What Is Baseball Arbitration?

What Is Baseball Arbitration?

When teams choose to use arbitration to settle contractual disputes, they have the option of going to a baseball arbitration panel, called the National League/American League Baseball Player’s Association (“Players’ Association”). In the case of arbitration, the union and the employer meet, rather than both sides acting independently. The union and the employer can negotiate to a settlement, which will be binding and, if not approved by the arbitrator, can lead to a team terminating a player.

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What is a “Baseball Arbitration”?

Let’s say you are eligible to start the arbitration process. In order to begin this process, both sides must have a good idea of how they are going to resolve the case.

The arbitration process is where the two parties cannot come to an agreement on how the contract should be written. An independent third-party will look at what the “market” value is for the player. The goal is to come up with a fair contract.

Why is it Called Baseball Arbitration?

Let’s turn to the Dictionary.com for the definition of arbitration: “the hearing and determining of a dispute or the settling on differences between parties by a person or persons chosen or agreed to by them.”
[Subtitle]: Arbitration in this sense is not a dispute resolution method that happens in one step, but a process where parties voluntarily agree to settle their differences through a neutral third party.

The MLB has a different process for arbitration eligible players, it’s not used for arbitration eligible players and the player and the MLB are allowed to agree to other terms as well.

Every player is allowed to have a representative negotiate a contract before Spring training.

What is a Baseball Arbitration Provision?

The process of the arbitration is a hearing between Major League teams and free agents. The purpose is to decide on the value of the player’s contract based on the production he has provided. The New York Yankees and free agent designated hitter Carlos Beltran reached an agreement of $17.4 million over three years, ending the longest contract in baseball history.

Players who are a Super Two are usually paid a salary lower than the average salary, but they are free to negotiate and sign with teams any time they want to. They may also choose to sit out an entire year — the current season — while their team pays their salary to another team. This is what happened with the Diamondbacks’ Shelby Miller, who was paid $1.9 million this year while sitting out until next year.

Other Rules of Arbitration

The most intriguing aspect of the arbitration process is that players who make the most can actually get a raise, if the team and player can agree. If the two can’t agree, teams and players still end up with a higher salary cap, as they do for every team and every player.

Conclusion on The Baseball Arbitration Process

Baseball arbitration can add a new level of complexity to the game. While most fans only hear about the process, they don’t know many of the details. After reading this post, you now know some of the basics about the process. One, players will look for ways to get more money for which they believe they are worth. Two, teams will look for ways to reduce how much they owe a player. And three, an arbitrator may join the process to help settle the dispute between the two parties.

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