Shopping Mall Advertising Optimized: What to Do

Shopping Mall Advertising Optimized: What to Do

One of the things that have become clear in the 21st century is that retail is more than purchasing items – it is about the customer experience, especially when it is a positive customer experience. 

It has become increasingly clear that the old mall experience is no longer the common experience – especially in terms of advertising. 

You may feel like shopping mall advertising is on the decline as customers opt for e-commerce. 

In this new shopping age, malls are really fighting to recruit customers to their spaces and keep them happy while they are pursuing their halls. With new strategies where mall advertising is concerned, this turn in the shopping experience should be understood as a new opportunity rather than a lost cause or difficult challenge.

Build a Detailed Shopper Profile of Every Customer

In order to optimize the shopping mall advertising process, one of the things experts suggest is to build a detailed shopper profile of every mall customer. 

In order to do so, experts suggest sending customers relevant messages that could make their shopping journey a positive one and an absolute success.

Create a Customer Journey Map 

Customers could also benefit from the creation of a journey map. Experts agree that by creating a journey map, those in mall advertising are reaping the benefits of a winning engagement opportunity. 

Some of the ways that experts suggest can attract customers are by using product displays, surprise discounts, flash sales, and nearby promotions in other stores near the mall. 

By creating these journey maps, customers will be able to fully appreciate the thoughtfulness of those tailoring advertising to them and the way they are to spend their excess resources.

Shopping Mall Marketing Solutions

Another way to optimize shopping mall advertising is by providing insightful data on their customers. 

Not only does this process allow shopping malls to track the physical journey of their clientele, but it also helps shopping malls discover what the most traveled routes are in their malls, it aids in maximizing their return on investment, and it helps malls learn what the best times to offer their sales are and when they should replenish their stock and staff. 

As a result, these kinds of marketing solutions are very likely to encourage high levels of interaction with customers and may also reveal a series of missed opportunities where customers are concerned.

By using these kinds of analytics – which can be easily available through Wi-Fi and basic insights – those involved in shopping mall advertising can learn about customer activity (as in the case of what days and times clients visit), how customers use their phones as they move throughout malls, data from completed customer preference forms, and how customers interact with the campaigns used to attract them to mall spaces.

Personalize the Customer Experience

As those engaged in shopping mall advertising, there are a number of ways you can personalize and improve the customer experience. 

To begin, you can schedule your messages and expiration dates by time and day. You can also set age restrictions. 

The value of doing so is that you can avoid sending the wrong messages to teenage audiences. 

To increase engagement and make it much more fun, you can also include fun emojis in order to dress up any messages sent out. 

By using these strategies, there are a number of returns that you will get. 

These include on-demand reporting and insights into activity, mobile, wi-fi, accounts, and databases. 

In essence, this means that you will have the opportunity to create data on your customers and journeys. 

From a business perspective, this means that you will be able to better position your branding, create engaging store designs and in-point merchandising, deliver really great customer service, and create marketing campaigns that are both targeted and timely. 

Room for Improvement

The final note when trying to optimize shopping mall advertising is to always remember that there is room for improvement in the area of sales performance and available customer opportunities. 

For example, by improving your merchandising, you can increase conversion.  

As well, when you have a better understanding of your customer base through the use of customer data, you can have a better understanding of who to market to and how to effectively catch their attention. 

Experts also agree that by using data and statistics that feature your customers, you will now have the necessary proof needed to base your decisions on in terms of store and brand performance, and how to deal with mall traffic, in-store interactions, the checkout process, and the overall customer experience. 

Ultimately, the goal here is to evolve your customer service strategy while simultaneously enriching the experience of those who visit mall spaces. 

By using these strategies, you will be able to adequately measure the success of your marketing efforts, improve the average sales prices and the frequency with which customers visit, and increase both your return on investment and overall customer engagement with your location.

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