Best Baseball Walk Up And Warm Up Songs

Best Baseball Walk Up And Warm Up Songs

Pitchers Warm-Up Music

Enter Sandman – Mariano Rivera

Hells Bells – Trevor Hoffman

With his 301th save last week, Trevor Hoffman is now tied with Bruce Sutter for the major league record of 601 saves. It’s amazing to think that Hoffman now has his name in the record books with this achievement.

The Game of Thrones Theme – Noah Syndergaard

I have never been able to figure out why this song is so damn catchy. And I can’t stop listening to it.

Shipping Up to Boston – Jonathan Papelbon

When Jonathan Papelbon was the closer on the Boston Red Sox, he got the Fenway Park fired up with the song Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys. Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys made its debut in 2006 and quickly became the theme song for the Red Sox 2007 World Series. While Papelbon is no longer on the Red Sox, you will still hear this song at Fenway Park.

Public Service Announcement (Interlude) – CC Sabathia

Iron Man – Jonathan Broxton

‘Till I Collapse – Justin Verlander

Jump Around – Brian Wilson

Let Me Clear My Throat – Chris Hatcher

Batters Walk-Up Music

All the Way Up – Mike Trout

God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Lance Berkman

Humble – Joey Votto, Manny Machado, and Cody Bellinger

Humble, by Kendrick Lamar, is a great song because it’s a great way for batters to show their own humility. Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics are not just for pitchers, but also for the batters. Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics show a lot of humility and respect for the hitter. Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics are very catchy, too.

Country Grammar – Luke Voit

Nelly got a little bit of extra attention in the big leagues, with a number of players coming back to the dugout and joining in his song. Austin also joined in the song when he played in New York.

List of New York Yankees players who have used Nelly to come to the plate


Nelly’s other songs

Nelly’s songs are popular in New York, and this list of his hit songs and cover versions may not be exhaustive.

God’s Plan – José Iglesias

The 2014 American League’s MVP, Mike Trout, had “God’s Plan” by Drake as his walk-up song at the beginning of the 2014 season after Drake’s song was used in several films. The song is arguably more popular than his own music.

Can’t Stop – Anthony Rizzo

After his third consecutive All Star appearance, Anthony Rizzo wants to show just how popular his home town is during the celebration. The first baseman was interviewed on the MLB Network after the game and called it a “dream come true”.

Crazy Train – Lonnie Chisenhall

Mercy – Brandon Phillips, Desmond Jennings, and Andrew Lambo

The song Mercy came from Kanye West and it was a popular song for a long time that many players used for getting in the batters box. Some of the best baseball players to use Mercy for getting ready for the game include Brandon Phillips, Desmond Kennings, and Andrew Lambo.

Mr. Carter – Chris Carter

SICKO Mode – Jake Bauers and Carlos Correa

This song is popular with all kinds of music lovers and is the song of choice during basketball games. There are many fans of Travis Scott, as he has made several songs popular with basketball players. The beat is the same for both versions of the song.

La Romana – Willy Adames, Enrique Hernandez, and Ronald Acuna

La Romana is a great choice here, and we are going to use it for our list. It is a great choice for a variety of reasons. It has a very light Latin beat, and it is also a really fun song that all Latin Americans and Cubans will enjoy. It reminds us of the Latin music that Bad Bunny likes to play.

California Love – Howie Kendrick and Phillip Evans

When I was playing with the Angels, there was times we would have to play games on the road where the Dodgers would be. When they would hear us play California Love, they would start laughing because they couldn’t believe that we were playing that song live during the game. I was just a kid, and it was a little weird.

The song can also be used as a tribute to the Los Angeles Dodgers when at home as indicated by the use of the name “California” above the phrase “love”.

Con Calma – Eduardo Escobar and Jairo Diaz

Daddy Yankee’s Con Calma is a fan favorite for many reasons. First, because it’s a great song and one of his biggest hits to date. Second, it’s a classic baseball track that includes the words “con calma” (Latin for to calm down), which reflects the purpose of this song. Finally, the way it’s delivered helps the song to be both inspiring and catchy for people to enjoy.

Kashmir – Chase Utley

I was going through the archives here on the site and stumbled upon a video that I put together of Chase Utley’s career highlights. A lot of highlights from this video are from the 2018 season, and he hit 6 home runs in that season.

Black Betty – Josh Thole, Ian Kinsler, and Rick Ankiel

Ram Jam is a song that sounds like a great song to use for baseball, but this song is not for the shy. It is a fast song with lyrics that will get you going. People will usually yell the lyrics back at the player as they play the song.

I don’t know what to do,
I don’t have a clue,
I’m all messed up, I’m all messed up tonight,
All messed up and I don’t feel right,
I’m all messed up and I’m all messed up tonight.

Crazy Town – Jedd Gyorko

One of the most popular country songs of all time is “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” by the Eagles. Some of the most notable baseball songs to use this song include Paul Konerko, Troy Tulowitzki and Kyle Seager.

All Along the Watchtower – Lucas Duda and Kendrys Morales

Lucas Duda and Kendrys Morales said they like to use Jimi Hendrix songs to warm up before a game. The song All Along the Watchtower is a song that many ballplayers like for warming up. You can hear Hendrix songs played at different ballparks from time to time.


In all seriousness, every player has their own genre of music that they enjoy listening to while they play. This is also true for baseball players. They also have their own musical preference while they are playing, which is why they are able to learn about their opponents.

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