Why Are Kangaroos So Buff?

Why Are Kangaroos So Buff?

Kangaroos have the strongest and the most muscular legs of all the hopping mammals. Beyond everything, kangaroos have a genetic inclination towards muscularity.

Kangaroos are famous Australian animals known for their exceptional jumping talents and their adorable kangaroo offspring carried in their pouches. They are huge animals that can weigh up to 200 pounds in males.

Male kangaroos engage in rigorous boxing battles and intense fights for domination regularly, and it’s not uncommon to come across a particularly jacked specimen.

These super-muscular kangaroos are truly remarkable and terrifying to behold, but why are they so powerful?

Reasons Kangaroos Are So Buff

Kangaroos are huge animals, with the red kangaroo being the largest, however, a buff kangaroo can occasionally be seen. Roger was the most well-known buff kangaroo of all, and we’ll go over more about him later in this article. Let us understand the reasons first.


Kangaroos have a distinct and unusual stride in which they hop around, and the manner they do so organically builds up their muscles. This is because kangaroos use the muscles and tendons in their rear legs and massive back feet to move them forward.

Kangaroos create energy by hopping by using the Achilles tendon, which runs down their hind leg. Each jump stretches and provides energy to their ligaments and tendons. As their muscles tighten, their legs are forced away from their bodies, like a huge spring.

Daily, kangaroos travel several miles in search of food. They could jump up to 10 feet in the air and travel an average of 25 to 30 feet with each leap. All of this bouncing while sustaining a huge body necessitates strong leg muscles, which kangaroos grow quickly by hopping such long distances.


Kangaroos are not particularly calm creatures, and clashes and conflicts are common. Males, on the other hand, have the most significant fights. The strongest, fittest, and most persistent kangaroo usually wins these battles, which may be violent and nasty.

Male fights are referred to as boxing bouts, and they provide the perfect workout, much like a real boxing battle. As though they were boxing, the males grapple, shove, and punch one other. With their razor-sharp front claws, they also lash out. Kangaroos also have a unique “kickbox” maneuver in which they balance on their tails while kicking out with their rear legs at their enemy.

These actions indicate that they are working out and utilizing all of their muscles while battling. Even so, the more they exercise, the more muscle mass they get. Furthermore, the struggle is usually won by the strongest male. As a result, being the most powerful and muscular pays off!

Rights to Mate

Various species of animals utilize various methods and strategies to attract females in the animal kingdom.

Male kangaroos have a special manner of attracting females. They would engage in “boxing” matches with other men. To gain attention from women, they would flaunt their physique and show off.

When it comes to mating, kangaroos’ powerful bodies play a crucial role. A mob is a collection of up to ten people who live together. A mob’s size is determined by its species and geographical location.

All through the mating season, the dominating male in any mob is the biggest and most muscular.

Males are attracted to females when they are in the oestrus cycle (reproductive cycle). Male kangaroos regularly fight for this. Female fights are typically shorter, although they can continue a long time and be rather fierce at times. Fights are frequently won by the bigger, stronger guys.

Male kangaroos keep growing, allowing them to extend their mating supremacy as they age. More muscular and larger kangaroos allure female kangaroos. Hence, female kangaroos favor those with bigger muscles.

Buff Kangaroos: How Strong Are They?

Like muscular people, buff kangaroos are typically the most powerful. Kangaroos may grow extraordinarily muscular bodies by battling, as we’ve already seen, and this is important. This is due to buff kangaroos’ muscularity and stamina, which allows them to easily overpower their rivals in battles.

This indicates that he can not only endure all of his opponent’s strikes, but he can also push, grab, and kick hard enough to finish the battle.

Whenever a kangaroo wins all of his fights, he is demonstrating his power to his fellow kangaroos. As a result, buff kangaroos frequently emerge as the mob’s dominant male. Females are accessible to dominating males, and they have mating rights with them.

Red kangaroos are the aptest to be buff, and they are extremely powerful. A single kick from a red kangaroo can produce 759 pounds of force! Buff kangaroos have indeed been recorded to break metal with their bare hands, in addition to doing considerable damage with their kicks.

Kangaroo With the Most Muscle

A kangaroo named Rodger – fondly known as “Ripped Rodger” – was among the most muscular kangaroos in the world. Rodger was a male red kangaroo who died in 2018 at the age of 12 at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia.

Rodger was discovered as a small joey in his deceased mother’s pouch after she was killed by a car, like so many other kangaroos that eventually wind up in sanctuaries. Chris Barns, the sanctuary’s director, saved Rodger when he was a small orphan and raised him.

Rodger had an extraordinarily muscular build as he matured and grew, garnering him the moniker “Rodger.” He stood 6’7″ tall and weighed 200 pounds.

Rodger quickly established himself as the sanctuary’s dominant male, effortlessly fighting off any young contenders with his huge muscles and tremendous power. Rodger’s photos quickly went viral, and he gained a cult following. His most iconic photograph shows him clutching a metal feed bucket that he had just crumpled as effortlessly as a piece of paper with his bare hands.


Kangaroos are one of the world’s finest buff animals. Their powerful bodies are built for bouncing. Kangaroos have incredibly strong legs as a result of this. Their muscles play a crucial role in reproduction as well. The more powerful and tougher a kangaroo is, the more entitlements he holds in the mob.

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