Best Supplements for Depression

Best Supplements for Depression

We live in a world where everyone is busy at all times and burning out or feeling depressed or anxious is normal. Depression is a mental state that affects a lot of children and adults all over the world. Some decide to consult a therapist and work on it. But some people just decide to keep it in and don’t seek treatment.

There are several medications that are available on the market that might help people in keeping their anxiety under control and therapy also helps a lot. The medications should be taken according to what one’s therapist prescribes. Taking any medications in any amounts can cause harm and result in imbalance which might lead to severe consequences.

According to research and studies done, certain supplements can help people in controlling their anxiety and depressive symptoms. These supplements include vitamins, minerals and some other nutrients that help in controlling certain depressive symptoms

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

These are some of the most essential fats for the human body and they also help in controlling symptoms of depression. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), specifically, are two types of omega-3 fatty acids that are helpful in the case of depression and anxiety and are mostly found in seafood. There are a lot supplements available on the market that provide an adequate amount of EPA and DHA which are manufactured for people who do not consume seafood and vegetarians or vegans. Brands such as TrueBasics, Nutrova many others manufacture these supplements and these can be consumed in adequate amounts to control depressive symptoms.


As simple as it might sound, vitamin-D can certainly help with depression and can help a person keep it under control. Studies show the deficiency of vitamin-D in people with depression.  One of the most abundant sources of vitamin-D is all around us and that is- sunlight. Consumption of vitamin-D by a person with depression can easily improve the quality of life and help keep the symptoms under control. There are supplements in the form of tablets, capsules and gummies available that can be taken in order to fulfil the need of vitamin-D in the body. Brands such as HealthKart, OZiva are some of the leading manufacturers of vitamin-D supplements and people with a vitamin-D deficiency should consider buying them


Zinc, an important mineral required by the human body, can also help in treating depression and keeping it in control. Studies show that people with depression suffer from a deficiency of zinc and observe greater symptoms of depression. People with depression who consume zinc in adequate amounts along with their anti-depressants observe milder symptoms as compared to those who don’t. Deficiency of zinc can not only cause depressive symptoms but certain symptoms can be more severe than others. Companies such as Now, Himalayan Organics and TrueBasics manufacture zinc supplements are trusted brands and are easily affordable. These supplements should be consumed only if a certified medical practitioner prescribes them and in adequate amounts


Keeping your gut health in check is also necessary to keep your brain in great condition. Probiotics help in keeping one’s gut in great health. The condition of one’s stomach and gut affects one’s mood in more ways than one. There are multiple supplements available on the market that provide an adequate amount of probiotics. You can also involve certain food items in your diet that are rich in probiotics such as yogurt and tofu. Brands such as HealthKart and TrueBasics manufacture probiotics and their quality can be trusted as they are some of the leading producers.

Amino acids

Amino Acids are broken-down proteins that some of the most essential building blocks of the human body. Some of the amino acids transform into neurotransmitters that send messages to the brain. The human brain can face difficulties in functioning if an adequate amount of amino acids are not provided. So, amino acids can help in keeping depressive symptoms in control. Brands like HealthKart, TrueBasics are some of the leading producers and have an amazing quality of amino acid supplements that can help you meet the required amount of amino acids in the body.


Melatonin is an essential hormone made in the human body that regulates one’s sleep cycle and the night and day cycle. It’s important to regulate the amount of melatonin in your body because sleep cycle can affect depressive symptoms in multiple ways. People with depression usually face difficulty in sleeping or sleep too much. Melatonin supplements can help the in regulating this disruption in sleep cycle. People who suffer from insomnia can also consume melatonin supplements to regulate their sleep cycle. There are a lot of melatonin supplements in the form of tablets, capsules and gummies that are available on the market that are not only affordable but also good quality.


Magnesium is an important mineral required by humans for daily bodily functions. But things like stress and caffeine deplete the amount of magnesium in the human body. So, stress and its effects can be reversed by consuming an adequate amount of magnesium. Doctors prescribe magnesium to people with depression because it can help in controlling depressive symptoms.  Various supplements such as Himalayan Organics Plant-Based magnesium tablets and HealthKart vitals with Magnesium are available on the market that can be consumed by people to fulfil their requirement of magnesium.


It is a chemical messenger and a hormone produced by the human body that regulates moods and helps in controlling depressive symptoms. It helps in improving learning and memory, promotes positive feelings and happiness and promotes regular appetite. The lack or deficiency of serotonin can lead to bad mood and irritation. Therapists and doctors recommend serotonin to people with depression. There are supplements available on the market by brands like TrueBasics and Oziva that manufacture serotonin supplements that are not only affordable but are also good in quality and can meet the daily serotonin requirement.

There are supplements that people can take to control their depressive symptoms but one should only consume these supplements in prescribed amounts.  

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