Sharing 98% Correlation With BTC Can SHIB Hold Its Support Levels

Sharing 98% Correlation With BTC Can SHIB Hold Its Support Levels

The dog-themed cryptocurrency hits the 23.6 percent Fibonacci resistance. It is plummeting since then. Shiba Inu traders prevented any significant bull rallies. They did this by maintaining Bitcoin Code trading site price underneath the EMA ribbons’ limits. In the meantime, the bears caused the long-going symmetrical triangle to break down. 

SHIB could target a rebound for the 0.01082 dollar support. Only if sellers continue to profit from the present sentiment and keep buying rallies at bay. At the time of publication, the alt was trading at 0.01223 dollars.To get a fair idea on bitcoin trading Visit  Bitcoin smart.

Brief Intro To Bitcoin

BTC is crypto. It is a digital currency. It is supposed to operate as money. BTC is a payment method that is independent of any single individual, organization, or entity. It does not need any third-party engagement in money transfers.

Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified developer or a team of developers, first introduced Bitcoin to the world in 2009. Since then it has become the world’s most famous cryptocurrency. Its success has sparked the creation of a slew of new cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Inu And Its Popularity

SHIB is an ERC-20 coin.  It has a quadrillion coin supply.  It was published on the Ether platform. But, as the venture expanded, the designers of SHIB sought to convert it into a completely decentralized ecosystem. This will give the community complete control over the protocol. And they will not need a governing organization.  Coinbase, WazirX, and FTX are just a few of the major exchanges where the coin is offered.

SHIB’s admission on the Binance Exchange, but, is its most simple and popular accomplishment. Shiba Swap, a decentralized market was also launched at the exact moment as the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. It is also part of the SHIB ecosystem.  SHIB has emerged as the year’s most volatile and unusual investment success. SHIB’s price has increased about 44,600,000 percent in the last year. some investors believe the rally is only getting started.

The financial press and SHIB have been pushing for the cryptocurrency to reach the 1 dollar mark. They are doing this since it first demonstrated its genuine capability for growth.

Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is no longer a joke. SHIB takes its inspiration from a dog joke. It was the most popular cryptocurrency in 2021. It surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

 The Dogecoin fork received over 188 million hits in the last year. While the top crypto Bitcoin grabbed second place with 145 million hits in 2021. It has a market capitalization of nearly 20 billion dollars.

Daily Chart Of Shiba Inu

The 0.033 dollar resistance ignored its positive advance at the start of February. This was just after SHIB came free of the protracted down-channel. Over the previous four months, the bulls have taken control of the falls. They have done this by marking downtrend resistance (prior support).

The bear was eager to surge underneath the 0.02 dollar level after encountering a convincingly high barrier somewhere at the 23.6 percent Fibonacci level. From the approximate 23.6 percent reversal, SibaInu lost nearly 68 percent of its worth. And it dropped to a seven-month trough on May 12th. The sellers’ increased zeal was reflected in the widening gap of EMA ribbons.

Price movement came clear of the recent falling wedge. This happened as the Bollinger Bands bottom band  (BB) approached the 0.01082 dollar support.


The RSI witnessed a significant reversal into the depressed region. This happened after struggling to maintain itself over the 38 to 40 area. The latest revival phase appeared to be weak. The bulls struggled to overcome the thirty three-resistance.

Nonetheless, a potential positive intersection of the Arrow up and down signals would revive the chance of bullish recovery. In addition, the CMF is at a crucial juncture. On SHIB’s graph, a close underneath the -0.1 barrier would confirm a negative dispersion with pricing. And it’ll prolong a possible recovery.


Technical indicators are mixed. The present market pattern backed the negative story.  A prolonged decline could seek halting spots in the 0.01-dollar spot. Prior to the bulls gain an opportunity to counter the selling tension. A possible recovery above the 0.013 dollar level would allow traders to check the endurance of the EMA ribbons.

Lastly, the alt’s 30 days correlation with BTC is a stunning 98 percent. As a result, keeping a close eye on BTC’s movement in relation to the general market mood may be necessary for creating a smart move.

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