Bleacher Creatures Roll Call At Yankee Stadium

Bleacher Creatures Roll Call At Yankee Stadium

Since the early 80s, a rowdy band of Yankees fans have taken to chanting a version of the song after the first pitch of a game at the original Yankee Stadium in section 39. In recent years, these loyal fans have transferred the song from New York’s original stadium to the Yankees’ new stadium in the Bronx.

The bleacher creatures on the other hand, will be waiting for the opposing right fielder to make a poor play that they will relish in. They will even get up and move seats to get a better look at the ball. If the left fielder makes a bad play as well, the bleacher creatures will be the first to laugh at his misfortune. I have to admit, the bleachers are a nice place to be on a beautiful evening game in September, however, they are not as pleasant during a July game in April.

What is the Yankees Roll Call?

Vinny is on top of the bleachers clapping his hands as he yells his name over and over again. He will stand up and let out the name of the person on the field. The crowd responds with cheers and shouts.

After the center fielder salutes the crowd, Bald Vinny will begin to jump and clap for the first time. Fans will clap until he jumps again and screams “Yooooo” after the jump. A new bleacher creature will stand up and respond. The center fielder would give a quick salute, after which the bleacher creatures would begin to clap again.

The Yankees and the Washington Nationals take the field together in the bottom of the 14th inning. The Yankees have loaded the bases. Yankees manager Joe Girardi tells his players to “run it out, run out”, meaning they are going to try and score all four runs on one play. The play is for right-fielder Brett Gardner to hit a two-run home run to left field. Gardner has done this many times in his time with the Yankees.

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