Understanding the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Understanding the Bitcoin Ecosystem

In this blog, we will try to understand the Bitcoin Trading ecosystem. Here we will study trading methods and discuss why people failed to understand them. Let’s begin: 

Knowing the Bitcoin environment: 

A bitcoin trading methodology that covers the price points you’d enter and exit at to make a trade successful is known as a strategy. The greatest bitcoin (BTC) trading strategy is completely in line with your objectives, risk tolerance, and financial resources. However, some trading methods have gained popularity among bitcoin investors. These consist of-

  • Holding

The practice of “Holding” or “hanging on for dear life” is arguably the most well-known bitcoin approach. The phrase was originally used in 2013 when the price of bitcoin was declining, and a user typed holding instead of holding to signal. He would not be selling his holdings. Since then, it has developed into a tactic centered on holding a long part in bitcoin with the anticipation that its price will rise over the long run. And it went so by reaching the price of the holdings highs in 2018.

However, the famed volatility of bitcoin means that this tactic might backfire. This is the reason the tactic is infrequently advised in the absence of a strict risk management strategy. 

However, the good news is that, in addition to keeping bitcoins, investors may invest their bitcoins in businesses that offer them significant returns on their investment without having to be concerned about fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies.

  • Hedging bitcoin

If one thought there might be a short-term decrease in the market price for BTC, they might think about hedging their bitcoin risk. Hedging is the technique of entering into calculated trades to reduce or eliminate the risk associated with current positions. A small number of financial professionals seek to hedge their exposure to bitcoin, but the great majority of traders opt to do so via contracts for difference (CFDs).

It’s crucial to remember that there are considerable dangers if you want to use a short-selling method to hedge your bitcoin. This is primarily because there is an uncapped downside risk when selling bitcoin. After all, there is no prior idea about how much the market can impact badly on you.

  • Trend trading bitcoin

A market that frequently experiences higher highs or lower lows is said to be trending. The approach works for various timeframes because, in essence, you hold your trade open, for as long as you think the trend will last—hours, days, weeks, or months in the willingness of making more profit.

Bitcoin itself is a trend for many people. So, its popularity increased. The popularity increase can be significant in 2017, which led to a peak of $19,763.50 in December of that year. People’s fear of missing out, regarded as the trend’s driving force, caused them not to want to miss a minimum profit. 

Why don’t people understand the bitcoin ecosystem? 

This claim can be easily disproved because bitcoin has no intrinsic value. After all, it is only a digital thing. Humans evaluate things according to societal consensus. Mona Lisa only has worth in the eyes of artists. Trust is the foundation of intrinsic value. Trust depends on authenticating claims. Another example would be the US dollar is not redeemable in gold; rather, it is founded on confidence in the US government. For instance, players place a great deal of value on tokens in computer games. Each bitcoin is trustworthy because it cannot be faked.

Understand facts about bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity than Sweden.

Bitcoin’s value comes from the fact that it costs money to create the currency, which forces miners to look for ever-cheaper sources of electricity. Ten years ago, coal-fueled energy powered all mining activities. Mining is currently 50% renewable and progressively turning greener.

  • Criminals make use of it.

Currently, the majority of countries associate bitcoin with narcotics and criminals. But, that is partially accurate. Cash, however, is used in 95% of all illegal activities since bitcoin is the only form of payment that guarantees complete anonymity.  The great majority of bitcoin purchases are made through KYC exchanges, which have access to as many client records as any bank and are therefore far from anonymous.

  • It was made to bypass banking.

True, a British newspaper clipping with the headline “Chancellor on the brink of the second financial bailout” was inserted by Satoshi Nakamoto in the genesis block. Allowing banks to be bailed out for errors promotes corruption and compels governments to do the same. Higher interest rates, the support of zombie firms, and a decline in public confidence in governments are the main knock-on impacts of this. 

One of bitcoin’s key characteristics is that only a limited number of coins are available (21M), which enforces deflation and scarcity and effectively mimics the properties of gold without the prohibitive prices that gold entails. Over that, bitcoin enables users to keep their money in self-custody outside the banking system, thereby turning them into their own bankers. Enforcing individual accountability for one’s finances—including banking, saving, and budgeting—was historically a source of pride.


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