What Is A Caddie In Golf?

What Is A Caddie In Golf?

Your role as a golf caddie is to ensure that the golfer is successful in the game. This means you need to know when to step in and when to step out, and even when you should take a break. You need to know your golfer’s strengths and weaknesses, because he plays better with a caddie with a specific skill. You need to be on the same page as the golfer, because he might need a different caddie for certain shots. All of this will help you to make sure that you are at the right place at the right time to serve your golfer and help him to be successful.

Caddie Etiquette Rules to Know

Caddies and the rules of the game say that we must be polite. A caddie is a representative of the course, a representative of the players, and a representative of the club. The ball is considered your property. Never drop the ball, unless you are given permission to do so. Respect the area. Never step on the fairway. Never pick up the players clubs. Never block a tee shot to obstruct another player’s line to the ball.


A caddie must have a clean and professional look along with being dressed in their golf club attire. Whether your on an amateur or professional club level, you want to respect the game of golf and you should remove your hat when you greet your golfer with a handshake.

Another part of the caddie presentation is taking it from another aspect of a caddy’s job. The caddy is also responsible for cleaning any blemishes on the golf clubs off, making sure they are clean.

It is also important for the caddy to maintain a positive attitude towards the players and golf course.

Be Prepared with Extra Materials and More

One of the best ways of learning how to find a golf hole is to go and play the golf course before you take on the tournament. This is because you will know the course and how to approach it. Also, go and play the course for a few practice rounds, so you can get used to it and get accustomed to how you want to approach the course.

If you are having a round of golf with more than 9 people, you only need to bring the 9 clubs for one person. You only need to do this as a courtesy, but it is wise to know your limits before the day. Also, a caddy should have a slightly wet towel to clean clubs and wipe off any dirt on a ball for the next shot.

Be a Morale Booster

It is always important to have a relationship with the golfer in which you work for. Knowing how to take care of your clients will make the outing go smooth and make them comfortable on the course. Remembering the client, their name, their handicap and what type of course they play as well as their equipment will make a huge impact on the golf outing.

Tips and Payment

After a long day on the golf course, you will receive a tip from the golfer. The proper etiquette is to take the money and directly put it in your pocket and shake their hand. You shouldn’t count the money in front of the golfer under any circumstance.

It’s also a good idea to have a separate set of bills (or coins) for the tip.


You should probably have separate notes for the tip and the money and exchange them at the end of your check.
You should probably have separate notes for the tip and the money and exchange them at the end of your check.

What are the Game Rules to Know for a Caddie?

When putting or chipping from the green, it is customary for the player to give his caddie some allowance of the putt.

If the player is putting from the green, some players will let their caddie know if their putting is “straight” or “long”.

If the player is chipping from the green, it is customary for the player to give their caddie a chip so the chip is not thrown.

Knowing the Yardage to the Hole

Good golfers know how far they want to hit the ball, which they can read from the yardage markings on the green. They also know their position on the tee box and the club they are using before the shot so they can calculate the distance to the target.

Not only the golfer wants you to know the right clubs, but they want to know what you think. They usually like the caddie with the right knowledge.

Knowing the Golf Club Selection

It is essential that the caddy has a strong knowledge of putting since most putts are of the short game. After the ball is rolled toward the hole, the caddy needs to have the correct putter ready for the golfer to put, without delaying a putt. After that putter is put away, the caddy needs to clean it and put it away.

Know Where the Ball is at All Times

A caddy is more or less an assistant to a golfer. A caddy is supposed to follow the ball on the fairway. Once the caddy gets to the ball, he or she is supposed to help the golfer get the ball. The caddy then should wait for the player to arrive before handing over the new club.

Fixing Divots and Cleaning out the Bunker


Being Direct with Communication

An accurate caddy should never hesitate to offer advice to the golfer. Even if the golfer does not ask a question, the caddy should still offer feedback. The caddy should not be seen as a servant for the golfer – they are there to help the golfer.

The player
The player is the main person on the golf course. The player is the only person who hits the ball, and therefore must understand their own strengths and weaknesses. The player should also be aware that his caddy is there to serve him or her.

How Much Do Caddies Make?

Professional golf caddies are paid around $3,000 a week. This is not paid each week to the person, but is instead paid by the club they work for, and then a portion of that is added to their pay for the week.

Do Caddies Pay for their Own Expenses?

One of the other problems is that this is a way of structuring a person’s life in which they are forced to spend far more time at work than anyone else. They are away from their family and friends for the entire work week. In addition, they are paying for the business class they would use if flying on work would actually cost money.

It may sound great on paper, but in actuality, it can be quite the opposite.

He’s not allowed to play in the Masters, so he has to make do with caddies.

In his first year as a professional golfer, Justin Thomas has a lot to learn.

Is there a Caddie Hall of Fame?

In 2012, a caddie at the Masters Tournament was awarded the prestigious Western Golf Association Caddie of the Year award. The golf association recognized him for creating a new caddie etiquette during the tournament.

Conclusion: What is a Caddie in Golf?

The best caddies are always working as a team, helping and supporting the golfer. They are well-mannered, respectful, knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the golfers have the best game possible.
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