Factors affecting Bitcoin price

Factors affecting Bitcoin price

The fact that the price of Bitcoin trading software has constantly been rising and falling underscores the truth about the currency’s volatility. The rise in the value of bitcoin can be attributed to several variables, which we will discuss below. 

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●     Media coverage

Investors make decisions based on psychological variables such as intuition and the performance of various critical components in the market. Positive media hype has increased the rate of Bitcoin. As news of an alternative currency began to spread, it contributed to the rapid success of Bitcoin in its early days. For example, Tesla owner Elon Mask was declared that Tesla is going to accept crypto as a valid payment mode and this declaration was hit the market in a rapid mode. It was increased the value of crypto. Later, Tesla declared that they are not going to accept crypto due to adverse climatic affects done by bitcoin mining. When it comes to the rising value of bitcoin, the impact of positive media reviews cannot be disregarded.

●     Influence of politics

The influence of national politics also helps increase the value of bitcoin. For example, after the Brexit vote, the political climate surrounding the European Union reduced the value of the British pound. Uncertainty in the politics of a country can cause the value of bitcoin to rise. But, no political party can regulate the price of bitcoin because it cannot be controlled by any government. 

●     Rules

Many governments across the globe are enacting laws governing the use of Bitcoin. These bodies make decisions about bitcoin taxation and develop appropriate laws for the currency. For example, when Japan announced that bitcoin would be accepted as fiat cash, the value of bitcoin increased by 2% in the first 24 hours after the announcement and by 169 percent worldwide in the following months.

●     Public adoption

The value of the bitcoin will increase as. When many individuals worldwide accept bitcoin as a viable means of exchange, the value of bitcoin will soar. Furthermore, the value of the cryptocurrency will increase as more people accept bitcoin as a means of storing value. 

Mass adoption means of exchange and store of value are all linked. People would not consider bitcoin an adequate alternative to exchange if it is not widely adopted, which would impact its storage value. 

Investment attractiveness

● Bitcoin’s strong reputation and investment appeal can be considered an allure. However, media and political changes mainly influence it.

● In the media, positive bitcoin news is essential for attracting potential investors and expanding the bitcoin customer base, especially as the number of altcoins grows.

● Political and economic issues cause increased public acceptance of cryptos. In addition, due to bankless transactions and potential investment possibilities, people rely on bitcoin. 

Demand and supply

● It is important to remember that the entire bitcoin stock is limited, and 90% of it has already been mined to understand the supply quotient.

● Increasing the quantity of bitcoin lowers its value. The quantity of Bitcoin is restricted, but it may be raised in the market via mining.

● Since there are a limited number of 21 million coins in bitcoin, demand has a more significant effect on price than supply. The rate of bitcoin increases as more people compete to get the cryptos, which brings higher demand. Crypto demand is supposed to increase, and as a result, the price is assumed to rise in the upcoming time.

It is exactly like the stock market. For that supply, there is supply and demand. Half price is determined by supply and demand and what individuals want to buy and later sell it for. The price will rise for a moment, but it may decline eventually. Crypto markets are very fast, and large amounts of assets can be moved rapidly, so the market cap of a single cryptocurrency can fluctuate up to $100 billion in a week. 


Bitcoin is a perfect option to invest and earn. But, there are also many things which affect the price. Please read this article to learn about Bitcoin price affecting factors. You can trust the official Bitcoin era app if you need help regarding Bitcoin and other cryptos.

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