How To Get Free Crypto

How To Get Free Crypto

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is the new wave, not only the new wave of excitement, but also curiosity.

Familiarizing yourself with cryptocurrency is not a bad idea at this point, as you probably can’t go too long into the week without some sort of mention of the topic.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love free money? Face it, that’s why you’re here in the first place. So let’s get started.

Companies Giving Free Crypto

You might be wondering, how to get free crypto? Staking is a little known secret and it can be very profitable, and also very passive.

It’s called Ethereum staking. You can passively earn 25% daily returns for staking your Ethereum.

There is a profit calculator on the Ethereum staking website and as of right now, if you staked 1 Ethereum, you would make over $750/day profit! Those are some great returns for simply staking your Ethereum.

What is Ethereum Staking?

Ethereum staking is a way to earn rewards on the Ethereum that you hold and contribute to the networks security.

In other words, staking is the process of locking up some of your ETH for a specific amount of time in order to contribute to the security required by the blockchain and in return you are compensated with interest, or a network reward.

Sounds pretty simple, right? That’s because it is! Just visit EthStakers to get started.

Earn Free Crypto From Airdrops

Participating in crypto airdrops can be a run and exciting way to earn free crypto.

New crypto projects that want to promote their coin or project will part take in an air drop. An airdrop is essentially releasing coins or nfts to cryptocurrency addresses for free, so like a photo airdrop from one iPhone user to another, except with cryptocurrency.

Airdrops happen quite often so keep an eye out for the next coin to participate. Airdrop Alert is a good source for the latest airdrops that are taking place.

Never Pass On Free Crypto

No investment is ever guaranteed, so when you get a chance to make or earn free crypto – jump on the opportunity. The options mentioned above is a great start for earning free cryptocurrency.

If you ever had doubts or concerns regarding cryptocurrency, now is your chance to hop on the train and learn all you can while making some money. Enjoy.

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