Top 4 Reasons to Use Electric Forklifts in Your Warehouse

Top 4 Reasons to Use Electric Forklifts in Your Warehouse

Warehouse and storage facilities deal with heavy goods daily. Shifting these massive goods to and fro can be challenging, especially when you do not have the necessary equipment to make the transport more efficient. However, electric forklifts are well-equipped to do such tasks. 

For years, forklifts have offered incredible lifting power and efficiency to lift heavy loads that would have been impossible to lift and move with manual labor. Moreover, a used electric forklift can raise as much heavy load as the new ones and are in top condition. 

If you are a storage facility or warehouse operator, you will know the importance of safe and efficient transportation of goods. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to use electric forklifts in your warehouse. 

1. Higher Availability of used forklifts

Forklifts are used across numerous industries from construction, warehousing, fishing, etc. Since many industries use them, they are often resold in the market. You can easily find dealers that sell used forklifts for different businesses at affordable rates. Adding a used electric forklift to your transport and warehouse operations can save additional costs and efforts of buying a new forklift.

2. Higher productivity

Warehouses store heavy shiploads of goods almost every day. These goods can weigh around several thousand pounds, and it would be impossible to move them with your hands. It would only waste precious time and working hours moving the goods from the warehouse. On top of that, you would need several workers to carry the load. Consequently, it would increase the need for workers and incur additional costs.

On the other hand, the electrical forklift can lift a heavy load of up to 3,000 lb. to 12,000 lb, depending on the model. A forklift requires only one operator to operate, which means you can maximize the warehouse hours and increase productivity.

3. Workers safety

Warehouses deal with heavy loads and tall shelves with stacked products and goods. Moving these heavy loads can be dangerous and should be avoided to prevent accidents. Even a single mistake can lead to disastrous consequences and endanger human lives. And forklifts offer precisely that. 

The forklift operators go through rigorous training to efficiently operate the forklift. They can quickly and carefully lift and drop the loads without causing accidents. They are also trained to maneuver the forklift through narrow aisles of shelvings to avoid collisions and accidents. On top of that, electric forklifts have different features such as lights, reverse alarms, and brakes to alert the operator and other workers when the forklift is operating. 

4. Reduced costs

A single forklift does the job of 10 workers and offers more safety of life and goods. That means you have to hire fewer workers and operate your warehouse efficiently.  Accidents are less likely to happen so it would reduce shipping delays and mishaps. Forklifts also do the job way faster than manual labor to ship more products in less time.

Forklifts are undoubtedly the champions of warehouse operations. Adding more forklifts to your warehouse can reduce accidents, fasten processes and reduce costs by multifold. 

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