How Much Do Nba Refs Make?

How Much Do Nba Refs Make?

Although basketball referees usually do not have the same sort of fame and celebrity status that professional basketball players do, they are just as important to the sport. They need to be physically fit, fully understand the rules and regulations, and be very observant. Not only that, they need to be confident and resolute in their decisions with speed. Referees’ decisions can totally change the outcome of a game of basketball, so they can often attract a lot of attention–both good and bad.

Have you ever watched a ref run up and down the court for a full game without missing a step, or make a difficult, controversial call with absolute confidence–and you wonder, “How much do NBA refs make? Because it can’t be enough!”

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NBA refs make a salary that ranges from $30,000 – $65,000 per year (plus $10,000 per game). NBA refs also receive a very generous benefits package including dental insurance, paid time off, retirement plan, and health insurance.

What is the Average Salary of an NBA Referee?

The NBA minimum salary for an assistant official is $42,000 per year and $58,500 for a referee. There are other officials above those that are paid, but they are not very high. There is some concern that the average official makes too much because of the high turnover of officials.

The NBA referees are usually very young. The youngest ref in the league is 18. And usually new faces to the NBA make their way up with experience at other levels of basketball. Most NBA referees work their way up from the Youth Development Leagues to the NCAA and then finally to the NBA.

During the game, the assistant referees perform the routine functions of basketball game play such as scoring calls, awarding technical fouls and ejecting players from the game. Senior-level referees also make the key decisions during a game which have the potential to affect the outcome of the game.

What is the Average Salary of an WNBA Referee?

An entry-level WNBA referee makes an average of $16,000 per year or $425 per game. Although there is some disagreement here, as some sources actually list as high as $180,000 per year.

The same rule applies to NBA league sources, but with a much smaller salary cut off point.

Do NBA Refs Get Paid Per Game?

Do NBA Refs Pay for Travel?

The referees are on the road for the whole 82 regular season games, plus many more postseason contests. On average, NBA referees travel for 25 days out of every month. The NBA’s referees are also required to work more than 200 playoff games in the postseason.

The stipends may actually provide benefits that go far beyond free travel. If we remember that a refs job has more to do with a “tourist mentality” and not a sports mentality, we can perhaps imagine them traveling for the sake of socialization with the other refs in their region. They can also enjoy the hospitality that the refs’ home towns provide. For example, refs of a particular tournament could attend a ref’s home town’s festival or similar celebration.

Who is the Highest-Paid NBA Referee?

Refereeing the games is the most difficult job in sports. The referees have to deal with some angry fans, some of the players, some team owners, the coach, the players and even the media. And they have to deal with referees.

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The top referees in the NBA are now earning six-figures.

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How do NBA Referee Salaries Compare to other Sports Officials?

Refereeing is more lucrative than playing professional basketball at an NBA size. Refereeing in the NBA is a full-time job, so you cannot just turn a blind eye to the fact that you are getting paid over $100,000 per year. Moreover, all of the players are also competing against each other, which means that every little bit of money is precious. However, many people will disagree and say that referees will rather work for NBA games than other sports because they are more visible to fans, and therefore, more revenue is generated.

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