What Is A Blown Save In Baseball?

What Is A Blown Save In Baseball?

A closer in the real life is a pitcher who is used to save a game in the last inning. Generally speaking, the closer gets the win over the pitcher who comes in to get a save if the save opportunity is passed to them. However, sometimes a pitcher is successful in getting a save despite not receiving a win.

While there are multiple definitions of what a blown save is, the most common one is when a pitcher allows a lead to be tied or lost. For example, when a pitcher allows the other team to score more than once in the same inning.

This is a comprehensive guide to blown saves by every team in baseball.

What is a Save Opportunity Situation?

A baseball save occurs when a pitcher completes their games and secures the final out of a game with a three-run lead or less. It could be as little as a third of an inning to pitching three innings in a row. As long as that pitcher secures the final out between 1/3 and 3 innings of pitching, they get the save.

What is a Blown Save in Baseball?

Can a Blown Save in Baseball Occur Before the Ninth Inning?

Can you Blow a Save and Record the Win?

When Was the Blown Save Introduced in Baseball?

In the 1980s, blown saves became an integral part of the discussion about a team’s record. In the modern era, the blown save stat is widely used by baseball analysts. A relief pitcher who finishes an outing by allowing a run without recording an out is not a blown save, as that run was prevented from scoring by the pitcher.

How is a Blown Save Different from a Blown Hold?

Who has the Most Blown Saves in Major League Baseball History?


In summary, you should think about the blown save statistic when evaluating a pitcher. For example, the Minnesota Twins might evaluate their closer during the offseason by how many blown saves they recorded. If the team feels that changing a closer can benefit the team, they can consider the blown stat to justify the change.

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