offer some interest on your crypto investments. 

Besides trading, this platform supports the whole crypto ecosystem of swapping, staking, and investing in NFTs, making it a really attractive exchange platform. 

4. Digital Surge

If you are an Australian, you would be proud to use this home-grown crypto platform. This platform is designed keeping in mind the problems faced by amateur traders, and the main objective is to make it easier for them to trade. So this is why the platform offers exceptional support and ease of use.

Besides, the Digital surge lets users pay their bills, and it is slowly becoming the top crypto platform in Australia. 

On average, the trading fee of Digital Surge is 0.5%, and they accept money for conversion through bank transfers, POLi, and Pay ID from the investors. 

5. Coinbase

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, then you must have heard about Coinbase, as it is the oldest crypto exchange platform in the world. It is currently the largest crypto exchange platform globally and with more than seventy million customers worldwide. 

However, the platform offers below-average customer services and higher fees than its competitors, which do not attract many beginners. 

Moreover, Coinbase does not even allow withdrawals in AUD, which makes the platform hard to adopt. 

So, if you are a new investor or a seasoned investor, you must read the reviews of the best crypto exchange in Australia. Reading the reviews and guides about the trading platforms will make it easier for you to conduct transactions and execute orders. 

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