​How to Give Your Home a Nice Clean and Bright Look for Summer

​How to Give Your Home a Nice Clean and Bright Look for Summer

Everyone goes outside and starts renovating something whenever spring kicks in, and the weather goes warm. Most people focus on their gardens, but others also think it is time to change something indoors.

The hot season is the perfect time of the year to change something around your home. While you might be distracted by the weather and feel like going out, your home requires just as much attention.

Every year is the same – people are after lighter and brighter things. After all, extra brightness is also likely to make your home look bigger. Trends seem to be the same year by year.

You do not necessarily have to break a wall for more space. Instead, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make your space bigger without any major investment.

Opt for light colors

Light colors represent a must if you want to brighten your home for the summertime. Sure, those black doors looked cool when you designed your home in a modern style, but white doors are just as fancy.

The beauty of these doors is that you can use them in any type of décor – they are great for vintage homes, as well as ultra-modern homes.

White – or at least light colors – will make your environment look bigger because they reflect light. On the other hand, dark colors absorb it.

If white is your thing, you will notice a plethora of different nuances – avoid brilliant white because it adds a cool shade to your space. Instead, you want a warm effect.

Get a bit of shininess and gloss

Not a big fan of gloss? There is not much to worry about – your home does not have to look like an ice palace from fairy tales. Instead, a bit of gloss here and there will add more brightness to the space.

For example, you can go glossy in the bathroom and kitchen. Units can do with a bit of shininess, which will inevitably reflect light and make rooms look bigger.

If you need more space in the kitchen, opt for a light color. You need some consistency too – stick to the same nuances for both walls and other surfaces.

You do not necessarily need classic white or cream. Instead, any pale color will do. For example, gray is also nice, not to mention pale blue or green.

When it comes to other rooms, changes can be insignificant – for example, you could do with some shiny accessories.

Nature always wins

Nature will always make your home feel larger. It is not necessarily about the color – after all, plants are not really light in color. But then, it is about how people perceive nature.

Greenery works wonders both outside and inside. A few indoor plants will be great, but also focus on what is outside. Trim your trees and bushes and make sure your garden looks alright.

If you have weeds growing around doors, windows, or the patio, get rid of them. They will overwhelm the space.

Glass will never disappoint

Now, it depends on how you want things done. You can do a bunch of small things on a budget, but you can also give your home a complete makeover and spend some money.

If your budget is generous this year, the best way to add brightness and extra light is to have large windows and doors. Indeed, larger windows will allow more light in.

Sometimes, it is all about changing the frame design – if frames and other parts take too much space, lighter units will do the trick.

When it comes to the doors, again, opt for white. Inside doors could do with glass doors. Opt for the frosty design for a bit of privacy too.

On the same note, you can get rid of classic doors for the back garden and invest in some large glass doors – whether you like French doors or bifold doors.

How about some artificial light?

The goal is to get as much natural light as possible into your home, but you might as well add some artificial light to add to the overall experience.

You can simply boost the brightness with an infusion of artificial light. Small accents here and there will not overcome the natural light, but they will help.

You need to focus on areas that do not get too much light. For example, corners are often overlooked, not to mention alcoves. Corridors are also less likely to get too much light.

Classic switches will do, but most decorators will recommend dimmer switches because they give you more control. You can alter light levels as natural light is more or less intense.

LED bulbs in commerce these days will normally give you three options – daylight, warm white, and cool white.

Invest in light furniture and accessories

Furniture and other accessories are just as important. Get rid of dark furniture – sometimes, you might be able to cover it, such as a sofa. Find a suitable cover – it is much cheaper than replacing it.

You may need to rearrange things a bit too – if large furniture blocks windows or doors, move it. Pay attention to accessories too – blinds and curtains can make the difference.

If they are too heavy and dark, they will naturally block light, even if your windows are clear. They simply absorb light.

Apart from all these, there are a few other tips and tricks that may help:

  • Put pillows and throws away
  • Add a bit of driftwood here and there
  • Bring in some summer colors – such as flowers
  • Add organic elements to each room
  • Hang a mirror

As a short final conclusion, there are lots of different ways to add extra brightness to your rooms for the hot season.

Most of them have something to do with the colors and space – more windows, more glass, more bright colors, and you should be alright.

Many times, extra cleanliness and brightness is not necessarily about changing things, but all about colors and the human perception over light versus dark.

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