What Is A Triple Play In Baseball?

What Is A Triple Play In Baseball?

In baseball, there is the potential of a triple play, but it still requires teamwork, which makes it rare. It’s actually even harder to do than a double play, because it requires three different types of defensive plays all working at once.

What is a Triple Play in Baseball?

A triple play is similar to a triple play in another sport in that it requires two outs and two men on base. The main difference between the two is that in a triple play, there are two runners on base with no outs, however, in a triple play, there is no third out since the man on third doesn’t have the ball.

How Do Triple Plays Generally Happen in a Game?

The player on the pitcher’s mound is usually the batter, the batter is usually the third baseman, the batter is usually the shortstop,

and so on.
The baseball field has four 90 degree angles — in clockwise order: home plate, right field, left field, and first base.

Triple plays tend to start with a groundout to third base, and not a flyball to an infielder. This was the last double play to start with a groundout to third base in nearly a decade, and the last triple play of any kind since the New York Yankees played Oakland on June 20, 2021.

Why are Triple Plays Rare?

the hitter needs time to get into the hitter’s stance; the batter needs time to set his bat and get into the batter’s box; the pitched ball needs to travel across the line of the plate so the batter can easily hit it; and the pitcher needs time to prepare for the pitch and deliver the pitch.

The batter has to hit the ball to hit the catcher. The catcher has to get the ball out of his glove for his team to score. The fielders have to field the ball to let the batter get to the plate. The batter has to make contact with the ball for the pitcher to get to the plate so the batter can hit the ball.

How Does it Compare to a Double Play?

When Did the First Triple Pay in Major League Baseball History?

In 1902, an official Major League Baseball All-Star Game was played for the second time. The game was hosted by the first-place and defending-champion Chicago White Stockings. The game was played on August 7 at the Washington Park Grounds in St. Louis. The American League beat the National League 7-2.

What is the Baseball Scorekeeping for This?

Any play that results in a home team score, including a double play.

For instance, the third out of bottom of ninth inning of a baseball game is a double play that takes away a run from the other team. That’s also a ground out.

What is an Unassisted Triple Play?

How Many Triple Plays Have There Been in the World series?

The MLB is the only professional baseball league in the world to have had more than 400 instances of a third out being recorded.

Has There Ever Been a Quadruple Play in Baseball?

With three outs, a batter can reach base safely if he reaches base via a walk, an error, or a hit batter. If a batter reaches base, he is considered “safe” and the third out gets called. If a batter reaches base on a fielder’s error or on a play at the plate, he is safe even if he’s not touching first base.


In summary, a triple play occurs when the batter-runner, caught stealing, and catcher all succeed in making a play on the same attempt. The unassisted triple play is the rarest feat to occur, so seeing this live will always be memorable. As of July 2021, there have been 727 triple plays, according to the SABR Triple Play database.

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