How to Get More Customer Reviews on Social Media

How to Get More Customer Reviews on Social Media

People have different purchasing habits. Yet, they all perform the same thing before making a purchase – check reviews. Before buying a product, people often want to learn as much information about an item as possible. And the best way to do that is by reading commentaries and testimonials. 

It’s impossible to overrate the importance of customer reviews on social media. Such social proofs often affect potential customers’ purchasing decisions, so even if one isn’t inclined to buy a product, they are likely to do that after getting familiar with positive comments.

Of course, increasing the number of comments may be challenging at times; along with the review form, you should also spark the customers’ attention. Thankfully, there is a great free design software that will help you complete the visual part quickly, letting you focus on getting customer reviews about your brand.

For example, for better engagement you can remove background from image online or add some fancy stickers of your product which are extremely popular nowadays.

Read on to learn a few practical tips to double client comments about your brand on any social media platform. 

Provide incentives

People’s interest in leaving a review of your product may well skyrocket once you offer them something in exchange. Many businesses consider buyers’ reviews a real pain in the neck, and we get it. Spending plenty of time asking people around, you can’t be sure they’ll give positive feedback. But let’s be honest here. 

The quality of clients’ commentaries resonates with your product or service and how you perceive and communicate with your customers. If you take your clients for granted and do nothing to strengthen your relationships, it’s bold of you to assume they’ll praise you and recommend your product in their commentaries. 

You don’t bribe your customers to leave a positive comment by providing incentives. You simply ask them to spend their time and evaluate your product so that you know your brand’s advantages and things you have to make up for.

You may provide different inducements, for example, depending on how extensive and detailed the review is. 

Reach out to familiar clients personally

Reaching out to clients that buy your products regularly is another effective and excellent idea to proliferate more reviews. The great thing about calling or sending a message to your customers is that by doing that, you already affect the review and predispose the clients to write a positive testimonial. 

Likewise, you can ask people to provide oral or written feedback on whether they had a good experience. You may also need to incentivize them; again, you decide what to offer in an exchange of comments.

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Add Call-To-Action buttons to your web page

It’s okay if you can’t ask your clients to leave a review directly, as there are various other ways to encourage people to comment on the product. A Call-to-Action button is a robust tool that can replace personal communication. 

The primary purpose of CTA buttons is to draw the readers’ attention and stimulate them to take particular actions, in our case, leave a review. Before including such buttons in your blog, make sure to determine the place they’d fit the best.

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Make the review form straightforward, small, and understandable

Given people’s occupations and daily activities, it’s no wonder many don’t have time to provide extensive reviews. Of course, there would be those who’d like to compose a comprehensive testimonial, so we advise you to create several review forms for different people. 

Overall, though, it would be reasonable to keep review surveys simple and clear. You want your customers to spend as little time on such forms as possible. Otherwise, they’ll fill them out in a hurry, including information hardly related to your product.

The Bottom Line

There are a handful of other ways to multiply your reviews. Among other things, you can apply the user-generated content strategy to emphasize your brand’s success and motivate others to comment on your product or service. 

Provided, however, are fundamental and handy ways to achieve your goal. So don’t wait – start mushrooming your customer reviews today!

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