What Is The Designated Hitter Rule And Why Was It Created?

What Is The Designated Hitter Rule And Why Was It Created?

The DH rule exists to benefit the pitcher. In National League parks, the pitcher bats in the American League, but he usually is not counted as an offensive player. In the American League, all the pitchers are counted as offensive players, and the DH is used to bring in a hitter from the bench to bat for the pitcher.

DH Rule Change for the 2022 MLB Season

Before 2022, baseball players on the same team needed to share a uniform, but starting in 2022, all MLB teams can field two baseball teams, and players can play for both.

What is the Designated Hitter rule?

1973 was the first year where teams had a designated hitter because they allowed the batter to be the pitcher’s spot in the batting order. The DH also does not play the field but only at home and only during the games of the batting team.

The new rules for the Major League Baseball game started on August 27, 2019. Many fans of the MLB have been seeing the difference in the 2019 season. The league, along with their commissioner, has taken all of the baseball players that do not like the new MLB rule changes and banned them from playing in the 2019 MLB season.

Why was the DH Rule Created?

In the late 1960s when National League president John Heydler wanted a designated hitter and introduced it to the National League for the first time, it got a ton of criticism from the American League. The AL was the only league to have no DH to this day.

Who Was the First Designated Hitter?

The Future for the National League Rule

Baseball in 2022 has a DH rule where National League teams get to use an extra hitter in their batting order.

Famous Designated Hitters

Now, there have been plenty of great designated hitters, but there have not quite been that many that have gotten to the Hall of Fame. The most famous DH is none other than Frank Thomas. He hit more than 300 home runs and scored more than 900 runs in his career. He is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The second most famous DH is Edgar Martinez. He is in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Awards + Controversy

The DH can be a big part of the MVP discussion. Just because they don’t field doesn’t mean that they don’t play a key role on the season.

[4]: In the American League, the DH is a designated hitter. That is, the DH plays defense and hits for the bulk of his offense. In the National League, the DH is a designated hitter. That is, the DH plays the full 9 innings but plays defense only at the end of the game. A DH is not a designated hitter but a hitter, as his name implies.

Do Teams Only Want a Permanent DH?

What Happens to the DH During Interleague Games?

During interleague play in Spring training, the regular season, All-Star Games or World Series pitchers can pitch. In an AL park a pitcher hits with the DH. In an NL park a pitcher hits without the DH. During playoffs only pitchers can bat.

Different Rule Changes to Know

With two on base in a close game and the runner on second base was caught stealing, the manager came out to the mound to inform the pitcher that the runner was caught crossing the plate so a double play would be made.

On the other hand, during the final days of the 2017 season, the Yankees sent a runner to the plate, not to score, but to replace the DH with the regular catcher. This was to allow catcher Gary Sanchez to play the catcher position in the field. The Yankees had a change-up, so to speak, to the old double-switching formula.


The DH rule, or the designated hitter, was put in place in 1961. It was a way to increase offense in the game while also allowing older players to play. David Ortiz had a very good career and he only played one full year in a DH role. This year, the league will be going to the DH rule for the 2013 season. It will not be in effect for the playoffs.

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