The Best Soccer (Futbol) Players of All Time

The Best Soccer (Futbol) Players of All Time

Who are the Best Footballers in the World?

If it weren’t for the physical environment in which football is played, the creativity and enthusiasm that characterize “the beautiful sport” of soccer (soccer), would make it an art form.

Football is different from other sports because it allows players to express themselves. Baseball and cricket players are restricted to certain movements. Footballers can shoot, pass, tackle, or dribble the ball any way they like, which allows the best players to reach their full potential.

This list was only for retired players

This list doesn’t include current stars like Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Once their careers are finished, they can be assessed. This list includes all retired players in the history of modern football.

You can see the videos on YouTube to show the skill of the listed players. For those who are new to the sport and want to see the artistic brilliance displayed in the sport, the Zidane or Diego Maradona videos can be recommended.

10. George Best, Northern Ireland

Full Name:George Best

Life:May 22, 1946 – November 25, 2005

Height1.75m (5 ft 9in)

Positions:Winger is an attacking midfielder.

Although George Best’s life was marred by alcohol problems, his talent was unmatched. He was renowned for his ability to dribble and won the 1968 European Cup as well as two league titles while with Manchester United. He was an attacking midfielder who scored a staggering 205 goals in 579 matches and won the Ballon d’Or 1968.

He never made an impact on international football as Northern Ireland is not a major player in the game. His career was in rapid decline at the age of 28 due to his alcoholism, and he never saw the success he hoped for.

9. Zinedine Zidane, France

Full Name:Zinedine Zidane

Date Of Birth:June 23, 1972

Height1.85m (6 ft 1in)

Position: Attacking midfielder

His strengths include his individual skill, ball control and physical strength, as well as his passing. His greatest performances were often in decisive games. This is a characteristic that few other athletes can match. He was a central midfielder and scored 159 goals in 789 matches. He won the 1998 World Cup with France and the 2000 European Championships.

He won three league titles with Juventus and Real Madrid and one European Cup. Zidane, who retired after winning three league titles and one European Cup, brought his intelligence to the management of football, leading Real Madrid to three consecutive European Cups. Continue scrolling The Top 10 Basketball Players All Time (plus Honorable Mentions). The Top 10 Football Players with the Most Trophies The Top 10 Greatest Men’s Tennis Players All Time

8. Alfredo Di Stefano, Argentina

Full name: Alfredo Stefano Di Stefano Laulhe

Life:July 4th, 1926-July 7th, 2014

Height1.76m (5 ft. 9.5in)

Playing position Forward

Alfredo Di Stefano is the first forward. He was a prolific goal scorer for Real Madrid, scoring 511 goals in 702 matches. He was not your typical striker. Instead, he appeared all over, passing, tackling and dictating play. He was perhaps the greatest player to ever grace the field.

Real Madrid won five European Cups for him, with all the finals. In his entire career, he won 13 league titles (1945-1966). His international record is poor because he didn’t participate in the World Cup. However, he did win the Copa America with Argentina.

7. Ferenc Puskas, Hungary

Full Name: Ferenc Purczeld. (His father changed the family’s name to Puskas when Ferenc turned 10)

Life: April 1, 1927 – November 17, 2006

Height1.72m (5 ft 8in)

Playing positionForward

Ferenc Puskas was perhaps the greatest goal scorer of all time. He combined his ability to finish with intelligence and the ability to invent new skills, such as the dragback, to score a remarkable 700 goals in 705 games during his career (1943-1966). He won five league titles and three European Cups for Real Madrid. He also won five more league titles in Hungary. He led Hungary to the 1954 World Cup Final.

6. Franz Beckenbauer, Germany

Full name: Franz Anton Beckenbauer

Date Of Birth:September 11, 1945

Height 1.81m (5 ft 11.1.5in)

Position: Sweeper

Franz Beckenbauer was a sweeper, a ball-playing defender who played in attacks. However, that didn’t stop him from scoring 111 goals in 776 games for Germany and Bayern Munich. He was much like Di Stefano in that he didn’t have a real position on the pitch. Instead, he was everywhere at once, dictating and influencing the game and “sweeping up” any opposition attacks that broke through.

Beckenbauer was the ultimate Captain, but his passing, dribbling and technical abilities made him one of the most outstanding players. He won the 1972 World Cup and the 1972 European Championships. In addition to three European Cups and eight league titles, he also won the 1972 European Championships.

5. Michel Platini, France

Full name: Michel Francois Platini

Date Of Birth:June 21, 1956

Height1.79m (5 ft 10in)

Position: Attacking midfielder

Michel Platini was an attacking defender who scored 353 goals in 652 matches. Platini was a skilled free-kick-taker and passer, combined with his ruthless goal-scoring abilities. He led France to the 1984 European Championships almost entirely by himself, scoring nine goals along the way. He won the European Cup with Juventus and also won three league titles during his club career.

4. Zico, Brazil

Full Name:Arthur Antunes Coimbra

Date Of Birth: March 3, 1953

Height1.72m (5 ft 8in)

Position: Attacking midfielder

Zico’s footballing abilities were never doubted, despite being frequently removed from the top 10 lists for his lack of accomplishments. He was a prolific goal scorer with 527 goals in 769 matches. His skill and deft touch made him a skilled creator of goals and a talented shot-maker. He was an attacking midfielder who combined his skills with free-kick mastery and heading to become one of the greatest offensive players.

In the 1981 Intercontinental Cup, he made the famous Liverpool side of 1980s look like amateurs. He won four league titles and the Copa Libertadores South American equivalent to the European Cup.

3. Johann Cruyff (Netherlands)

Full Name:Hendrik Johann Cruijff (internationally, spelled Cruyff).

Life: April 25, 1947 – March 24, 2016,

Height1.78m (5 ft 10in)

Positions: Attack midfielder, forward

Johann Cruyff possessed the skills, control, strength and speed of Zidane as well as the dribbling ability and pace of George Best. Cruyff was a total footballer. He combined a stunning grace with a clinical ability as well as calculating intelligence. Cruyff, who played in attacking midfield, scored 401 goals in 710 games. Although he won three European Cups, 10 league titles and an international medal, Cruyff was not able to win one.

2. Pele, Brazil

Full name: Edson Arantes do Nascimento

Date Of Birth: October 23, 40

Height1.73m (5 ft 8in)

Positions: Attack midfielder, forward

Pele, a Brazilian legend, was the ultimate goal-scoring machine. He is frequently ranked as the greatest player to ever grace the sport. In 1,366 games, he scored 1,282 goals. He was a powerhouse of strength, speed, and dribbling talent that allowed him to score many types of goals for fun.

His goal scoring skills were a major factor in Brazil’s victory at the World Cup in 1970, 1962, and 1970. He won five league titles and two Copa Libertadores. These wins saw him in the ranks of some highly-talented players like Carlos Alberto and Garrincha. These victories made him a symbol and he is frequently credited with all the praise.

1. Diego Maradona, Argentina

Full name: Diego Armando Maradona

Date Of Birth:October 30, 1960

Height1.65m (5 ft 5in)

Positions: Attacking midfielder and second striker

Diego Maradona was undoubtedly the greatest football player ever. His dribbling skills were amazing, his goal scoring was clinical and precise, and his passing, crossing and passing were perfect. This earned him many assists throughout his career. He was an attacking midfielder who scored 345 goals over 680 games.

Despite having a more difficult career than Pele’s, he won the 1986 World Cup with Argentina and three league titles with Napoli. He scored one of the most important goals against England.

Honorable Mentions

This list was not complete without the participation of many players. These players deserve honorable mentions:

  • Eusebio, Striker. Portugal
  • Marco van Basten: Striker, Netherlands
  • Garrincha: Winger, Brazil
  • Dennis Bergkamp, Striker. Netherlands
  • Rivaldo – Attacking midfielder and forward, Brazil
  • Gerd Muller: Striker, Germany
  • Ronaldo: Striker, Brazil
  • Romario: Striker, Brazil
  • Giuseppe Meazza: Forward, Italy
  • Xavi: Central midfielder, Spain
  • Ronaldinho,Attacking middlefielder, Brazil

Future additions possible

The following players would be able to make a case for inclusion on this list in the near future:

  • Lionel Messi: Forward, Argentina
  • Ronaldo: Forward, Portugal
  • Andres Iniesta: Central midfielder, Spain
  • Neymar: Forward, Brazil

Last Thoughts

The “beautiful game” has seen many great players. These videos, regardless of whether you’re a football fan or non-fan, should show the artistic brilliance as well as the unique talent displayed by the greatest players of all time.

Some of these picks might be controversial. However, this is a list of the top 10 best players and not the most talented. Although talent and pure ability can often lead to trophies, it is possible to be part of a talented team.

While Messi winning a World Cup would make him a better player, it wouldn’t make his talent any more.

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