Best Mlb Teammate Fights

Best Mlb Teammate Fights

In August 2012, the Milwaukee Brewers were playing the Pittsburgh Pirates in a crucial game of the National League Central. The Brewers were tied 2-2 in the 8th inning, when they used the bottom of the order to bring in 4 players: Corey Hart, Rickie Weeks, Nyjer Morgan, and Chris Gomez. All of the players were very aggressive with one another and the benches started to clear. In the brawl that ensued, Gomez and Weeks were ejected. Weeks was ejected for the second time in the game.

2019: Kyle Crick vs. Felipe Vázquez

2016: Jonathan Papelbon vs. Bryce Harper

In 2013 the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals were playing in interleague action. Bryce Harper came out to hit during the game and immediately began arguing with Jonathan Papelbon. The two players went at it on the field, with Papelbon throwing things and punching Harper. The Nationals played on, but Papelbon was ejected from the game after a few minutes.

2015: James McCann vs. Jose Iglesias

James McCann, the Tigers catcher and Jose Iglesias, the team’s shortstop, have a minor spat during a game against the Boston Red Sox. This incident happens as the Red Sox brought in two runs on an error committed by Iglesias in the field. McCann confronts Jose Iglesias in the dugout, and then they begin shoving each other. Several teammates begin separating the two in the dugout. The two players eventually calm down, but this has caused a minor altercation between two.

2011: Carlos Zambrano vs. Derrek Lee

Carlos Zambrano and Derrek Lee were teammates on the Chicago Cubs in 2011. During a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Carlos Zambrano got into it with his first baseman, Derrek Lee. Things between the two became so intense that teammates had to separate them, and the general manager suspended Zambrano for these actions.

2011: Aramis Ramirez vs. Carlos Silva

Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Silva became teammates of the Chicago Cubs in 2011, and their friendship became a problem for an internal issue among the two teammates in the dugout. The fight was happening in the first inning of a spring training game, and it had serious consequences for Carlos Silva. The Chicago Cubs did not renew Carlos Silva’s contract after the spring season.

2010: Chone Figgins vs. Don Wakamatsu

Chone Figgins and Don Wakamatsu both played for the Seattle Mariners for 3 seasons in 2010. During one Mariners game, Chone struggled at the plate. In response, Chone’s manager, Don Wakamatsu, sat him down in the dugout. After the game, the two exchanged words about the game and continued that throughout a press conference.

2010: Evan Longoria vs. B.J. Upton

On June 25, 2011, Evan Longoria confronted rookie first baseman B.J. Upton in the dugout after Upton failed to run hard to first base on a ground ball hit by Alexi Casilla. Upton went after Longoria near the railing in the dugout and the two players came close to shoving each other in the face. Longoria threw a glove at Upton to get him away from him. In the end, Upton was ejected and Longoria was not charged. After the game, it was announced that both players would be suspended for three games.

2008: Kevin Youkilis vs. Manny Ramirez

Kevin Youkilis and Manny Ramirez were teammates on the Boston Red Sox in 2008. During the 2008 season, while trying for a World Series repeat, the team had an internal struggle between teammates in the dugout at Fenway Park. Kevin Youkilis would become agitated and animated in the dugout after striking out, so Manny Ramirez confronted him to tell him to knock it off. Soon after the conversation began, both players were shoving each other in the dugout, and players had to separate the two.

2008: Matt Garza vs. Dioner Navarro

Matt Garza threw a wild pitch that hit a batter. After the inning, Garza and Navarro were seen going nose-to-nose. Garza had two signs he was supposed to hit, and he left them behind. Navarro took the signs from Garza and threw them in the third base dugout. Garza, who has previously been in heated confrontations with other players, took the signs away from Navarro and threw them in the trash can.

2008: Prince Fielder vs. Manny Parra

The Milwaukee Brewers, who are playing in the NLDS, had a huge problem as the result of the Prince Fielder and Manny Parra incident.

A similar thing happened this year during the Astros-Rangers division series, when Nolan Ryan shouted at teammate Lance Berkman for a little of the same reason.

2007: Carlos Zambrano vs. Michael Barrett

During an argument between Carlos Zambrano, the catcher, and Mike Barrett, the ump, the two exchanged words and then the situation developed. The two then tried to fight but instead got into a punching match. The two players threw punches each other and then they both exited the clubhouse and continued the fight in front of the other players as well as the home crowd. Although both players exchanged blows the players later both calmed down and entered the clubhouse.

2002: Jeff Kent vs. Barry Bonds

Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds were teammates of the San Francisco Giants in 2002. During a game against the San Diego Padres, both players were yelling at each other in the dugout when things took a dramatic turn. Barry Bonds pushed Kent into the wall, and teammates had to separate the two from each other immediately. Rumor has it that these two players had many scuffles, but this was the most televised altercation between the two.

2002: Orlando Hernandez “El Duque” vs Jorge Posada

2000: Matt Mieske vs Mitch Meluskey

While Matt Mieske and Mitch Meluskey were teammates on the Houston Astros back in 2000, during batting practice in June, Meluskey missed his spot to bat, so he tried to take Mieske’s place. Matt Mieske did not want to give up his spot to hit, so the two started fighting each other. Meluskey threw a hard punch into the face of Mieske in front of their teammates, so everyone had to break up the two from each other.

1992: Lou Piniella vs. Rob Dibble

1989: Keith Hernandez vs. Darryl Strawberry

The season before, Keith and Darryl fought at team photo day; Darryl complained that his contract was not fair, so Keith tried to give him a piece of his mind. The two began to argue and Keith threw a punch.

1978: Steve Garvey vs. Don Sutton

Steve Garvey and Don Sutton were teammates and best friends during their days with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The feud between them started with comments on the media that Don Sutton made about Steve Garvey. However, Steve confronted Don in the locker room after the interviews took place to get to the truth of the comments. Don ended up having his teammates separate the two, which could not be allowed.

1977: Reggie Jackson vs. Billy Martin

1974: Reggie Jackson vs. Billy North

1899: Elmer Flick vs. Nap Lajoie

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher John “Dogg” Felsch was the starting pitcher in the 1899 World Series. Although he won the first game, he was knocked out of the second game by a John McGraw hit. This was just the beginning of a lengthy series of physical altercations between McGraw and Felsch. They fought throughout the rest of the series, with Felsch suffering a broken right thumb in the third game. The fight was so violent that the umpire had to be sent out for the rest of the series. Felsch ended the fight by breaking Felsch’s nose.


There have been numerous times where a player has gotten into a dugout-only confrontation with another teammate. Sometimes, a player will show up in the dugout and refuse to remain there as the other player leaves. During other times players will purposely collide with each other. These are not brawls.

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