Can Girls Play Football?

Can Girls Play Football?

When it comes to girls playing football, the female sports leagues, such as the WFA, are growing in popularity. More and more women are showing up to see their favorite teams play and to support other local teams. As men dominate the NFL, the more women are showing up to the WFA games. It is growing in popularity to see a women’s football team play, and with the growth of girls and women playing football, we are slowly moving towards gender equality in football.

American Football is an American game and one that requires dedication, passion, and much more. There have been several articles that show the impact of girls in the sport, making the game more inclusive, and making it more fun to play. With the recent success of the women’s pro and collegiate leagues, there is a great reason as to why more girls are playing and watching. A recent study by the Women’s Sports Foundation found that women made up over twenty percent of the league’s players and coaches.

These are the stats of the Women’s American football leagues.

Is There a Women’s Football League?

There is, and was, the Women’s International Football Association for the next couple of years. This league was a men’s league in England in a partnership with the football association. They hosted their first event in 2014 and they have done so each year since.

The league is a 12-player tackle game that plays under Canadian Football League rules, and there is no contact allowed. The women also play on a grass field, and there are no kickoffs, extra points, or two-point conversions.

Are More Girls Playing Football in High School?

According to the NFL, in 2008, there were only 1,859 girls who played high school football. In 2018, that number is up to 10,000 girls. It’s estimated that there are now more than 15,000 girls playing high school football in the country.

Holly Neher (18) became a quarterback for the boys’ flag football team when she transferred to her high school. She had only played football for four years, but she was a standout on the field. She was also a standout with the ladies’ flag football team.

Are Girls Playing Flag Football?

These flag football programs are starting to help young girls get into high school sports at the same level as their male teammates. Also, some NFL teams are backing up these programs with scholarships to encourage young girls to get involved in flag football programs.

Can Girls Play in the NFL?

However, the female NFL players are in higher risk of having a concussion than the men because of being hit harder. Due to the fact that female players take a beating. Females also have a higher rate of pregnancy and lower life expectancy when they reach their reproductive age than the average player.

Can Women Referee NFL Games?

Sarah Thomas being the first woman to referee an NFL game in 2015 was a huge thing for womanhood. She was one of three women referees who made it to the NFL Pro Bowl in 2015 and also one of two women referees who made it to the 2016 Pro Bowl. Thomas was also the first female referee of an NFL game. Thomas was the first woman to referee a NFL game in 2015.

Notable Women to Play Professional Football

Patrice Palinkas is the first female to be on a professional football team. She was a placekicker for the Orlando Panthers in 1970.

Liz Heaston was the first woman to kick two extra points for a football team. She did the feat at the University of Oregon, where she also played soccer.

Abby Vestal was the first female to score a touchdown in professional football since 1955. It was her last game in Kansas.

Fuller’s historic moment was the first time a woman was allowed to be a kicker on an actual football field. The college level, though, has historically required its sports to be co-ed unless the men’s football team has a winning season.

Have Any Women Tried to Make the National Football League via Tryouts?

What Positions Do Female Athletes Tend to Play on Male Football Teams?

Women who play football professionally tend to play outside of the tackle football pyramid. Women tend to play these positions in basketball, because they receive the least amount of contact in basketball. However, there are exceptions, like Holly Neher, who became the first girl to throw a touchdown as a quarterback in the FHSAA.

If you’re a woman, you can play all of the typical football positions in female-only leagues that include linebacker, running back, defensive back, quarterback, wide receiver, punter, and more.

Conclusion: Can Girls Play Football?

Girls can play American Football, and more women are playing on teams each year. Whether they are playing youth or making history kicking extra points in college football, women continue to expand their reach in the game.

Not only that, but there are specific Women’s Football Leagues out in Canada, which help showcase women’s talent on the football field each season. This season, Canada’s first pro women’s football league is the 2019 Canadian Women’s Football League.

While the first female player didn’t make the National Football League until 1989, many women have gone on to play in the male-dominated sport. Sarah Thomas, who was the first woman to referee an NFL game, was a trailblazer in her time. She is the only woman in NFL history to officiate a game.

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