Brewers Sausage Race

Brewers Sausage Race

The Famous Racing Sausages is not your average sausage race. It’s considered the “grand daddy” of all sausage races because of how it differs from others on the circuit. In addition to the fact that it is the oldest, and oldest in Wisconsin, it is also the largest. That’s right, you don’t have to worry about the weather, it also has the biggest prize purse, and is the longest. The race features 5 different routes so runners can pick the route at race registration.

When Did the Milwaukee Sausage Race Begin?

The races were originally held at Milwaukee County Stadium, but were moved to Miller Park in 1994 and the Wisconsin Fairgrounds from 1996 on. In the late-’90s, Major League Baseball started using the stadiums again for the regular season.

When Does the Famous Racing Sausages Take Place?

Weenie racing is in vogue this year as you will see between the seventh and eighth inning of Brewers games at Miller Park. The Weenies race on the warning track between the dugout and third baseline and the winner receives a Brewers’ Brewers Kids hat.

What are the 5 Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages?

There are five racing sausages at Miller Park for home games. The five sausages are Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, and Chorizo. Typically speaking, you will find employees of the Brewers partake in the race during each baseball game. The sausage costumes measure seven feet high from the top of the head to the knee.

Meet the Brewer Sausage Racers

Some runners are based on real-life runners, like the Hotdog and the Brat. There are also many runners that are fictional, but many are based on runners that have actually taken part in the race. Some are based on real life events, and some are fiction.


BRAT (Bratwurst) is a German running trainee who never makes it to the Olympics. He is the most aggressive runner in the group and works daily out. He starts each race with a bang, but quickly loses speed towards the end of the race.

Polish Sausage

As a high school cross country coach there is nothing better than to start a race slow and then build towards the end. He will not start at the top and then drop back towards the middle.

The Italian Sausage

The crowd can be a noisy bunch and make it hard for the drivers to hear each other. The German sausage tends to be the best of the bunch at this event since he normally runs the fastest laps.

The Hot Dog

The Chorizo

Notable Guest Runners

Who Hit the Sausage in Milwaukee?

Outside Events

You can find the sausages at a number of charities around Milwaukee. For example, the sausages are a popular item for the Milwaukee Brewers Foundation where many fans eat the sausage before the game.

Mascot Races and Other Imitators Around the League

A trio of sausages took off running to home plate during a 2009 wild-card game between the Brewers and the Pirates. It was the first-ever wild-card playoff game played at home for the Brewers and the first playoff game at Milwaukee’s new Miller Park. The game was called on the field in the fifth, as the Brewers and Pirates became the first American League teams to play a game in the 14th, 15th, and 16th games of the season. The Brewers won, 6-1.


The Milwaukee Brewers racing sausage event is so special because the fans are fiercely cheering on their favorite contestants each home game and get upset when someone else wins. Fans who want to visit the Milwaukee Brewers stadium should check out the American Family Field parking tips before their visit.

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