5 Free Google Docs Invoice Templates (From Fun to Professional)

5 Free Google Docs Invoice Templates (From Fun to Professional)

Contrary to popular belief, Google Docs is good for a whole lot more than just typing out long-worded documents. Among other things, the online data storage platform also boasts a wide range of different invoice templates that can simplify your accounting processes

These templates all come in different styles, designed for an array of different invoice purposes. Whether you work in construction or freelance graphic design, there’s a Google Docs invoice template out there for you. 

Using an invoice template instead of creating your own from scratch eliminates the risk of human error. Plus, it provides you with a format and structure you can reuse years into the future if you wish. Simply open up a fresh version and input the relevant data when you need a smart-looking invoice to streamline your payment process. 

Here are five of the best free invoice templates from Google Docs in 2022, ranging from fun and creative to sleek and professional. 

1. Photography Invoice Template 

You don’t need to be a photographer to use this invoice template. The format just provides a lot of space for adding high-quality images, which can be useful if your work is in the creative field. 

As the freelancer market continues to grow and creative professionals expand their repertoire, invoice templates like this one have become highly beneficial for independent careerists who earn an income through their artistic visual material—be it photography, illustration, or painting. 

The photography invoice template from Google Docs includes a space for your logo, a long table listing services or goods, and a spacious top header to use an interesting font. 

The tone of the template is inspired and fresh while still maintaining a sense of skill and expertise. If you’re a creative freelancer, this template was made for you!

2. Independent Contractor Invoice Template

Contractors specializing in at-home services are one of the most in-demand occupations on the SME market. Independent contractors, in particular, are seeing an uptick in revenue, which is why innovative yet smart-looking invoice templates like this one are being developed. 

The independent contractor invoice template from Google Docs aims to provide an original yet qualified look that communicates all the necessary information while still being interesting to look at. 

In this template, you’ll find an intuitive interface, well-constructed design, and plenty of room to list your provided services, whatever aspect of the contractor’s work they cover. The format also includes a “time and effort” fee, which can be useful for contractors who work hourly. 

3. Modern Invoice Template 

Sometimes, all you want from an invoice template is to be simple, structured, and straightforward. Well, that’s exactly what Google’s modern invoice template delivers, covering all the main elements of a professional invoice without being dull or uninteresting. 

In this template, you’ll find a skillfully compiled arrangement of tables and insertions that will meet a regular client’s general, basic standards. It subtly says, “I may be in a suit and tie, but I’m secretly wearing funky socks inside my shoes.”

It includes a fully customizable layout with a logo space, a table for service/product entry, and a section for the total amount owed. It’s the perfect invoice template for new businesses or freelancers that need a solid invoice filler while still discovering their style 

4. Super Simple Invoice Template 

The super simple invoice template is a great choice if your business wants a highly professional format while still retaining a little flair. With a sophisticated font and practical layout, this invoice template sends a message of tasteful efficiency.

Clad in a pleasing blue layout, this template dedicates itself to all the essential elements of a strong, professional invoice. Minimal design style, easy-to-understand format, and thorough data entry tables will ensure your clients come away with a distinct impression of proficiency.

Besides the pleasant blue hue, you won’t find any distractive shapes or features on this template, and that’s exactly how it wants to be. 

5. Professional invoice template 

This invoice template is the king of all invoice templates. If your business wants to broadcast a message of supreme competence and quality to clients, the professional invoice template from Google Docs will certainly not let you down. 

Complete with a grayscale color scheme and precise, contemporary appeal, this template contains all the right details for various invoice needs. Whether you’re a freelancer or an experienced PR company, this invoice ticks all the boxes in terms of structure, style, and overall impression. 

You’ll find an uncluttered interface, payment terms, product or service description tables, and other essential elements of a professional invoice. 

The Right Template Can Take You Places 

Virtual invoices have become exceedingly popular over the past few years as the freelancer field expands and the demand for individually curated invoices grows. Very few businesses around 2022 are still drawing up individual invoices for each client, and even fewer are doing them on paper. 

If you’re new to virtual invoices, using a familiar platform like Google Docs to help navigate this new terrain of digital invoice preparation can make the adjustment much smoother. Once you start using them, you’ll join the global wave of other professionals switching to digital methods. And you may even gain new clients from your technologically advanced gamut. 

Nowadays, you can even automate invoices to input data and send them off to clients with the mere click of a button. The age of invoice templates is here. You should get in on it. 


Invoice templates are accessible, easy to use, and can significantly increase productivity. They’re practical, save time, and can even help you get paid faster. 

Among the many options of free invoice templates Google Docs offers, you’ll find a variety of styles, formats, layouts, and color schemes, making your job as easy as possible. Once you’ve picked a template, all that’s left to do is enter your relevant data and hit send. You’re welcome!

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