What is Required to be a Successful Travel Nurse

What is Required to be a Successful Travel Nurse

Are you interested in becoming a travel nurse? If so, there are a few things that you will need to do to be successful. 

As a fast-growing profession, COVID-19 has only increased the demand for travel nurses. Hospitals and other medical facilities require nurses willing to travel to work in the most affected areas. 

If you are considering being a travel nurse, there are specific components you need to fulfill. Here are travel nurse requirements you should know about:

A Valid RN License

LVNs (Licensed Vocational Nurses) may be able to find some travel nursing positions; however, most require an RN license. To become an RN, you will need to attend an accredited nursing program and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Many hospitals also need you to have a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). As an ADN or Diploma in Nursing, you can become an RN by taking an RN-to-BSN program or a Master’s degree in nursing.

A Certification In BLS

To become a traveling nurse, you must have a certification in BLS (Basic Life Support). Certification can be obtained through many different organizations, but most employers will require that you have a certification from the American Heart Association.

ACLS Certification

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification is not required for all travel nursing positions, but it is highly recommended. If you are interested in working in a cardiac unit, you will need to have your ACLS certification.

At Least One Year Of Experience 

While some travel nursing positions do not require experience, most employers want you to have at least one or two years of experience working as a registered nurse. If you are a new graduate, you may be able to find a position working as a travel nurse, but you will likely be limited to working in less-acute care areas. If you are looking for a job, please check this travel nursing salary guide for healthcare professionals at Medical Solutions so that you can land the best positions along the way.

The Ability To Work Independently 

As a travel nurse, you will be working in a variety of different settings, which means that you will need to be able to work independently. It includes being able to assess patients, start IVs, and provide medications. While this might not be one of the most important travel nurse requirements, it can determine where you work and whom you work for. 

Establish A “Tax Home” 

One of the benefits of being a travel nurse is that you can claim your travel expenses as deductions on your taxes. You will need to begin establishing a “tax home” to do this. It can be done by maintaining a permanent address, even if you live in a travel trailer or RV. 

Be Willing To Travel 

As a travel nurse, you will need to be willing to travel. It includes being willing to live in a variety of different places, as well as being able to travel to a variety of different states. 

A Positive Attitude 

One of the most important qualities you need to have as a travel nurse is a positive attitude. You will be working in a variety of different environments, which means that you will need to be able to adapt to change. 

The Ability To Pass A Background Check 

All travel nurses will need to pass a background check. You will also be required to undergo a drug test to establish your eligibility for the job. This is because you will be working in various hospitals and other medical facilities and be responsible for taking care of the ailing people. A nurse is, therefore, expected to be an individual with a credible character and background.


If you consider becoming a travel nurse, a travel nurse staffing agency can help you find the perfect position. They will work with you to find a position that meets your needs and qualifications. You need a valid RN license, BLS certification, and ACLS certification. You will also need to ensure you can work independently and establish a “tax home.” Finally, you will need to be willing to travel and have a positive attitude. 

If you are considering being a travel nurse, the above-mentioned are some travel nurse requirements you have to fulfill to work in most states.

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