Why Do Guys Disappear When They Like You?

Why Do Guys Disappear When They Like You?

Finally. You had a fantastic date.

You were attracted to each other. It was also reciprocal.

Since he said it, you know for sure:

He couldn’t comprehend his good fortune in meeting you. He’s charmed by you and sees a future with you. He is open to discussing everything with you. He hopes to marry and start a family one day.

All of this was stated while he held your hand and gazed deeply into your eyes.

In addition to that, he praised you as a “wonderful combination of charming and attractive.” He’d not seen this combo before in his life. You’ve completely blown him away.

He was not to be seen days later, so the wind must have been howling.

What makes people suddenly disappear? Isn’t it a question worth a million dollars? Let’s have a peek at some of the reasons.

Here Are a Few Reasons

He’s Dating Someone

It may seem insignificant, yet it’s among the most important reasons why a guy would abandon you. The issue is that it isn’t necessarily clear if he’s seeing someone else or is simply keeping his options open. You might not hear from him again if he’s dating several women and decides to commit to one of them. It isn’t always deliberate, for what it’s worth; it just happens when he moves in the opposite direction.

He Refuses to Commit

Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, not all guys are seeking a long-term relationship. Most people can tell when things are going in that direction. They might ghost you as a way out if they think you’re rushing things for a commitment. It’s the ideal method for a guy to end things without having to reject you face to face, in his opinion. That isn’t always the case, but it is how some men think.

Backup Plan

Men who wish to keep their options on the table may frequently ghost a girl they want to keep on hold. . He may be interested in you, but for whatever purpose, he does not have to pursue things right now. Maybe, he doesn’t want to lure you along, so he simply disappears. He may, however, save your phone number for a future occasion.

They Lack Emotional Maturity

They’re a terrible communicator, in other words. Maybe they claimed they’d gladly join you on a vacation and then didn’t show up. According to an analyst, being emotionally immature is all about contradictions between what people say and what they are doing. If they ghost you after saying they were happy to settle down, it’s typically this instability that takes over.

He Doesn’t Think You’re a Good Match

Compatibility is determined by several things. When deciding whether you’re compatible with somebody, evaluate where they reside, how old they are, their interests, and values. This is in addition to generic perceptions of personality qualities and physical features. Perhaps he noticed a significant difference between you two, such as your religious or political beliefs, and worried you two might conflict. It could even be anything minor, such as his disapproval of the clothes you wear. When this occurs, most guys move on without saying anything.

They Don’t Want to Develop a Strong Attachment

Perhaps the person you’re dating moved several times as a youngster or grew up in a tumultuous family wherein people were constantly coming and going. They learned very early on those people, locations, and things were not meant to be permanent. They also strive not to get too deeply attached to any particular person, location, or object as a safety feature.

They’re Going Through a Period of Anxiety

Anxieties of desertion or not being perfect are common causes of generalized anxiety, and these fears can easily spill over into a relationship. As a result, Jones argues, it might be hard for someone worried about love to settle into or become comfortable in a relationship. They might even engage in self-destructive behavior.

What Should You Do if Your Guy Goes Missing?

Now that you know why guys vanish for days, here are some more reasons why they do so and what you can do about it.

You Text Him First

If you’re concerned about him, send him a text first and inquire about their situation. But, particularly if he doesn’t respond, don’t bombard his phone with texts.

Now, Wait for Him

When a guy is missing for days, it’s possible that he’s interested in something he can’t tell you about upright, or that he’s simply preoccupied with his responsibilities. So you should simply wait for him, as there is no guarantee that he will return.

Check His Social Media for Knowledge

Waiting and knowing nothing is not an option. You could at the very least attempt searching his social media for information. Perhaps you’ll be able to learn more about what he’s up to right now.

It’s Time to Decide

You’ve already had more than enough patience to wait. Conclude what you’re going to do with your feelings. Are you going to keep waiting for something that isn’t certain?

Don’t Think About Him

If he doesn’t return after disappearing like that, you’ll have to forget about him straight immediately! Your time is more valuable than thinking about someone so low. You may look for a new guy to date, for instance.

Bottom Line

You may feel so compelled to tell them everything that’s on your mind that you can’t control how the words come out, but you don’t want to find yourself in this predicament. Making an irreversible error like this could give him a legitimate cause to never contact you again.

Regardless of your frustration, it’s critical that you retain your cool and don’t lash out at him. And when you do talk, remember to keep the conversation productive.

You’ll need a lot of patience to get through this period, but you’ll be alright. It’s never simple to find happiness, so don’t allow this setback to keep you from your happily ever after.

Have you ever dealt with such situations? If yes, how did you deal with it? Let us know.

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